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Vacuum Insulators  
Pilkington Spacia offers the thermal  
performance of conventional double  
glazing in the same thickness as a single  
glass lite,according to the company.The  
product is ideal for older homes or com-  
mercial structures where glazing choice  
is restricted or the original frames are  
desired. It is suitable for new buildings  
seeking thin, low-weight glazing.  
Be Blue  
Guardian CrystalBlue is a light with high visible light transmission  
blue glass that gives architects mul- via a blue color.  
tiple options in achieving perfor-  
CrystalBlue is the company’s newest  
mance and aesthetic requirements. substrate for commercial applications,  
Designers can combine Guardian and is available coated and uncoated  
CrystalBlue glass with many Sun- at six-millimeter thickness in a vari-  
Guard low-E products, resulting in a ety of sizes.  
range of energy performances along yy➤  
Not Hard  
The latest version of Soft Tech’s  
V6 estimating software includes  
a new drawing board and perfor-  
mance enhancements.  
The software, designed for the  
fenestration industry, features a  
D graphic configurator that can  
The vacuum insulating glazing also  
handle any geometric shape. Its improves sound reduction performance  
automatic dynamic engineering when compared to a standard dou-  
selects materials, and the soft- ble-glazed unit. Custom sizes are avail-  
ware provides for accurate costing, able,with a maximum of 54-by-95 inches  
cutting and CNC links, according to and a minimum of 8-by-14 inches.  
the company.  
The glazing consists of an outer lite of  
low-E glass and an inner lite of clear float  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
glass, separated by a microspacer grid of coolants  
tiny pillars, each measuring 0.5 millime- Do-it-All  
ters in diameter.The grid ensures that the  
Salem Flat Glass and Mirror’s  
panes are kept a fixed distance apart.The new generation coolants and  
edges are welded to achieve a hermetic coolant concentrations extend di-  
seal. Air is extracted to create a vacuum amond tool life, optimize diamond  
via the extraction point,rather than being tool performance, reduce surface  
filled with air or gas.  
damage and protect machinery,  
according to the company.  
The STM coolants are formu-  
lated for centrifuge and soft  
LuxClear Protect anti-corrosion settling system requirements  
Glass Shield  
glass,a permanent coated glass product (STM-980) and for systems re-  
by AGC Glass Co. North America, pre- quiring flocculation or coagulation (STM-990). In addition to cooling, Salem’s new  
vents corrosion due to contaminants line of coolants lubricate, inhibit rust and bacterial growth, control foam, settle  
related to water, heat and high-hu- debris and clean particulate from the work surface.  
midity. These factors cause the glass yy➤  
to “age” and become dull and dirty in  
appearance, according to the company. windows  
struts deliver increased aluminum sep-  
aration and airspace for superior ther-  
Designed to simulate the appearance mal efficiency. The window is available  
of a historic hung window, Graham in blast-resistant and hurricane-resis-  
Architectural Products’ S1400H offset tant versions upon request.  
fixed window features a beveled sash yy➤  
design and offset  
A Historic Likeness  
lites. While the railings  
offset lites provide Clamp Down  
the appearance  
of hung window  
sashes, the win-  
dow’s historic bev-  
eled design further  
replicates the clas-  
sic appearance of  
a traditional hung  
ART: 0716_sc2  
corrupt - Nick requested new  
The S1400 is de-  
signed to be used  
as a standalone  
or in tandem with  
Graham’s 2200  
Series four-inch  
hung windows for  
a seamless integration of fixed and heavy tempered or laminated glass,  
PRL’s Samson contemporary clamp  
As a fixed window, the S1400H has railing system provides a frameless  
pool enclosures, greenhouses or other no operating sash and therefore allows unobstructed appearance.  
The glass is available in thicknesses  
up to 12 millimeters and may be an-  
nealed or tempered, depending on the  
application. As with standard clear  
float glass, there is no limits to its shelf  
life, special cleaning or maintenance  
Available for use with a variety of  
The product is ideal for shower enclo- hung windows.  
sures,but may also be used in sunrooms,  
areas exposed to heat and humidity.  
no heat loss-causing air infiltration.  
Additionally, the polyamide thermal  
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July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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thermal barrier  
Stay Strong  
Azon’s thermal barrier technology originating from AZO/Tec—the mechanical  
lock profile for commercial windows and storefront—is now available for curtain-  
wall framing. The company offers turnkey options to the extruder or window man-  
ufacturer with complete machinery, thermal barrier chemicals, quality control,  
design assistance and field service programs.  
Azon’s thermal barrier kit for aluminum curtainwall framing demonstrates its  
high shear and mechanical lock profile, which encapsulates insulating polymer  
into aluminum for a strong structural composite, according to the company.  
