Volume 50, Issue 7 - July 2015


China Glass Provides Unique International Opportunity

Attendance at China Glass 2015 in Beijing May 20-23 was lighter than in recent years, but exhibitors were pleased with the opportunity the event provided.

Ren Bartoe, director of glass and industrial technologies at Vesuvius, says he went to the event with some reservations, given a slowdown in Chinese construction and excess capacity in the industry.

“That said, the spirit at China Glass was upbeat with plenty of activity,” he says. “While attendance was lower and traffic was primarily Chinese, Southeast Asia, India and Iran had strong representation. Attendance from the United States and Canada was noticeably light, but Mexico and South America presented respectable traffic.”

Quanex director of international marketing Ramsey Bader considers China Glass second only to glasstec from an international standpoint. “And the reason is that it attracts such a big crowd from all over the world,” he says.

Stefano Pozzi, general manager of Fenzi Group’s Chinese branch, says his company received very positive feedback from attendees.

“In China, it is crucial to be increasingly competitive in all areas,” says Pozzi. “Consistency is prime, along with offering products of very high quality.”

At China Glass 2015, Quanex, Sparklike and Inagas showcased their products together.

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