Volume 50, Issue 9 - September 2015


Dear USG,

I would like to relay a couple of “atta girls” to Ellen Rogers and Megan Headley for their “X Factor” and “Passing The Buck” articles in the July issue of USGlass. Good topics, good interviews, in-depth discussion and analysis throughout.

—Rod Van Buskirk
Bacon & Van Buskirk
Champaign, Ill.

Dear USG,

Thanks for the article written in the July issue concerning manufacturer warranties and the struggles created for the glazing contractor when the warranties requested by the designer within the project specifications don’t coincide with what the glazing contractor can actually purchase from the manufacturers. This is a topic that we feel needs to be talked about more in our industry, and your article will hopefully cause such.

—Steve Barger
Service Glass Industries Inc.
Frederick, Md.

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