Volume 50, Issue 9 - September 2015



Get in the Groove

In order to meet increasing demands of architectural designers, Hydrapower International’s V Groover machine can now accommodate sheets up to ½-inch thick and 20 feet long. The machine can finish a 10-foot by 0.045-inch-deep groove in 16-gauge stainless steel in approximately five seconds. A complete panel with four grooves at 10 feet long will be processed in a cycle time of about one minute, according to the company.

With Hydrapower’s new software, a “pause” function can be activated to automatically bring the sheet to the front, where the clamps release and the operator can turn it 90 degrees to run grooves in the perpendicular direction. This feature is also used when a sheet is grooved on both sides.

According to Hydrapower, wall or ceiling panels are V-grooved to achieve sharp corners on each panel so that when assembled on the building the surface appears seamless. The panels are formed like pans so they have four to eight grooves.



Now See This

LLumar iLLusions is a new line of decorative window film designed for new and retrofit projects from large to small, in both commercial and residential applications.

iLLusions is available in five film

“series,” including elegant frosts, graphic patterns, modern gradients, realistic textures and distinctive specialties. The film has more than 50 styles, and the company says its durability and removability allow it to act as a lasting feature or a temporary update.



Horse(shoe) Power

Grove Products’ new 3⁄16 by 1½ by 2-inch horseshoe shim is available in orange. Shaped to fit around a bolt or anchor, the horseshoe shims are ideal during storefront installation, and other applications where the shim is placed vertically. According to the company, this shim was designed to provide the masonry and window markets with a 3⁄16-inch shim to save labor, as only one shim needs to be selected for this depth.

Grove’s U-shaped shims are sized to fit around a ½-inch bolt or anchor point and packaged 1,000 to a case. The shims also are available in a non-combustible form, created in response to requests from customers who needed a replacement for costly metal shims used to meet fireproof specifications.

Alternative colors are available at an additional cost.



Tape it On

Monarch’s MFTape is a concealed fastener system that works intuitively with Monarch Z Clips and 3M VHB architectural tape, and can be used to install everything from glass artwork to glass wall panels.

The tape can also help remove glass panels for repair and replacement. It uses a pre-applied adhesive for peel-and-stick application and has the flexibility to achieve multiple aesthetics, according to the company.

With each foot of the MFTape rated for 7.5 pounds of shear strength, the system is suited for interior and exterior applications. It works best with non-porous substrates, according to the company, and is available in lengths up to 12 feet. For raw glass applications where the glass is not painted, Monarch can incorporate one of the 3M structural glazing tapes for optimal adhesion characteristics.



Play it SAF

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) announces Quiet, a sound-reduction option for its line of interior metal column covers and panels. The material is an acoustical grade thermoplastic applied to the inside surfaces of SAF column covers and panels.

According to the manufacturer, the acoustical lining can dampen acoustic and mechanical resonance noise up to 75 percent. In buildings with open or high-traffic interior areas, acoustical dampening in wall panels and columns can be an important feature for reducing background noise.

The acoustical lining is made from recycled material, resists mold and mildew, meets both ASTM E-119 and ASTM E-84 Fire ratings, and can aid in certifying projects for LEED.



Get Organized

Mainstreet’s MobilePRO, a mobile app designed for flat glass technicians, enables users to create measure sheets and give estimates from their mobile device. Additionally, the app allows technicians to take pictures, capture electronic signatures and take credit card payments from the field.

The information is uploaded from the mobile device and syncs with the Mainstreet POS to ensure users have the most up-to-date information.

Another tool the company offers is SchedulePRO, which helps users manage jobs and daily schedules. Its Google Map feature gives a bird’s-eye view of job locations to help organize the workday and techs’ schedules.



Let’s Make This Klear

Matelux Krystal Klear, a low-iron, acid-etched glass from AGC, is now available in 6, 10 and 12 millimeters. The product is ideal for applications requiring a colorless yet translucent aesthetic.

Matelux is also available in a variety of tinted glass options, or with AGC’s Stopsol reflective coating.

Energy Select 23 solar control low-E, meanwhile, is a new product designed to achieve the highest level of solar control performance available using a clear substrate. Its neutral, clear-like aesthetic provides a 0.23 solar heat gain coefficient and 50 percent visible light transmittance, available in annealed and post-temperable. All AGC post-temperable glass products are provided with a protective film.



So Fresh, So Clean

SC Railing’s ArchitectuRAIL Point Series glass railing system provides a clean, minimalistic option for any venue. Comprised of stainless steel side-mounted nodes, this series eliminates the need for vertical balusters and allows for openness and clean sightlines.

The standard node size is 2 ½-inches in diameter; however, custom sizes are achievable depending on project specifics.

Generally, ½-inch or ¾-inch tempered or laminated (as required) glass thickness is used with this system, which comes in a variety of handrail and top cap options.


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