Volume 50, Issue 6 - June 2015


ICC Says “No” to Sprinkler
Proposal During I-Codes Hearings

The glass industry was successful recently in holding back two code change proposals that would have allowed the use of sprinklers in place of fire-rated glazing.

Proposals FS 1-15 and FS 2-15, brought up during the I-Codes Committee Action Hearings in Memphis, Tenn., were both voted down. FS 1 sought to change the language of “Section 703.4 Automatic sprinklers,” and FS 2 sought to delete the section entirely. Debate on the proposals lasted approximately an hour each, according to industry consultant Thom Zaremba, who represented the Alliance of Primary Fire Rated Glazing Manufacturers at the code hearings.

“The fire-rated glazing industry opposed both FS 1 and FS 2 and is very pleased that, for the third International Building Code change cycle in a row, the Fire Safety Technical Committee agreed with our positions, again, disapproving efforts to dilute or delete Section 703.4 from the code,” says Zaremba.

The industry was instrumental in getting Section 703.4 into the code in 2012 and has been committed to maintaining it through 2015.

Zaremba says Section 703.4 is necessary “because, before its inclusion in the code, a number of interests were mischaracterizing and misclassifying certain sprinkler-protected openings as having a fire-resistance rating which can only be achieved through testing accomplished pursuant to ASTM E119.

“Since E119 does not include the use of sprinklers, it is completely inappropriate to characterize any sprinkler-protected opening as having a fire-resistance rating. The adoption of Section 703.4 put a rather prompt end to such mischaracterizations and misclassifications,” he says.

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