Former Heritage Glass Plant to  
Resume Operation as EnviraGlass  
Kingsport, Tenn., glass  
manufacturing plant is  
restarting under a new  
name and new ownership. Her-  
itage Glass Co. sold its assets to  
the newly established EnviraG-  
lass, which will continue to pro-  
duce solar glass at the facility,  
which it’s leasing from the King-  
sport Economic Development  
see those jobs put back in place,”  
says EnviraGlass CEO Chris Tay-  
Taylor began discussions  
with the group in February,  
and the purchase was officially  
announced in May. Taylor says  
none of the prior investors in  
Heritage Glass have come along  
with the new company and that  
Board and the city of Kingsport. EnviraGlass, which purchased the assets of Heritage EnviraGlass is under“completely  
Heritage purchased the fa- Glass, held a ceremony in May to celebrate the new new management.” However, he  
cility’s assets from AGC North company.  
America in May 2014, when it  
says it hopes to retain at least 80  
percent of Heritage Glass’ prior  
employed 125 people during full oper- ness consultant AccelNow to find new employees.  
ation.Heritage ran into financial issues investment capital for the plant and es-  
In the first production phase, En-  
within its first year and ceased produc- tablish a plan with Heritage Glass lead- viraGlass will employ 104 full-time  
tion last August.  
ers. Area legislators met with potential personnel and nearly 30 contractors.  
Last year, local government officials, investors and helped facilitate training The company is working to refurbish  
including Sullivan County Mayor Rich- support from the state of Tennessee.  
the facility prior to restarting the glass  
“The community really wanted to furnace.  
The plant had been partially opera-  
tional since shutting down the furnace  
last summer, with former owners and  
employees continuing to temper, coat,  
package and ship previously manufac-  
tured glass.  
ard Venable, began working with busi-  
Firestone No Longer Offers  
Fabricated Wall Panels  
Without the efforts of Heritage  
Glass employees and board members,  
Vic Davis, Eric Kerney, Warren Strick-  
ler and Chris Cording, we wouldn’t be  
here today,”says Taylor.“The employees  
often continued to work amid difficult  
financial circumstances out of com-  
mitment to the century-long tradition  
of glass-making in Kingsport. We are  
deeply indebted to the employees who  
kept the lights on long enough to bring  
in a new partner.”  
n consolidating its metal manufacturing operations, Firestone Building  
Products has discontinued production of its fabricated wall panels.  
According to Christine Reppert, public relations manager of Firestone  
Building Products and Firestone Industrial Products, the company ceased  
metal manufacturing in two stand-alone metal facilities—Atlanta and Warren,  
Mich.—as well as a hybrid facility in Las Vegas. The company still offers archi-  
tectural sheet and coil.  
This was a business decision that was made after extensive review of the  
total metal business and its contributions to and impact on Firestone Building  
Products, now and in the future,” says Reppert. “We continue to offer com-  
plete building envelope solutions, but with a more optimal portfolio for our  
According to Patrick Marcouiller, Firestone general manager of wall systems,  
Enverge and UNA-CLAD brand products remain at the core” of its portfolio.  
Taylor spent the last few months vis-  
iting solar panel manufacturers to se-  
cure more than 50 percent of its current  
capacity before restarting the furnace.  
The company will continue to market brake metal and flat sheet metal prod-  
ucts through its network of independent sales representatives.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
The furnace will operate 24 hours a day,  
seven days a week, producing glass for  
sale by the first week of September.  
From 2015 to 2016, the number of  
FeneTech Enjoys 20 Years in Business  
solar panels installed in the U.S. more  
than doubled,”says Taylor.“…We think  
it is a growing market and that there  
are a lot of innovations that will keep  
it strong in the next four or five years.”  
He says the plant is the only facil-  
ity in the U.S. that manufactures low-  
iron solar glass, with the majority of  
its competition coming from China.  
In addition to logistical efficiencies as  
a domestic supplier, Taylor says a key  
value proposition for EnviraGlass is the  
high light transmission properties of  
its glass, which improves the output of  
the solar panels upon which it’s used.  
FeneTech, a software  
provider to the glass fab-  
rication and fenestration  
industries, celebrated its  
0th anniversary with a  
combination open house  
and art show. Among the  
more than 100 invited  
guests were Dave Cicozi  
of Polaris Technologies—  
FeneTech’s first customer.  
FeneTech opened for  
From left to right, Derek Drayer, RoviSys Building  
Technologies; Ron Crowl, FeneTech president business in 1996 design-  
and CEO; John Robertson, founder and president ing software for the fen-  
of RoviSys Building Technologies; and Dave estration industry. At that  
Cicozi from Polaris, FeneTech’s first customer. time, it shared offices with  
sister company RoviSys at  
Deceuninck Increases  
Commercial Focus  
the latter’s Danner Drive location. To accommodate both businesses’ dramatic  
growth, in 2013 FeneTech moved from their shared space to a new facility.  
The commercial building industry  
continues to gain momentum, with a  
forecast of 9.9 percent growth in 2016  
and 7.5 percent growth in 2017, ac-  
cording to the American Institute of  
Architects Consensus Construction  
Forecast. Some companies, such as De-  
ceuninck North America,are preparing  
for that growth.  
YKK AP America CeleInbMraay,tYeKsK A2P5AmYeericaarInsc.  
commemorated its 25th anniver-  
sary at its plant in Dublin, Ga. The  
day began with a welcome recep-  
tion and plant tour for the nearly  
The company is increasing its focus  
on the non-residential market, and  
recently announced the inaugural  
member companies of its commercial  
fabricator program. They include:  
• Doers Window Manufacturing,  
Tampa, Fla.;  
0 guests, employees and local  
officials. This was followed by the  
laying of a commemorative wreath  
and a tree-planting led by Tadahiro  
Yoshida, chairperson of YKK Corp.  
A luncheon at the Dublin Country  
• Earthwise Windows & Doors by  
Tri-State Wholesale, Cincinnati;  
• Lindsay Windows, Chicago;  
Club followed and included com-  
ments by Yoshida, the current and  
• United Window & Door, Spring-  
f eld, N.J.; and  
previous mayors of Dublin, YKK  
• ViWinTech Windows & Doors,  
Paducah, Ky.  
From left to right, YKK Corp. and YKK Corp. of America president and CEO  
AP Inc. chairman and CEO Tadahiro Alex Gregory and YKK AP America  
Yoshida, Mayor of Dublin, Ga., Phil Best, Inc. president Oliver Stepe. Takashi  
YKK Corp. of America chairman, presi- Shinozuki, consul general of Japan  
dent and CEO Alex Gregory, and YKK in Atlanta, also attended.  
The alliance provides technical, en-  
gineering,marketing and sales support  
to its members. Through the program,  
fabricators can leverage Deceuninck  
Commercial’s range of resources,  
expertise and products, according to  
Deceuninck. n  
AP America Inc. president, Oliver Stepe  
planted a tree to commemorate the grant to a local educational and  
company’s 25th anniversary. training organization.  
Stepe also announced a $25,000  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016