Volume 50, Issue 11 - November 2015



Rack ‘em Up

Unruh Fab’s new Utility Rack Body provides storage for tools, equipment and metal with an exterior and interior rack. Large shelved storage cabinets help keep tools organized, clean and safe, according to the company.

The exterior rack is 9 feet long and allows for 100-inch-tall glass, and the rack comes with four cleated stakes. A durable rubber matted steel floor can handle heavy loads, whether glass is against the interior rack, cases or additional equipment. An 18-inch tailgate keeps items in the bed, and the goal-post metal carrier extends the full length of the body to the front bumper.



Lift the Ban

A new solar control, low-E glass by PPG, Solarban 90, combines solar control performance with a neutral, clear-glass aesthetic. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit with clear glass, the glass has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 and a visible light transmittance of 51 percent, producing a light-to-solar-gain ratio of 2.22.

The glass coating can be applied or used in combination with clear glass, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass or a range of tinted glasses by PPG.


Let’s Make This Klear

Matelux Krystal Klear, a low-iron, acid-etched glass from AGC, is now available in 6, 10 and 12 millimeters. The product is ideal for applications requiring a colorless yet translucent aesthetic.

Matelux is also available in a variety of tinted glass options, or with AGC’s Stopsol reflective coating.

Energy Select 23 solar control low-E, meanwhile, is a new product launched by AGC designed to achieve the highest level of solar control performance available using a clear substrate. The neutral, clear-like aesthetic of Energy Select 23 provides a 0.23 solar heat gain coefficient and 50 percent visible light transmittance, available in annealed and post-temperable. All AGC post-temperable glass products are provided with a protective film.



Give it Space
The Erdman 400 Series spacer applicator works with all flexible spacer systems, applying the spacer straight with 90-degree corners, according to the company. The applicator requires minimal operator training and no data input for standard operation.

Insulating glass unit quality is improved through consistent spacer offset from the edge of the glass which, according to the company, “guarantees desired amount of secondary sealant is applied.”


Get in Line

Forel’s Art. LL laminating line, designed to meet increasing demand for laminated glass, features a fully automatic centering device for glass sheets and double heating and pressing units. The washing machine is equipped with a special device for automatic detecting of glass thickness. The same device can also detect any external glass coating, automatically adjusting the correct position of the brushes inside the washing machine. Brushes are 200 millimeters in diameter.

Positioning the suction cups for transporting glass sheets is modular, and the pick-up area is divided into two sections. A customizable stock of PVB rolls is usually installed above the line in a structured loft. The interlayer application with an automatic cutting system also includes automatic cutting control. The machine is equipped with double ovens for heating together with double pressing systems, and nip rollers with a 360 millimeter diameter featuring a slightly conical shape.

A dual circuit heating module consists of lower and upper infrared radiation and an air circulation system. User interfaces feature touch-screen displays and can process any type of glass, according to the company.



Snap to it—a New
Interior Glass Option

SnapCab, in collaboration with Corning, is offering modular, progressive elevator and wall panel designs with thin, lightweight, damage-resistant panels. The SnapCab modular system allows architects to design unique interiors while making it simple to customize.

According to SnapCab, Corning Gorilla Glass is optically clear, so whites are pristine, colors are vibrant, and images and logos pop. With the glass, any pantone color can be specified for an exact match, according to the company. The glass can also be customized with high-resolution images or logos. SnapCab can use specified images and also offers patterns and options to personalize the glass, including wood or stone images.


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