Volume 50, Issue 9 - September 2015

Big Builders
Take a Look at Some of the Glass Industry’s Latest at GlassBuild America

Atlanta is the spot for glass- and glazing-industry-related companies this month, as the annual GlassBuild America show returns to the Peach State.

The event will be held September 16-18 at the Georgia World Congress Center, where more than 400 exhibitors will be boasting their products, services and technologies.

Take a look at what’s in store for attendees at this year’s event.

doors & hardware

Quite Enticing
— CRL-U.S. Aluminum

Booth 1325

In introducing the Entice series entrance system, CRL-U.S. Aluminum expects glaziers to hone in on the product’s installation, adjustments and serviceability attributes.

The company will also display its 487 Series integrated slider, the newest addition to its 487 Series office partition family. The new product provides increased daylight, privacy, and functionality in a modern design.

A portion of CRL’s booth will also be dedicated to educational presentations, which it will hold each day. Sessions are focused on helping glazing contractors quote more projects in less time, bid and win division 10 interior partition business, and increase quality and efficiencies with unitized systems.


Close it Up
— Bohle America
Booth 1111

The Bohle Hydraulic Patch Closer can be installed in the work shop and secured to the floor with four drill holes, requiring no cutting or chiseling of the floor.

The closer is capable of up to 220 pounds in weight and 49 3⁄16-inches in width, with glass thicknesses of 3⁄8-inch to 9⁄16-inch. Finishes include brushed nickel, polished stainless steel, dark bronze anodized and clear anodized.



Take It to the Max
— FeneTech

Booth 825

Ohio-based software specialist FeneTech Inc. will showcase its newest software generation, FeneVision MAX, the latest version of the FeneVision ERP software.

Enhancements and additional functionality have been added to many areas of the system, namely in capacity planning, Web-based quoting and ordering, product navigation and functionality, as well as new features in the Business Intelligence module. FeneVision offers a full level of integration to support the automation of a complete window or glass processing enterprise, according to the company.


How Do You Con-Figure?
— A+W

Booth 1103

A+W will display its newly developed browser-based product configurator. With the new A+W Web configurator, highly complex products can be configured and ordered via Web browser without installed ERP systems, with complete regard to the master data and restrictions of the producer, according to the company.

The configuration leads the user intuitively through the process until the offer is fully calculated. It includes graphically appealing sketches, and products, prices, discounts and restrictions are up-to-date. Producers have access to a 24/7 order entry system with the ability to request quotations and place orders.



Bring in the Machines
— DeGorter

Booth 925

DeGorter will showcase two companies it represents—Horno Pujol and Schiatti.
Hornos Pujol will feature the Evalam Visual, which the company claims provides the same transparency as PVB but with adhesion three times higher. Other features are moisture resistance, high UV filter and performance at high temperature in facades. It will also show its EVA Automatic Plant Pujol 100 Fast Curing and PVB Fast Curing ovens. These ovens allow users to laminate both EVA and PVB and don’t require humidity or climate control.

Schiatti, meanwhile, will be exhibiting its SME10 miter machine, which now features a new “touch-screen” PLC to control all the machine functions and to display the working parameters. The SME10 model is part of a line of edgers that grind and polish flat edges with arris for glass thicknesses from 3 to 30 millimeters. The workable glass size goes to a maximum 1,000 kilograms in weight limitation. The machine is equipped with a mitering group that allows it to obtain a variable angle from 0 to 45 degrees; and is suitable for laminated glass.


Upping the IG Ante
— Erdman

Booth 1635

The Erdman 400 Series spacer applicator is a low-cost insulating glass production system that the company says works with all flexible spacer systems by applying the spacer straight with true 90- degree corners. According to the company, standard operation of the machine requires minimal operator training.

The Erdman Fixed Head IG Secondary Sealer features a stationary sealant application system that gives the operator the ability to easily apply a professional, high-quality, consistent secondary seal to insulating glass units, according to the company.


Er We Go
— Ergo Robotics Solutions

Booth 130

Ergo Robotic Solutions will display a new version of its design called the GM 2000-12 EXT.  The “EXT” means it has a telescoping extended boom, which the company says allows it to lift a 2,000-pound load 16 feet into the air.
The versatile machine has an optional feature called “EZ Pick” for picking up and placing a load in one movement, along with its other seven articulations.


Get in the Grove
— Groves Incorporated

Booth 2525

The new heavy duty GT1 glass lifter and transporter will be featured at Groves Inc.’s booth. The machine features a patented silent winch for easy raising and lowering of glass measuring from 25 to 48 inches tall by 60 inches wide and weighing up to 396 pounds.

The GT1’s heavy duty lifting mast encloses the steel lifting cable in order to prevent damage to the glass and reduce the possibility for employee injury while operating the winch, according to the company. The shift-to-the-side function allows the material to be pivoted 90 degrees on the axis of the mast to pass through doorways and halls. Material can be raised to a maximum height of 63 inches and rotated 360 degrees.

