Volume 50, Issue 10 - October 2015



Get in Line

Erdman’s Parallel Process high-speed insulating glass line can produce more than 1,400 insulating glass units per shift with just three to four operators, according to the company.

The line derives its name from the innovation of shuttling the topping lite to a back lane so two glass lites run parallel to each other.



Making the Cut

Industrial Glass Technologies’ (IGT) glass cutter comes built with a metal diamond-shaped, anti-slip handle. It also includes an automatic oil feed system and a carbide cutting wheel for straight and precise cuts, according to the company.

This cutting tool features two screws installed on top of its 140-degree hone angle to avoid any oil leakage, and it has a cutting life of 15.5-18.6 miles.



The 411 on 778

Dow Corning 778 silicone liquid flashing—the newest component in the company’s silicone air barrier system—provides a weatherproof seal at door and window openings, as well as other building transitions behind the exterior façade. It features extended tooling time, primerless adhesion to cut sheathing edges, long-term UV-resistance and rugged cured properties.


decorative glass

Fade and Grade

The Walker Textures Transitions line from Walker Glass provides two ways to create gradient effects on acid-etched glass.

True Fade provides an etched finish that subtly fades into a clear, fully transparent surface, while the Gradient process uses dots in various spacing. Both custom solutions can be used on interior and exterior applications.



The Heat is On

Glasstech Inc.’s Forced Convection Heater technology can accommodate glass sheet sizes up to 2.8 by 7 meters. Heating times as fast as 30 seconds per millimeter of glass thickness can be maintained with the full convection system, according to the company.

It can temper clear, tinted and temperable low-E and super low-E coatings in thicknesses from 5 to 19 millimeters.



It’s in the Data

A new data sheet published by PPG Industries provides performance information for Solarban z75 and Solarban z50.
In addition to aesthetic descriptions, the sheet features performance data including visible light transmittance, solar heat gain coefficients, light-to-solar gain ratios, U-values, and interior and exterior reflectance.

There also is a chart highlighting how the two glasses can help building projects earn LEED credits in categories such as energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and innovation in design.



Open with Ease

Graham Architectural Products’ GT6200 SL single-lever operator window is an outswing casement designed to meet ADA compliance. According to the company, it features single-lever hardware designed to operate with minimal force and limited motion requirements, such as those specified by AAMA 513-12.

A single-point, multi-functioning handle allows locking, unlocking, opening and closing of the window with less than five pounds of operational force. It also functions as a limited opening device.

The window features Euro-Groove design, dual color capability and a polyamide strut thermal break system. It has an AAMA AW-PG125 rating, a 15 per-square-foot water test and U-values as low as 0.29.



Show it Off

The Window Sash Balance display by Strybuc Industries is for use on the counter area.
The display includes an assortment of 31 different series of channel, tube and constant-force window balance samples.


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