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From Size to Scope, Glass Was Big Business in Philadelphia  
b y E l l e n R o g e r s a n d N i c k S t . D e n i s  
lass is big—in size, demand  
and architectural attention.  
Those walking through the  
trade show at the American Institute  
of Architects (AIA) National Conven-  
tion, which took place May 19-21 at  
the Pennsylvania Convention Center  
in Philadelphia, had plenty of glaz-  
ing products to see. The industry was  
well-represented this year, and com-  
panies featured products that support  
some of the biggest architectural glass  
trends. Here’s a look at some of the top  
take-aways from this year’s event.  
More the Merrier  
Architects want glass—and a lot of  
it.According to a number of exhibitors,  
they are seeing increasing interest from  
architects when it comes to using glass.  
“I think we’ll be seeing more and  
more glass used and we’re seeing it  
move beyond just a window and into  
the entire] wall,” said John Buckley,  
Tremco’s director of marketing com-  
munications. “So, I do think we’ll be  
seeing more glass.”  
Buckley said his company has been  
focusing more of its efforts on glazing.  
He explained architects were asking  
about the company’s Proglaze ETA  
engineered transition assembly)  
products. “That’s a hot topic because  
designs are getting more complex [as  
performance standards increase],”said  
Buckley.“We are having lots of conver-  
sations around glazing and around the  
transitions of a window.”  
In addition to glass for the façade,  
architects are also using more interior  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
. Attendees were interested in learning  
about all the performance capabilities of  
coatings by various glass manufacturers,  
such as Guardian Industries.  
. PPG Industries highlighted its Solarban  
0 glass, which incorporates its triple-silver  
coating technology. It also had various  
colored glasses on display.  
3. Glass and glazing product manufacturers  
such as Kawneer were busy informing  
architects of the industry’s latest  
technological developments.  
. Large glass sliding doors were a big hit  
at the show. NanaWall showed its operable  
glass wall that can achieve high acoustical  
. Photovoltaic glass manufacturer ONYX  
shared its growing portfolio of project  
references to spark ideas for how architects  
can implement the technology.  
. Curtainwall Design Consulting has been  
working with architects for years and met  
with many of them on the show floor.  
July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
AcotntteinnuetdiofrnomGpraagbe 6b8ers  
Big glass is a big deal in the architectural community. Viracon displayed its new oversized glass, which it will begin  
producing early next year.  
glass. Companies such as Assa Abloy,  
Her company was previewing a offer these massive-size glass products  
for example, are working closely with number of new glass solutions it plans were at the show. These included the  
the architectural community to pro- to launch in January 2017. These in- Chinese company Northglass, which is  
vide the hardware needed for interior cluded a variety of door rails, patch growing its presence in North America;  
glazing projects.  
fittings, sliders, access control and Colombia-based Tecnoglass, which is  
also doing more and more business  
here; as well as Owatonna,Minn.-based  
Viracon, which will soon be rolling out  
Over the past few years interest in sizes as large as 130 by 236 inches.  
“The question everyone asks,‘are you  
“We’re excited about interior glass,” more.  
said Emily Paecht, who works in mar-  
keting communications for the com- Glass Gets Bigger  
pany. “It’s a niche we need to fill. The  
interior/office environment is a big fabricating and designing with su-  
market for us and we’re continuing to per-sized glass has seen a tremendous making it in an IG?’and yes,absolutely,”  
build on it.”  
increase. A number of companies that said Annette Panning, director of mar-  
keting and product management. “We  
have a lot of customers excited to get  
big glass.”  
Specialized Focus  
It’s not just traditional façade or in-  
terior glass that’s getting bigger. The  
available sizes of specialty glazing  
products is also on the rise.  
Lindsay Hampton, south central  
regional sales manager, for Vetro-  
tech Saint-Gobain, said her company  
recently launched the largest tested  
sizes on the market for its Keralite  
Standard, Keralite Select and Ker-  
alite Privacy fire-rated glass. These  
As always, YKK AP America’s booth was busy, as the company released yet  
another music video in its “I Am An Architect” series.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
AcotntteinnuetdiofrnomGpraagbe 7b0ers  
are now available up to 47 1/  
“Architects love clear views and as pany’s products are growing as well.  
few frames as possible. This allows for “Nothing is stopping the size of the  
5 /16 inches.  
number of applications in which the  
Having bigger sizes increases the that,” said Nass.  
glass, except the [size of the] coater.”  
Pleotint featured its Suntuitive ther-  
mochromic glass, which tints based  
Dynamic glass is also getting big- on heat from the sun. Marketing  
glass can be used,”she said.“This pro- Dynamic Demands  
vides versatility for taller projects.”  
Increasing the size, she said, was a ger—and so is the amount of atten- manager Patrick Lentz explained that  
huge challenge. tion it’s receiving, Helen Sanders, vice since thermochromic glass relies on  
Having to modify everything took president of technical business devel- the sun, it doesn’t require electricity  
time and investment,”she said, adding opment with SageGlass, said her com- and controls. The lack of sunlight in-  
that while architects are interested in pany has seen a lot of traction when it side the hall, however, made it diff cult  
features such as clarity, what they re- comes to LEED buildings.  
to demonstrate. So the company got  
ally like is the size.“Size is what it’s all  
about,” she said.  
“It can be diff cult to get the day- creative and gave out small samples  
lighting credit because they also have of its glass, which attendees could dip  
Aside from dimensions, glazing can to meet a glare target,” she said.“It can into warm water to show how the glass  
also be used for increasingly large spans, be hard to have the right amount of tints depending on heat, as it would  
resulting in more overall transparency. glass to be daylight suff cient without with the sun.  
Safti First has introduced SuperLite having too much glare. Electrochromic  
II-XLM, a f re-resistive multilaminate glass is good to help with that. Also, Old is Now New  
that is available in butt-glazed assem- zoning [the tint] in electrochromic  
Architects were also seeking historic  
blies with a transparent joint for un- glass helps you balance the glare con- retrof t solutions.  
obstructed, clear views. Tim Nass, vice trol with light.” For example, Graham Architectural  
And responding to the overall glass Products displayed its steel replica  
president of national sales, explained  
that this new glass provides the option trend for larger and larger sizes, Sand- window, which mimics the sightlines  
for architects to use narrow prof les.  
ers said the dimensions for her com- of old steel windows on factories and  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
has an operable vent. The company  
also showed its f xed offset window,  
which can be applied if an architect or  
building owner is looking to match a  
hung window for aesthetic purposes  
but doesn’t want the actual operability  
for safety, security or cost reasons.  
The historic theme wasn’t just lim-  
ited to windows, either.  
Southern Aluminum Finishing  
SAF) showed how its extrusions can  
1/3 Square  
be made to look like wood for retrof t-  
ting historic entranceways and other  
similar applications. n  
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