The machine features large 16-inch puncture-resistant wheels for negotiating curbs, stairs and doorway transoms. Front-mounted swivel casters provide balancing action for heavy material, and aid in turning the GT1 in tight spaces. Three large 8-inch suction cups protect and hold the glass while being moved.


Stay Equipped
— Forel

Booth 353

Forel will exhibit its newest insulating glass equipment for door and window production. The booth will feature a fully operational automatic production line including glass washing, flexible spacer application, grids/muntins insertion, argon gas-filling press, and hot melt secondary sealing with several new designs and features that the company says will increase productivity and capacity.


Filter it Out
— IGE Glass Technologies

Booth 2560

A new closed-loop water filtration from Vitrosep, headquartered in Spain, is now distributed in the United States and Canada through IGE Glass Technologies Inc. and will be featured at this year’s GlassBuild show.

According to IGE, the machine is not a centrifuge, filterpress or flocculation settling system, but rather a “truly unique automatic, with no moving parts, filtering system of the future.”

More than 300 systems are working around the world, providing water costs savings, clean recycled water and no foaming, according to the company.


Seam it Up
— Lisec

Booth 1935

Lisec is ready to introduce its compact vertical arris grinding (seaming) machine for rectangular and shaped glass sheets.

With the machine, glass edges are ground by wet-diamond belts, which simultaneously process the front and rear side of a glass edge. The grinding head moves on a vertical guide unit and can also rotate 360 degrees, allowing it to reach all four sides of a glass sheet.

The grinding belts are fully automatically adjusted to the respective sheet size and thickness, and the grinding width is adjustable from 0.5 to 2 millimeters. The compact dimension of the machine results from the fact that only one grinding head processes all sides of a rectangular or shaped glass sheet. Optional tools for grinding (roughening) the glass edges, as well as for grinding (shaping) the pointed sheet edges, are available.


Make it Quick(line)
— Matodi

Booth 435

On display in Matodi’s booth at GlassBuild will be the Quickline by Neptun.

According to Matodi, Quickline is a unique multi-functional vertical CNC line, designed to process holes, cutouts and notches quickly and efficiently.


Prime Time
— Cefla North America

Booth 1353

Cefla North America will feature Prima, the company’s automated reciprocating spray machine for glass and other substrates. The line features automated part detection, increased through-put and low maintenance requirements. Prima includes an integrated, intuitive 6-inch touchscreen control; spray quality is assured with four spray guns, according to the company. Coating overspray is collected by a paper-covered conveyor and filtered exhaust plenums.

Salem Flat Glass & Mirror is the exclusive distributor of Cefla North America’s glass decoration systems including spray equipment, roll coaters, drying ovens and other automated systems.


Systematically Clean
— Billco Manufacturing

Booth 3041

Billco will be displaying its latest advancement in glass cleaning process control technology, including its new detergent dosing system. The system allows companies to systematically maintain the correct detergent ratio within the wash tank to provide a more consistent cleaning process by function of volume, time, number of processed glass lites and proportional feedback.

The detergent dosing system will be demonstrated with the company’s BioClean and tank agitating system, which automatically assists cleaning within the washer. The company will also display its latest developments in glass laminating and glass cutting, as well as handling equipment. 

Along with its sales and applications engineering team, an HP3 Software representative will also be available to discuss the latest BatchBan “Dynamic” or “Batch” style optimization software packages, as well as tempering furnace software.


Getting Tec-nical
— Arrow Systems

Booth 3049

At this year’s event, Arrow Systems will demonstrate one of Tecglass’ direct-to-glass ceramic printers in its full line, which the company claims covers a broad variety of printing requirements.

Arrow Systems, the sales agency for Tecglass, will discuss its patented ink recirculation system, as well as its specialty inks, including metallics, gold, magenta, etched, conductive and other special effects.



Staying on Guard
— Guardian Industries

Booth 805

Guardian Industries will feature multiple products, including its SunGuard SNX 51/23 glass and Spandrel HT glass.
The SunGard portfolio is designed for commercial applications to offer solar control in a variety of colors and performance levels. The Spandrel HT glass was developed to improve uniformity and appearance to spandrel glass, according to the company, “with a higher opacity and less potential for streaking.”

The company will also show its ShowerGuard low-iron glass, which Guardian claims reduces the greenish cast of standard float glass for enhanced clarity.

Additionally, attendees will get a look at the company’s “Glass Visualizer,” a digital design tool that renders coated glass products under varying lighting conditions. The tool is the fourth component of Guardian Glass Analytics, which also includes the company’s performance calculator, building energy calculator and BIM generator.