It is available in satin or polished pearance of a structural silicone glazed Hit the Floor  
stainless steel. Surface mount and system. The patented, fire-rated toggle  
The GPX FireFloor System by  
offset mount options are available to retention system provides up to 120 Safti First is an ASTM E-119 rated,  
accommodate various structural sub- minutes of fire resistance for interior fire-resistant glass floor assembly. It  
strates and floor conditions.  
The railing system has undergone  
and exterior applications. includes tested and listed individual  
Fireframes SG consists of Pilk- glass panel sizes of 82 feet, /8-inches  
rigorous testing by independent or- ington Pyrostop fire-resistive-rated by 85 feet, /16 inches fully supported  
ganizations to ensure that the highest glass attached to narrow, steel fire- and 67 feet, 7/  
inches by 70 feet /16  
standards are met, according to the rated frames. The assembly is sil- inches butt-glazed.  
icone-sealed and does not require  
pressure plates or caps. Its toggle  
retention system is hidden when in-  
stalled, allowing for a frame-free ex-  
terior surface.  
fire-rated glass  
Frame of Mind  
The system is  
available with  
up to 120-min-  
ute fire ratings  
for unrestricted  
glazing in loca-  
tions where the  
total gazing area  
exceeds 25 per-  
cent of the wall.  
It is air- and  
The system has no airspace between  
tested for exte- the fire-rated glass and walkable sur-  
rior use, and is face, which, the company says, elim-  
classified and inates condensation issues. It is a  
labeled with single glass unit comprised of custom  
Un d e r w r i t e r s SuperLite II-XL with a tempered lam-  
Laboratories. It inated walking surface and a struc-  
Technical Glass Products’Fireframes was designed to accommodate TGP’s tural steel framing grid. Safti First  
SG Curtainwall Series allows design Fireframes Designer and Heat Barrier manufactures both the glass unit and  
professionals to create large, fire-rated Series door systems.  
glazed walls with the monolithic ap- yy➤  
structural framing grid.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
Come Together  
Capital Tape’s double-sided, plastic  
liner PVC foam tape is designed to speed  
up the installation process while provid-  
ing optimal performance, according to  
the company.  
Bar None  
In addition to this medium-density  
product, the company offers a full line  
of glazing tapes with plastic liners.  
Designed to meet multiple protective  
requirements, Ray Bar’s UL fire-rated  
glass assemblies are ideal in medical  
or hospital imaging door and window  
applications. They include X-ray radi-  
ation shielding in eight standard levels Keep Quiet  
up to /  
inches in lead equivalency and  
Designed for soft operational noise,  
the Von Duprin QEL exit devices from  
fire ratings up to three hours.  
The company also offers radiation pro- Access Hardware Supply are ideal for Slide on By  
tectivemodulardoorandwindowframes, hospital rooms, libraries, museums  
as well as specialty laminated glass prod- and theaters.  
ucts such as switchable electric X-ray pri-  
vacy glass and bullet-resistant glass.  
The Cascade telescoping lift slide  
handle by Func-  
tional Fenestra-  
tion Inc. (FFI) sits  
flush in the stile to  
accommodate full  
pocketing of the lift  
slide door.  
Available in PVD  
espresso, PVD satin  
stainless steel or  
PVD satin brass  
Door Busters  
Specialty products  
from Assa Abloy’s  
brands Ceco Door and  
Curries are available in  
various sizes and fin-  
ishes,and have all been  
developed with an em-  
phasis on sustainability.  
According to the com-  
pany, these products  
can provide numerous  
LEED credits includ-  
ing Environmental and  
Health Product Decla-  
rations, as well as De-  
clare labels for projects participating in  
t h e  
flush handle  
extends to provide  
smooth, positive op-  
eration, according to  
the company.  
When paired with FFI’s lift slide  
gears and carriages, the Cascade can  
According to Access, when the QEL operate wood, aluminum or steel lift  
the Living Building Challenge.  
Capabilities covered within these is used in place of standard electronic slide doors up to 880 pounds. Cas-  
specialty door brands meet the full latch retraction, the noise level is re- cade solid stainless steel flush door  
range of safety, security, and aesthetic duced to that of a quiet conversation.  
requirements.They feature high acous- A range of finish and trim options package.  
tical ratings and can be blast, bullet, allow the QEL to blend with any existing yy➤  
pulls are also available for a complete  
tornado and water resistant.  
architecture, according to the company.  
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July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
floor systems  
Walk it Off  
Glass Flooring Systems’ walk-  
able skylights, called SkyFloor,  
can be used in a pedestal paver  
application. The system features  
thermally broken frames, fully  
independent structural framing  
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Leave a Trail  
Barkow’s all-welded aluminum or and extruded aluminum struc-  
stainless steel glazing trailer is de- tural rafters. Standard and cus-  
signed to carry glass and frames to the tom sizes are available for the  
jobsite.It has a gross vehicle weight rat- system, which can includes var-  
ing of 9,900.  
ious anti-slip tested surfaces and integrated LED lighting.  
