Volume 50, Issue 11 - November 2015

A Capital Idea
Greenbuild 2015 Brings Glazing Products to Washington, D.C

What better way to show the nation the industry’s commitment to green building practices than by holding the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo 2015 in Washington, D.C.? The Washington (D.C.) Convention Center will be the place to be November 18-20, and the setting will also provide ample opportunity for attendees to see first-hand how green building practices might be successfully integrated into historical buildings.
What will companies feature? What’s the next big thing to help forward the green initiative? Here’s a look at what some exhibitors will offer.

Greenbuild Expo 2015 Schedule

Wednesday, November 18
10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Expo Hall Open
Thursday, November 19
10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Expo Hall Open


Azon Gets A (Smart)
Lock on Curtainwall –
Booth 2151

Azon continues to offer energy-saving technology to the commercial window industry. Originating from the AZO/Tec® department is an “intelligent” technology developed for use in curtainwall systems to boost building enclosure performance. The MLP (mechanical lock profile) curtainwall balances energy efficiency and high strength for aluminum fenestration used in demanding climates and conditions.


Technoform Shows High Performance Options – Booth 3727

Technoform North America will feature products from both Technoform Glass Insulation and Technoform Bautec, offering solutions for high-performance window, curtainwall and IG products.

According to company information, Technoform Bautec specializes in the development and manufacture of high-precision polyamide insulation profiles as well as special solutions for aluminum windows, doors, and facades.

According to the company, its global network of industry specialists will be available to assist with all steps of the design and manufacturing processes to create the systems required by today’s architects and fabricators.


Dow Corning Offers Building Solutions – Booth 337

Dow Corning High Performance Building Solutions will showcase its Silicone Air Barrier System, which features the company’s DefendAir 200 and a suite of compatible 100-percent silicone components. According to the company, the system helps designers, builders and architects to meet the demands of building energy codes without sacrificing design aesthetics.

Dow Corning experts will also be on hand to discuss the company’s involvement with a project at the Cornish College of the Arts and the full range of solutions available to meet sustainable building challenges.



Kawneer’s Started a New Unit(ized Curtainwall) – Booths 1837

Kawneer Company Inc. will feature its new unitized curtainwall, the 2500 UT Unitwall System.

The curtainwall is a high-performance unitized system that offers a range of design options. The company describes the system as being cost-effective and ideal for office buildings as well as mid- to high-rise projects.

The 2500 UT Unitwall System offers reduced fabrication and assembly times with the one-piece polyamide thermal break, eliminating the need for pressure plates and fasteners, according to the company. Stacked joints within the system are designed to account for building movement. It has a 2½-inch profile, four-sided captured exterior covers and structural silicone glazed configurations.


YKK has Even More enerG – Booth 3321

YKK AP America Inc. has broadened its enerGfacad family of products by introducing the YCW 750 XT IG high-performance curtainwall system and new options within its ThermaShade® sun control products. The YCW 750 XT IG thermally-broken curtainwall and ThermaShade product enhancements were developed to meet specific needs voiced by contractors and architects.

The YCW 750 XT IG has MegaTherm® thermal struts for thermal performance and 1-inch insulating glass units for an overall system U-factor as low as 0.30, per the company. The curtainwall system features an integral face cover that the company says requires less fabrication and field labor, compared to similar systems, as well as standard features of a dual-finish option and two-sided structural silicone glazing options.

In addition, the company’s ThermaShade is now engineered to improve occupant comfort and lower energy consumption by decreasing solar heat gain. It now has options for exposed anchors that are finished to match the curtainwall and provide an industrial aesthetic. Both anchor options feature a thermal barrier within the attachment anchor.

ThermaShade sunshades integrate with the company’s façade systems and are available in a range of standard and premium finishes. More than 100 standard design options are available, including 24-, 30- and 36-inch outrigger projections, four outrigger designs, eight louvers, and five standard fascia.


dynamic glass

Pleotint Exhibits Suntuitive Glass – Booth 712

Pleotint LLC will display its Suntuitive® dynamic glass for doors and windows during the show.

According to the company, the self-tinting glass helps promote proper daylighting with energy efficiency by rejecting heat before it enters the building. In doing so, the glass is said to reduce the amount of solar heat gain by 80 to 85 percent, which in turn saves energy by reducing the load on an HVAC system and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Suntuitive can contribute to LEED, green, and net-zero initiatives, building-efficient daylighting strategies and offers a solution for year-round building performance requirements, according to the company.


The Sage of the Industry – Booth 2029

Representatives of SageGlass® will be accessible to chat with visitors about the company’s electrochromic glass. The dynamic glass was recently installed in the skylight of the oval rotunda in the new grand entrance and event space at the Mall of America.

SageGlass is designed to control sunlight dynamically to optimize daylight and enhance comfort by preventing glare and solar heat, according to the company. The dynamic glass skylight is controlled via light sensors, adjusting tint automatically as the sun intensifies throughout the day. Tinting can also be controlled manually as needed for special events that require customized glare or heat management. By blocking sunlight on hot days, SageGlass reduces energy demand, while increasing comfort, according to the company.


insulating glass

JEB is Ready to Renovate – Booth 3210

J.E. Berkowitz LP (JEB) will exhibit its JEB 3SEAL insulating glass spacer system and the Renovate by Berkowitz façade retrofitting system.

Designed for commercial glazing, the JEB 3SEAL insulating glass spacer system is made from structural thermoset silicone with 3A desiccant and with a triple-seal design consisting of a pre-applied acrylic adhesive for spacer-to-glass bonding, a hot-applied captive polyisobutylene primary seal and a two-part structural silicone secondary seal.

JEB 3SEAL’s no-metal design has shock-absorbing properties that purportedly counteract glazing stresses caused by wind, and enhances sound attenuation. In addition, JEB 3SEAL has minimal thermal conductivity, providing higher glass edge surface temperature, and a multi-layer vapor barrier to enhance condensation resistance.

In addition, the Renovate system is designed as a cost-effective solution for energy-efficient updates to an existing building’s windows or curtainwalls. According to the company, the process is less expensive and disruptive than a traditional window replacement. Intended for commercial buildings typically built before the 1970s, the Renovate system is a factory-made, double-pane insulating glass unit (IGU) that is installed to the interior surface of an existing single-pane window, preserving a building’s exterior while creating an energy-efficient, triple-pane IGU. The system is available in three glass configurations and offers solar heat gain coefficients as low as 0.27, winter U-values as low as 0.15 and R-values up to 6.67, according to the company.


Quanex to Showcase Fenestration Innovations – Booth 3421

Quanex Building Products will showcase a variety of products for the fenestration industry. The company will feature its Super Spacer® TriSeal, a flexible, warm-edge insulating glass spacer designed to satisfy commercial glazing demands, including silicone structural glazing. In addition, the company will feature its Mikron C3-11300 AW-rated system, a non-metal operable window system designed to address the need for a mix of strength, energy performance and aesthetics for commercial installations. It also meets the necessary requirements for AW ratings governed by the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) for use in mid- and high-rise buildings, according to the company.


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