Volume 50, Issue 10 - October 2015

Take a Look and Find a Selection of Options
for Your Next Machinery Purchase

If you’re thinking now’s a good time to buy new machinery, then consider USGlass Magazine’s Annual Guide to Equipment and Machinery a research source. It
offers a look at some of the industry’s latest developments, companies and
websites, the types of machinery they offer, as well as a listing of products. The chart lists both manufacturers and distributors for those that work with a separate sales agent. The information listed in the chart was provided by the companies and is based on machinery and equipment released over the past two years. To be included in the 2016 edition please email erogers@glass.com.
Abrasive Belt Machines Aluminum Fabrication Equipment Assembly Stations Autoclaves Auto Spray Equipment Bedding Equipment Bending Equipment Machinery Beveling Machinery Cutting Lines/Equipment CNC & Drilling Machinery Coating Equipment Curing Ovens Cutting Equipment Desiccant Filling Diamond Wheels/Machines Edgers Extruders, Butyl Filtration System Fully Automated IG Systems Gas Filling Glass Cutters, Tools Grinders Handling Equipment IG Production, Small Run Laminating Machinery Laminating Machine-Batch - Non-Autoclave Lehr Loading Systems Operating Software Ovens Parts/Tooling Sandblasting Sealing Equipment Silkscreen Printer Tempering Line Machinery Testing & Inspection Vacuum Lifting Washing Machines Other