The stepped design frame transfers the load of the structural floor glazing off  
The exterior glass racks are 144-by-  
6 inches with ten Stake-Loc stakes the insulating glass unit.  
and eight-inch useable ledgeboards on yy➤  
each side. The 144-inch interior deck  
holds frames.  
guides and are available with the doors  
Unruh Clamp. Get Rated  
The bodies feature tool boxes that  
The hurri-  
slide out without taking any glass stor- cane-resistant  
age space.These locking tool boxes pull K2 Summit  
out the rear of the body, protect tools Door by Aldora  
from the elements and help with or- Aluminum and  
ganization, according to the company. Glass Products  
The toolboxes are available across the is now ADA com-  
Unruh Fab body product line.  
pliant and has a  
water rating. The  
product has been  
impact tested to  
Weight of the World  
Other features include:“B”loadhold-  
ing slats throughout, electric brakes on  
both axles, vertical interior walls and  
removable wheel covers. The trailer is  
custom manufactured and available in  
protocol and  
ing an NOA  
and Flor-  
ida Building  
0-foot to 16-foot lengths.  
Co de  
proval, accord-  
Slide Out  
ing to the company.  
Unruh Fab’s new van chassis bodies  
come 12 feet in length with six-inch  
ledgeboards. These 96-inch-tall out-  
side racks also include Unruh’s stake  
It comes in maximum sizes of  
4-by-10-foot singles or 8-by-10-  
foot pairs. offers a version  
In its ADA compliant, water-rated  
of its Atlas truck body for single rear configuration, the K2 Summit can  
wheel pick-ups with a cab-to-axle be- achieve ratings of 60 pounds per  
tween 56 inches and 60 inches. It fea- square foot and nine pounds of water  
tures a galvanized steel frame, exterior without unsightly ramps required. A  
racks with five-inch usable ledges and step-up threshold is also available, as  
interior racks for added capacity.Avail- well as multiple panic options includ-  
able in nine-foot and ten-foot lengths, ing Regent, Adams Rite, Sargent and  
the Atlas has a gross vehicle weight Von Duprin. Other options offered  
rating of less than 10,000 pounds and are a ¾-inch sub frame, /16-inch or  
can be installed by MyGlassTruck or 1 /16-inch glazing, a continuous gear  
shipped for self-installation.  
hinge and a ten-inch bottom rail.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
On Targ-et  
of doors. Targa is the manufacturer’s  
CGI Windows and Doors expanded first vinyl product line. The product  
its Targa by CGI line with the inclusion is available in French door and sliding  
glass door styles.  
Get Comfortable  
The Muto Comfort is a new manual  
sliding door system from Dorma de-  
signed for glass, wood and metal doors  
weighing up to 330 pounds.  
The design conceals a range of op-  
tional features including self-clos-  
ing action, a “Dormotion” damping  
mechanism and a door position sta- synchro, self-closing and telescopic  
tus indicator. models are available.  
Finishes come in aluminum, simi- yy➤  
lar to satin stainless, or more than 200  
custom colors.Single- or double-panel,  
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July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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Seal the Deal  
Bar None  
Dow Corning 121 Structural Glazing  
Sealant is a neutral-cure, RTV silicone  
sealant ideal for repair or replacement of  
structurally glazed glass and other sub-  
strates. It is equally suitable for on-site  
structural glazing—including storefront  
systems or attachment of panel stiffen-  
ers—as it is for in-shop structural glazing.  
Featuring a 1-to-1 mix ratio, the seal-  
ant is supplied in a two-part cartridge,  
Strybuc’s charley-bar  
display contains 32 as-  
sorted retail-packaged  
patio door, safety char-  
ley-bars. It comes in  
mill, white and bronze  
finishes on a spinning  
floor rack display with  
merchandising sign. The  
display also includes peg  
complete with a static mixer. Whether for repair, restoration or new construction, hooks and reorder labels.  
it eliminates the need for specialized pumps and mixing equipment while minimiz- It requires some assem-  
ing quality assurance issues, according to the company.  
bly and can be placed in  
aisles or near counters. The charley-bar  
security devices can be cut to fit any  
patio door sized 48 inches wide or less.  
The hang cards include installation in-  
structions on the back.  
Separate the Noise  
The Acousti-Clear acoustical glass  
partition system by Modern Fold pro-  
vides the advantages of moveable par-  
Take Your Pick  
Two online self-service tools launched  
by PPG Industries enable customers  
to order product data sheets and col-  
or-matched metal panels using selec-  
tion criteria. Criteria includes product  
brand name, color name, PPG product  
code, metal substrate, customer name,  
delivery location and others.  
