Now it’s Their Turn  
b y L y l e R . H i l l  
f you’re a writer, nothing is more  
rewarding than receiving com-  
ments from those who have read  
your work. It does two things for you.  
First, and perhaps most importantly,  
it lets you know that someone has  
actually taken the time and energy  
necessary to read what you wrote.  
So at least you feel that the time you  
spent putting your thoughts to paper  
was not wasted. Secondly, if some-  
one comments on your work, it leads  
you to believe that you made them  
think, which we all do too little of. So  
with these thoughts in mind, I am ex-  
tremely pleased (and surprised) that  
my March article, “The Ten Things  
They Won’t Tell You,” generated a  
number of phone calls and e-mail  
That particular article dealt with There’s no such thing as a perfect workplace. Employers and employees alike  
those things that employees would both have things they’d like to change about the other … but might be afraid  
love to tell their superiors, but dare to speak up.  
not do so for fear of perhaps being ter-  
minated or punished in some way. I if they weren’t afraid that they might 18 employers/owners/managers from  
put a lot of time into that article. I had all walk out. I received at least a dozen the glass industry that I admire and  
promised anonymity to the people I contacts like this. Then, there was that respect to get their input on what they  
interviewed for it, so they were quite other group of respondents typified might like to tell their employees if  
candid and forthcoming with their by one Mr. Mario Ercolini (Wholesale they could do so anonymously and  
thoughts. I actually thought the article Glass Distributors) who attacked and without fear of them walking out, at-  
was pretty well done and I’m the first ridiculed my article, starting out his tacking them or filing a lawsuit of some  
to tell you that I don’t always think my e-mail diatribe by stating that “enough type. Here now are the most common  
stuff is all that good.  
is enough” and ending it by implying  
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So with these thoughts in mind, I’ll that if I didn’t give the “other  
now refer to two of those respondents side” its chance to express their  
as examples of the types of responses feelings that his cousin Dominic  
I received. First, there was Darren Tay- (who is alleged to know his way  
lor (Hilliard Glass) who sent me an around Chicago … whatever  
extremely well-written and articulate that’s supposed to mean) might  
e-mail suggesting that while my article soon be paying me a visit. I re-  
was well done, it might be appropriate ceived exactly four e-mails like  
to allow employers/managers in the in- this, of which Mr. Ercolini’s was  
dustry to offer their feelings as to what easily the most aggressive.  
L y l e R . H i l l is the managing  
director of Keytech North America,  
a company providing research and  
technical services for the glass and  
metal industry. Hill has more than  
40 years experience in the glass  
and metal industry and can be reached at lhill@ You can read his blog every other  
Monday at  
they might like to tell their employees  
Thus, I then reached out to  
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with selected quotes from some of the gested she leave ten minutes earlier  
respondents: and she said, ‘that won’t help because “Your mother doesn’t work here so  
. Show some appreciation and it’s bad then, too’. Between that and you need to pick up after yourself.”  
respect. “I don’t OWE you a job. I am her 10-12 minute smoke breaks every 9. Keep it professional. “You are  
not the government. You gotta actually hour I don’t think she worked six representing our company. Be profes-  
work here to stay here. You want to be hours a day. I finally replaced her.” sional in your dress, mannerisms, lan-  
respected, well so do I.” 5. Act like you care. “I don’t really guage and attitude. When you’re home  
. Accept responsibility for your care if you care, but I expect you to act you can look, talk and act anyway you  
actions. “I’m not perfect and I don’t like you care … for your job, for your want, but not on the job.”  
8. Keep your work area clean.  
expect my employees to be either, but co-workers and, most importantly, for  
they need to accept responsibility for our customers.”  
10. Can’t we all just get along? “We  
all work because we need to make a liv-  
their performance … or lack of it. Lose  
the excuses.”  
6. Stop the stealing already. “And ing and take care of our basic needs.  
not just the pens, paper, staplers and As an owner, I don’t have any ill will  
. Leave the attitude at home. “We anything else not nailed down. Stop toward you. I want to see you do well.  
all have struggles and we’re not at the stealing TIME. You are being paid for You want my loyalty to you? Give some  
top of our game every day, but if you eight hours of work. At least get close of yours to me. We’re really in this  
can’t be friendly, cooperative and at to that, please.”  
There were several other comments  
least somewhat pleasant, do everyone  
a favor and stay home.”  
7. Go ahead, try it. “If you think you  
can do a better job of running a busi- sent in by the employer/manager re-  
. Show up on time. “I had an ness than I can, then do it! You might spondents but these were the most  
employee who came in ten minutes be surprised at how much blood, sweat common, and certainly most print-  
late every day. When I asked why, she and tears it takes … not to mention able. And there you have it. Thanks for  
always told me traffic was bad. I sug- the money you need to come up with.” reading!!! n  
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