AGC Group Records Mixed  
Results in First Quarter  
sahi Glass Co. (AGC) of Japan, ments of architectural glass in Japan increased in many regions.”  
posted net sales of $2.84 bil- and North America remained robust,”a  
lion in the first quarter of 2016, report from the company reads.“In Eu- anese economy showed a gradual  
According to the company, the Jap-  
down 5.4 percent from the previous rope,demand increased in Western and upward trend, business conditions  
year’s first quarter. Central Europe, but remained sluggish in Europe continued their gradual re-  
Net sales from the company’s glass in Eastern Europe due to the effects of a covery, and the economy in the United  
operations for the period,including ar- deterioration of the economic environ- States was making a stable recovery  
chitectural and automotive glass, were ment. Sales of architectural glass de- with consumer spending growth.How-  
just under $1.6 billion, up 1.1 percent creased on a year-on-year basis,mainly ever, it saw a slowdown in economic  
from 2015.  
affected by the weak yen,although sales growth in China and other emerging  
“In the flat glass business, ship- prices of architectural glass products markets.  
Asahi Glass Financial Results, Three Months Ended March 31, 2016  
(in 100 millions, converted from yen)  
(vs. 4Q2015)  
(vs 1Q FY2015)  
Net Sales  
Operating Profit  
rNchitSectGuralIsesgmseunterescordFedisicngaplrodYuctes awitrhin2co0m1me6rciaFl ainnd aRnevceniuaeslalsRo inecrpeasoedr, dtue largely  
revenues for NSG Group were residential markets, as well as solar to the strong market conditions in  
$2.41 billion in fiscal year glazing.  
016, according to a release from “Operating results in the architec-  
North America.”  
In Europe, representing 35 percent  
the company. The architectural busi- tural business improved from the of the company’s architectural sales,  
ness, which represents 42 percent of previous year due to reduced ener- demand increased through the year,  
the company’s annual sales, includes gy-related input costs and further leading to an improved pricing envi-  
the manufacture and sale of flat glass improvements to market conditions ronment. Cumulative local currency  
and various interior and exterior glaz- in North America,” the release reads. revenues increased, reflecting the im-  
proved underlying conditions.  
NSG Architectural Segment Results  
In North America, representing 15  
(millions of dollars, converted from yen)  
percent of architectural sales, archi-  
tectural glass markets continued to  
register year-on-year growth. The com-  
pany’s revenues and profits improved  
from the previous year. Volumes in-  
creased, with domestic demand being  
particularly strong. Domestic price lev-  
els were also above the previous year.  
FY2016, 4/1/15  
to 3/31/16  
FY2015, 4/1/14  
to 3/31/16  
External revenue  
Inter-segmental revenue  
Total revenue  
Operating Profit  
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Fconitninuaend cialFlash  
Glaston Announces  
First-Quarter Results  
in increasing our market share.  
“Despite the market instability, our benef ted from a rise in f oat prices; it  
Glaston Corp. received $28.6 million net sales grew by 12 percent compared remained bullish in Asia and emerging  
in orders in the f rst quarter of 2016, with the corresponding period the pre- countries excluding Brazil.”  
umes in Western Europe and also  
according to the company’s interim re- vious year.”  
port. Its order book on March 31 was  
High-performance materials saw  
3.6-percent growth.  
39.4 million, and net sales from Janu- Saint-Gobain Flat “Volumes improved in all regions  
ary 1 through the end of March totaled Glass Sales See Increase  
in the f rst quarter,” says Pierre-André  
33.6 million.  
The 2016 first-quarter report for de Chalendar, chairperson and CEO.  
The company expects 2016 net sales Saint-Gobain saw a 4.9-percent in- “Trading in France advanced with the  
to be slightly below its 2015 level of crease in sales. Like-for-like, consoli- exception of pipe. Other Western Euro-  
141 million. dated sales rose 1.8 percent, lifted by pean countries reported further growth.  
At the end of last year,uncertainty in improved volumes in all business sec- Trading in North America bounced  
the glass processing market increased, tors and regions. back despite lackluster industrial mar-  
and the situation remained unchanged On a reported basis, overall sales kets. Emerging markets continued to  
as we entered the new year,” says pres- were $10.5 billion, with f at glass re- perform well. Prices dipped slightly as  
ident and CEO Arto Metsänen.“In the cording just under $1.3 billion in expected, particularly in Western Eu-  
f rst quarter,the markets were relatively sales. The company’s innovative ma- rope and the U.S. In this setting, we are  
quiet, except for North America. In an terials sector, which includes f at glass, continuing to pursue our operational  
unstable market situation, reliabil- climbed 4.3 percent.  
excellence program and conf rm our  
ity and quality become even stronger According to the report, “construc- objective of a further like-for-like im-  
competitive factors, and we succeeded tion activity returned to positive vol- provement in operating income.” n  
Q: Why Choose JLM for Door Hardware Solutions?  
A: aJnLdMexispaergtirseeaint haalurmdwinaurme sduopopr lhiearrd; twhaerirekisnboweyloedngde  
compare. Their customer service and prompt turn-  
around on quote requests helps us better serve our  
general contractors. They are a force to be reckoned  
with, and we’re glad to be partnered with JLM on  
some of our current projects - and, hopefully, many  
more in the future.”  
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Michigan: 800.522.2940  
North Carolina: 800.768.6050  
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