USGlass Magazine’s
Annual Guide to
Machinery &

Company Website Manufacturer(s) Distributor Products
Ashton Industrial www.ashton-industrial.com Ashton Industrial Joe Santelli, Ashton North America X                                                                           X Shapeseam-Pro, Seammaxx-Pro and Batchmasta Lasermark-Pro V3;
Edge Deletion-Pro.
Billco Manufacturing Inc. www.billco-mfg.com Billco
Manufacturing, Inc
Manufacturing Inc.
                  X                 X       X X X     X                   X X Glass washing systems; crane loading system; automatic free fall system; unstacker; space saver; CNC glass cutting systems; conveyors; CNC glass cutting systems; fully automated IG assembly line; insulated glass assembly lines;
Lami Pro assembly line; crane loading system; automatic free fall
system; single-sided or double-sided unstacker; heat press; cold press.
Bohle America Inc.,
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www.bohle-america.com Bohle AG. Germany Bohle America Inc. X                 X               X                           X           X X TwinBelt double arrissing machine KSA 15T dry version; TwinBelt double
arrissing machine KSA-C 15/30 wet version; MasterDrill GBM2-1000-S;
SuperDrill ECO; Sedimentor 2.4P coolant cleaning system; automatic
sandblasting machine SBM2500P; automatic sandblasting machine SBM1500P; VertiClean glass washing machine 15.4 ; VertiClean glass washing machine 16.4; VertiClean glass washing machine 16.4-20.
Bystronic www.bystronic-glass.com Bystronic N/A                                     X         X                               B'Jumbo; B'Comfort.
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. www.crlaurence.com C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. N/A X X               X           X X         X                               X   CRL 4- x 106-inch wet abrasive belt sander; Accufab Pro storefront and
curtainwall tools; tripod glass drilling machine; VE1P single spindle
automatic glass edging machine; E-Z Edger™ circle edger and polisher;
SS96 hot melt butyl gunning system; 106-inch dry twin belt seamer;
VEW63 open top vertical glass washer.
Technologies LLC,
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Technologies LLC
Technologies LLC
              X       X X                       X X X     X                   Single station and shuttle benders; glass spray coating machine; infrared/
convection conveyorized ovens; continuous laminating line with infrared and
convection heating; NA-9000 infrared/convection, dual oven, vacuum batch
laminating system; specialty lehrs; ovens to dry, cure or bake parts.
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www.ceflaamerica.com Cefla Salem Flat Glass
& Mirror
        X           X                                                         Prima G, Mito KG; Glass coater.
CSE Automation LLC www.cseautomationllc.com CSE Automation LLC N/A   X x   X     X                                                               DMV/DMV-I/DMX fabrication saw; UC-600a fabrication saw; MRMC
fabrication center; DM-500P automated 45/90 miter saw; premier frame or sash clamps; precision sealant application table; UC-600 large capacity up cut miter saw; DM-500 double head miter saw; DV-420 V-notch double miter saw; DM-420 double head compound miter saw; SM-420 single head compound miter saw; EM-150 automatic end mill; CR-100 single head copy router; CR-200 twin head copy router.
Custom Glass
Machinery Ltd.
Taifin Glass
Machinery Oy
Custom Glass
Machinery Ltd.
                                                                    X         CTF Series convection tempering furnace.
Erdman AutomationCorp., see our ad on page 25 www.erdmanautomation.com Erdman
Automation Corp.
                                    X                                         Erdman high speed parallel process IG line.
Ergo Robotic Solutions,
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www.ergorobotic.com Ergo Robotic Solutions Ergo Robotic
                                          X X                                 PL 1000; GM 800; GM 1200; GM 2000-12; GM 2000-16; winch option for
GM 2000-12; winch option for GM 2000-12 Ext; winch option for GM 2000-16; GM 2000-20; GM 2000-23.
FDR Design Inc. www.igasfill.com FDR Design Inc. FDR Design Inc.                                       X                                       Push button calibration - individual station retrofit; FLEX - complete
machine upgrade.
Forel S.p.A.,
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www.Forelspa.com Forel S.p.A. Forel North
                  X                                                           DM vertical glass drill and mill.
Glass Machine Sales www.glassmachinesales.com Officine Mistrello,
Macotec, Triluzi
Glass Machine Sales                 X                           X                             X   Officine Mistrello automated flat glass storage and loading systems;
Macotec master shape, star cut, strato active; Triulzi flat and curved glass
washing machines.
Glassline Corp.,
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www.glassline.com Glassline Corp. N/A                 X X         X X             X         X     X               X CNC cutting and breaking; CNC grinding, drilling; printing; drying; furnace
loading; loading/unloading; handling machines; centrifuges; diamond wheel
profiling machines; CNC controlled retrofits; diamond tools; polishing wheels;
ball castors; waterjet cutting machines; double edge seaming/grinding/polishing lines; shape seamers.
Glasstech Inc.,
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www.glasstech.com Glasstech Inc. N/A                                                                     X         Electric radiant heat-ERH; gas-fired heat FCH; flat glass, bent glass, solar glass
inspection equipment.
Glaston Corp.,
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www.glaston.net Glaston Corp. Glaston Corp.                                                 X       X X X       X       X FC500-zone™ heating chamber replacement; XtraSpeed™; XtraLight™; XtraSmart™; FC1000; GlastonInsight™ online process assistance system;
ProL™ flat laminating line.
GLG Canada www.glgcan.com Intellitech GLG Canada                                             X                                 GlasLift 351; GlasLift 500; GlasLift 550; Gerenuk 500; GlasLift 250D.
HHH Tempering
Resources Inc.
www.hhhtempering.com HHH, K-Star Diamond
Co., Northglass
HHH Tempering
Resources Inc.
                                        X                                     K-Star Diamond Co. glazier's tools, dual-belt seamer and Speed Kutter; HHH
tempering furnaces, domestic; Northglass tempering furnaces, global product lines; Northglass convection and radiation furnaces.
IGE Glass Technologies,
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www.igesolutions.com ATIS, Boujun, Denver, DFI, Fushan, Golive, Handong, HanJiang, Landglass, Techni
Waterjet, Turomas,
IGE Glass
      X         X X X         X   X     X   X X X                   X     X   LNG autoclaves; FORVET Francesca 1250 HO, Francesca 1600, Gamechanger;
ATIS Mirus 300; Boujun Lammy Can; Denver Quota, Digit, and Krea; DFI FuseCube; Fushan 10-45, 10P; Golive Bigfoot, double edgers; Handong washers;
Hanjiang IG lines; Landglass tempering furnaces; Techni Waterjet i510, i612;
Turomas RUBI Lines; Vitrosep water filtration system.

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