Lift the Ban
— PPG Industries

Booth 509

PPG Industries will debut Solarban 90 glass, showcase Optigray glass and commemorate the 25th anniversary of Starphire ultra-clear glass. 

Incorporating refinements to its triple-silver coating technology, Solarban 90 glass combines solar control performance with a neutral-reflective clear glass aesthetic. Because it does not display a noticeably reflected color, the Solarban 90 glass harmonizes well with other building materials and can be combined in insulating glass units with ultra-clear Starphire glass or performance-tinted glasses by PPG.

Optigray glass is formulated to eliminate the subtle green tint naturally present in conventional clear glass, producing a highly transparent, super-neutral aesthetic. Optimized to perform as a substrate for non-tinted Solarban solar control low-E coatings, Optigray glass achieves a light-to-solar gain ratio of 1.99 when paired with Solarban 70XL glass in a standard 1-inch IGU.

In addition, PPG will celebrate the silver anniversary of Starphire ultra-clear glass. The glass is made with a low-iron formulation that enables it to achieve visible light transmittance of 91 percent in a standard ¼-inch thickness.


seals and sealants

Seal the Deal
— Fenzi

Booth 1135

Fenzi will exhibit the complete range of components for insulating glass offered by the Fenzi Group, including Poliver (a solvent-free polyurethane sealant for use in both single and dual seal units); Hotver 2000 (a one-component hot-melt sealant), Thiover (a two-part polysulphide sealant), Molver (a molecular sieve), Butylver (a PIB-based sealant for primary seal), and the range of Alu-Pro and Rolltech warm-edge spacer profiles.

Fenzi’s Molver DM is a desiccant matrix for the Intercept spacer system. The product is ideal where the need for high adsorbent ability to water content, as well as dependable long-term adhesion to the substrate, is warranted. The adhesive properties of Molver DM have been adopted from the polymeric formulation of Hotver 2000.


Bar the Door (Seal)
— Lauren

Booth 2617

Lauren Manufacturing plans to feature its new 0.825-inch extended reach door seal.

Lauren’s extended reach door seal has the same benefits as the recently introduced standard size door seal, according to the company. The extended reach door seal can be used on all sides of the door, eliminating assembly time and labor costs associated with the typical two-seal assemblies used in door manufacturing. The seal has been traditionally designed to round corners, which the company says further eliminates associated costs as well as creates a tight seal around the perimeter, decreasing the risk of water and air infiltration.



A New Look
— Boon Edam

Booth 2521

Boon Edam is set to show off its new aesthetic features for its all-glass, architectural revolving door Crystal TQ. The all-glass door is now available in a completely seamless design with curved sidewalls and ceiling constructed of completely solid glass.

This seamless glass door construction is available in a diameter of 6 feet, 6 inches with a ceiling height of up to 10 feet. In addition, the updated Crystal TQ offers a variety of connection configurations for attachment onto building openings, such as straight keyhole and splayed keyhole.



Open Up Big Spaces
— Solar Innovations

Booth 617

The Solar Innovations Inc. booth will feature folding glass wall systems and pivot doors.

The company’s folding glass wall systems (SI3000 and SI33000) are highly efficient accordion-style doors that have multiple sill options and profile dimensions providing greater performance and design possibility, according to the company.

The pivot door is designed for oversized openings, and typical sizes range from 4 feet wide to 10 feet tall. Solar Innovations’ pivot doors are available in single-, double- and triple-door configurations.


tools and equipment

Chek it Out

Booth 2135

EDTM will display its recently launched Glass-Chek ELITE product at GlassBuild. This new instrument adds the ability to identify laminated glass in a window, and also measure the thickness of the laminate interlayer. Also new is a graphical display that shows an illustration of the profile of the window, helping the user to better understand the construction of the window. The display shows the window drawn approximately to scale, and assigns numbers to each piece of glass in the window. It also assigns numbers to each surface of glass, aiding in identifying the low-E-coated surface.


Get a Grip
— Wood’s Powr-Grip

Booth 703

The Premium MRT4 vacuum lifter, which now comes equipped with a Premium Dual Vacuum System (DVS), will be showcased by Wood’s Powr-Grip. This DVS features two completely independent vacuum circuits, allowing the lifter to maintain the vacuum level for one circuit even if an unexpected vacuum loss occurs in the other one.
According to the company, it is designed to reduce the risk of falling loads, which could result from breakage or other accidents that compromise one area of the vacuum system. New digital vacuum switches enable the vacuum pump and vacuum level warning devices to operate independently of each other, eliminating alarm distraction during routine cycling of the vacuum pump. Push-button controls are positioned at the operator’s fingertips


Measure Matters
— Glasstech Inc.

Booth 2717

Glasstech Inc.’s glass transmitted distortion measuring instrument, which it will feature at GlassBuild, comes in In-line and Lab versions. The technology was developed primarily for the automotive marketplace to objectively measure see-through distortion in curved glass, but according to the company, it is equally effective for evaluating architectural and solar glass.

