Volume 50, Issue 6 - June 2015


impact products
Drain on the System

Certified to meet both the Florida Building Code requirements and the state’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) standards, Southern Aluminum Finishing Co.’s (SAF) Series 4000 ACM panel system can now be specified for commercial building cladding in Florida.

Series 4000 is a drained and back-ventilated rain screen panel system incorporating a strip of composite material in a reveal between each panel (instead of caulk), resulting in a more uniform appearance, according to the company. The Series 4000 system ships with fabricated panels and “track” extrusions ready to assemble on a jobsite. The system is engineered to allow moisture to permeate the outside wall, and subsequently drain or evaporate through weep holes on each panel frame.

The 4000 RainScreen passed the TAS301 test protocol established for Miami-Dade HVHZ which includes TAS 201 (large missile); TAS 202 (air, water and structure); and TAS 203 (pressure cycling). Certifications issued for the SAF Series 4000 RainScreen system include panels from three major aluminum composite panel manufacturers.


Making an Impact

The 35HL/50HL high-performance hurricane entrance doors, part of YKK AP’s Protek line, were developed to provide sizes, options and delivery required for fast food and low-rise retail projects.

The impact-resistant entrances were tested to meet large and small missile impact up to 50 PSF. With low-maintenance, single-point hook locks, the doors also meet the standards for Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone in Miami/Dade and Broward counties.

Each door features the company’s VersaJamb design, a reinforced tubular door frame that allows for sidelite glazing without shear clips while maintaining the structural integrity of transom frames. Additionally, the 35HL/50HL entrances with standard low-E insulating glass meet the 2012 IECC for all climate zones. All doors are joined and welded mechanically.



Designed and approved to withstand large pieces of flying debris, the Slimpact frameless window system by Faour Glass meets high standards in hurricane resistance.

Recently patented, the company says it’s the only glazing system of its kind that offers a frameless impact-resistant option. The product line includes Slimpact Max for the high-velocity hurricane zone.


acid-etched glass
Bird’s-Eye View

Subtle but effective was the objective for Walker Glass in developing its new AviProtek T product, a bird-friendly acid-etched glass solution that is “hardly noticeable” to the human eye, according to the company.

That goal was attained with the contrast created by the UV markers and the acid etching on the outside surface of the glass. The transparent product can be used in insulating units and can be combined with a low-E glass on position 3.

The design follows the “2- by-4-inch rule,” established by field experiments conducted by conservation experts. According to Walker, “Most birds will not fly into surfaces that have two inches or less of untreated horizontal space or four inches or less of untreated vertical space.”


Area (STC) 41

Thermal Windows Inc. has developed door and window products that it says achieve performance ratings as high as STC 41. The company is marketing the high STC thermal windows, terrace and sliding glass doors for projects in areas subject to high exterior noise, including hotels and extended-stay facilities, urban-area apartments and condos, military offices and housing and structures near airports.

In addition to the sound reduction capabilities, the windows achieve U-values as low as .34 and provide AW75 or higher structural performance.


machinery and
A Small Move

Ergo Robotic Solutions’ two new models in its product lineup—the GM 800 and the GM 1200—are built upon the same design as the GM 2000-12 but in smaller fashion.

The GM 800 has a lift capacity of 800 pounds and can lift a load to a height of 10 feet to the center of the lift hub, according to the company.

The GM 1200 has a lift capacity of 1,200 pounds and can lift a load to a height of 11 feet.

The standard powered articulations include three boom movements and both vertical and horizontal tilt. Optional add-on power articulations include lateral side shift, rotation and EZ Pick, an Ergo innovation for picking up and placing a load in one smooth movement.


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