Volume 50, Issue 7 - July 2015

GANA Perspectives

So Far in 2015
Members Stay Active with Technical, Advocacy Efforts

by Urmilla Sowell

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) works constantly to provide valuable and relevant tools, resources and information to our members and industry stakeholders, including architects, specifiers, engineers and more. With the leadership of our members, we have published more than 50 glass informational bulletins (GIB) for education, 10 reference manuals, and test methods. And several division technical committees have many more projects underway.

In addition to creating valuable technical resources, GANA’s members have been active in legislative and code advocacy. Below are just a few highlights of the technical and advocacy activity so far this year.

Building Envelope Contractors Division

Overview of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Glass and Glazing Systems

BIM is an intelligent, model-based process that starts in the early stages of planning and design, is used through construction, and can continue throughout the operational management and potential adapted reuse and life cycle of the building. BIM projects can use intelligent objects that display the proper graphics at different scales, represent accurate geometry, and can be rich with manufacturer product data.

Blueprint Reading Course

This highly sought after course is under its final review before being republished with a new name. Look for this course under the Glass Estimating 101 banner later this year.

Decorative Division

Measuring Optical Performance for Decorative Glass

This initiative will look at determining how to characterize decorative glass products based on optical properties through modeling.

Decorative Glazing
Reference Manual

The task group is looking at creating a manual focusing on decorative performance and aesthetic properties, as well as a compilation of industry standards, specifications and references.

Energy Division
Definition of Building Energy Performance Criteria Related
to Glass and Glazing

This document provides a list of applicable energy-related terms used in the glass and glazing industry.

Insulating Division

Guidelines for the Appearance
of Insulating Glass Unit Edges in Commercial Applications at the Time of Installation

This bulletin focuses on the appearance of vision and spandrel insulating glass unit edges in commercial applications. It is specific to those at the time of installation into the glazing system at the unitizer or at the building, if site built. It does not address changes that may occur to the IGU edge appearance that take place over time (i.e. primary sealant migration) including (but not limited to) effects due to glass movement from temperature and/or pressure fluctuations (IGU pumping), improper tightening of pressure plates, and/or incompatible materials. This GIB can be used for both captured and structural silicone glazed commercial glazing systems. Components of IGU edges are discussed, and acceptance criteria provided where appropriate.

Laminating Division

Railing Code Changes and
Impacts on the Glass Industry

This task group is updating the glass in railings bulletin with current standards and codes.

Tempering Division

Heat Soaking
Informational Bulletin

This bulletin will provide an overview of heat soaking design considerations with relevant standards and industry practice.

Guidelines for the Production
of Heat-Treated Glass

This document provides a list of do’s and don’ts of activities and processes that should occur throughout the heat-treating process, ranging from the use of personal protective equipment to washing, packaging and shipping.

Advocacy and
Legislative Update

High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition

The Energy Division strongly supports legislative policies that promote energy efficiency in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Along with the Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers, National Association of Manufacturers and other High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition organizations, GANA signed a letter encouraging the Senate to take timely floor action on S. 535, the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015. This bill is a package of time-sensitive, targeted, no-cost, no-mandate policies that advance energy efficiency through reduced regulatory burden, increased transparency, and a focus on the federal government as a first mover to save taxpayer dollars on energy bills. During the recent Keystone XL Pipeline debate, identical language in the form of S.AMDT.3 was overwhelmingly adopted with a strong bipartisan vote of 94-5.

And Later This Year …

This fall, glass and glazing experts will gather at the GANA Fall Conference in San Antonio, October 13 - 16, 2015. This year’s event will feature several sessions on highly relevant topics. The Protective Glazing Council will also host a tour of a test laboratory that showcases both protective glazing and fire-rated glazing

In addition, GANA is hosting a “Glass Leaders Conference” on October 12, 2015, also in San Antonio. This one-day summit is designed for CEOs, executive directors, presidents and leaders in the glass industry. The content will feature nationally and internationally recognized presenters on the topics of supply chain management, business operations and leadership.

To learn more about our upcoming technical efforts or conferences, including the event schedule for the upcoming Fall Conference, visit www.glasswebsite.com. If you’re interested in joining one of our task groups, please contact Sara Neiswanger, GANA technical resources coordinator at sara@glasswebsite.com. n

the author

Urmilla Sowell is the technical director of the Glass Association
of North America in Topeka, Kan.

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