The instrument can measure roller wave and edge kink distortion, as well as draw line distortion from the float. The technology can be used with any type of fabricated glass, including deeply tinted parts, float or highly curved shapes, or partially painted parts.



Ship Safely
— Frank Lowe

Booth 403

The Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Company is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. At GlassBuild, the company will display its new low-density polyethylene protective packaging profiles.

The packaging is non-abrasive and features two-dimensional shape ideas, in-line die cutting, in-line adhesive application, and easily added additives including UV protection and anti-static properties.


decorative glass

Fading Out
— Walker Textures

Booth 1027

Walker Textures will show its True Fade acid-etched finish, which provides a smooth etch transition and a consistent finish that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, according to the company.

The True Fade etched effect can be made to a maximum of 142 inches long, with the fading area no less than 4 inches and no more than 15 inches. The direction of the fading area can be achieved either vertically or horizontally, but not both, and the maximum number of transitions on stock sheet is two.

According to Walker, True Fade is a unique finish, and the smoothness and level of translucency of the most opaque area falls in between its Satin and Velour finishes.


coatings and equipment

Putting up the Shield
— Unelko Corp.

Booth 2416

Unelko Corp.’s specialty cleaners, treatments and protective coatings, including Invisible Shield, will be featured at the show. According to the company, Invisible Shield durably seals the pores of the glass to make it water-, soil- and stain-repellent, corrosion-resistant and low maintenance.

Unelko’s products are developed to protect windows, enclosures, facades, partitions, tempered glass, laminates, sandblasted glass, solar panels, skylights, mirrors and more.


Spray it On
— Casso Solar Technologies

Booth 1535

Casso-Solar Technologies will be introducing a new spray coat line with an optional infrared/convection dryer. The system can coat glass up to 96 inches wide with no limitation on maximum or minimum part size, according to the company. Glass thicknesses of one inch are possible, and the system automatically detects the part and shape to minimize overspray. The parts are conveyed on a continuous belt that is protected with a recyclable kraft paper or plastic sheet.

Coatings that can be applied include organics for kitchen counter tops and back splashes, ceramics for spandrel applications where the finish on the No. 1 surface is important, silicone coatings, mirror backing coatings and specialty coatings. Coating thicknesses can be up to 5 millimeters wet. Application is with two reciprocating high-efficiency HVLP spray guns with a wide range of paint viscosity capabilities. Both water-based and solvent paints can be used. The system includes automatic spray gun cleaning and system stop when there is no product present.



Rack ‘em Up
— F. Barkow

Booth 2727

Barkow has engineered and designed its glass racks to fit onto the new generation of cargo vans, the Ford Transit, the Dodge ProMaster and the Nissan NV. Included in the fully welded design are a 24-inch lower splash panel, four Stake-Loc self-locking stakes and “B” loadholding slats as standard.

The racks are manufactured by craftsmen for each individual customer and are available in aluminum, stainless steel or high-tensile steel in the size of the customer’s choice. Interior racks and roof racks are also available.


On the Road Again
— Unruh Fab

Booth 2227

Unruh Fab’s new B-Train Glass Trailers are designed for large over-the-road deliveries, where a 53-foot trailer is not large enough, or where the weight needs to be distributed across more axles. These two trailers allow for a larger route and more carrying capacity, according to the company. Both the front and rear trailers can be configured with either flat decks for case goods or with glass racks, whether full height or removable. To protect the glass from the elements, multiple tarping options are available, including a traditional curtain or a retractable rolling tarp system for easy crane access.


Check the Atlas
— My Glass Truck

Booth 1827

MyGlassTruck.com’s new Atlas glass truck body is an 8-foot-tall by 12-foot- long body mounted on a Ford Transit cab/chassis and compatible with other class 2 and 3 cab/chassis, including ProMaster and Sprinter. Engineered to fill the niche between double-sided van and pick-up glass racks and medium-duty glass truck bodies, Atlas offers a 3,000-pound or greater payload, depending on choice of cab/chassis, and a GVW rating of less than 10,000 pounds.

Designed to maximize strength while minimizing weight, the body is secured to the chassis and supported by a galvanized steel sub-frame, according to the company. Rack posts and slats consist of MyGlassTruck.com’s proprietary T6 aluminum extrusions with full-length horizontal and vertical rubber padding. Exterior racks are 8 feet tall by 12 feet long, and interior racks are 7 feet tall and 12 feet long. The interior platform features a low floor height and slip-resistant surface.

The body is fabricated with aircraft-grade fasteners, which are superior for joining aluminum. Outer glass support ledges are 5 feet wide with 1-inch-thick rubber pads, and the rear wheel skirts are removable. Glass is secured with fully adjustable T6-adjust-a-poles or with optional e-track and cargo straps.


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