See No Sound  
The NanaWall PrivaSEE is a fra-  
meless, operable all-glass wall sys-  
tem that provides optimal sound  
titions and fixed office fronts within buffering. The moveable system,  
any space. The contemporary acousti- which doesn’t require a floor track,  
cally rated glass wall systems come in can accomplish a sound rating of  
three variations: motorized, automatic STC 36 and provide flexibility to  
After entering a request into PPG’s  
INDX Knowledge Hub, customers  
and demountable.  
Features include 45 STC glass and  
0 STC classic partitions, a full-glass sign layouts—such as offices, banks number enabling them to monitor  
completely open.  
The system offers commercial de- receive a “request ID” and tracking  
ADA-compliant pass door, a full- and schools—the ability to create the request throughout the fulfillment  
glass closure panel and custom col- large, open areas while maintaining process while providing an estimated  
ors and finishes.  
intimacy for private conversations.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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final delivery date. Relevant contact in- dynamic glass  
formation such as shipping addresses, A Healthy Switch  
phone numbers and email addresses  
Innovative Glass devel-  
are built into the INDX Knowledge Hub oped and engineered pro-  
for every customer with a registered prietary wiring solutions for  
name and password.  
doors in the healthcare in-  
dustry, concealing all com-  
ponents that allow their  
privacy glass to switch to opaque for patient privacy on demand.  
Switchable privacy glass doors in hospitals also promote the use of natural  
light and help create a cleaner environment by improving infection control in  
comparison to fabric curtains. The glass can be incorporated into most moving  
doors including Herculite, pivot, hinged, sliding, pocket, automated and telescopic  
break-a-way doors.  
Shape Up  
make up to 1,400-plus insulating glass ments, such as integrating or linking  
units per shift with only three to four existing equipment.  
operators,the line increases output in a  
One example is a special pivoting  
smaller footprint. The Parallel Process conveyor that automatically accumu-  
Line gets its name from shuttling the lates full bed loads of glass lites and  
topping lite to a back lane,in which two swings the complete batch around a  
Glassline’s D6052 model has been glass lites run parallel to each other.  
upgraded to allow for easier automatic  
The line is less than 100-feet long and  
corner to align with the furnace.  
A similar pivoting conveyor cre-  
loading by shuttle or robot, according requires only one grid application station. ated an automatic seaming line in a  
to the company. The machine is de- yy➤  
signed to maximize throughput on  
straight-line layout.It is combined with  
a high-speed tilting conveyor to turn  
each glass around a corner to feed into  
an existing vertical washer.  
small shapes. It utilizes an index table What is Seams  
to lower the time between grinding  
cycles to approximately two seconds.  
Small shapes can have a part-to-part  
cycle time as low as six seconds. Prod-  
uct examples include display glass,spe-  
cialty glass and appliance glass shapes.  
Make it Quick  
Matodi’s Quickline series consists  
of two modules—QuickDrill T8 with  
eight tooling positions for drilling and  
countersinking,and QuickMill for mill-  
ing. They can be purchased separately  
That’s Fast  
The Erdman High Speed Parallel  
Process Insulating Glass Line can pro-  
duce a unit in less than 18 seconds,  
according to the company. Designed to  
Ashton Industrial’s automatic Seam-  
Maxx-Pro seaming line, in its basic L  
format, is comp act and can process  
an average of six randomly sized glass  
lites per minute.  
More than half of the lines Ashton  
designs and installs are customized to  
accommodate clients’ specific require-  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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and integrated in an existing line.  
Quickline combines processing  
quality with high speed and cost-ef- avail-  
fectiveness, according to the com- able in a  
pany. It can process typical door full palette of 38  
hinges and holes in less than three colors.  
U-value improvements,higher conden-  
sation resistance,reduced mold growth  
and improved gas-retention, according  
to Glasswerks.  
and a half minutes.  
The four new Precision Series  
panels are tested to meet ASTM stan-  
dards, and are available in .032, .040,  
.050 aluminum, or 24- and 22-gauge  
galvanized steel. Individual panel  
With Precision  
Four metal wall panels have been profile availability may vary at each  
added to PAC-CLAD’s Precision Se- Petersen facility. The wall panels are  
ries for single-skin wall applications. offered with either concealed fastener  
The panels feature new rib patterns or clip attachment systems.  
that improve design flexibility, ac- yy➤  
cording to the company. The Preci-  
sion Series now includes five profiles. spacers  
The G3 Seal is made from a flexible,  
extruded thermoset structural silicone,  
With a 1 /  
-inch depth, the profiles Warming Up  
create deep shadow lines and feature  
Insulating glass units (IGUs) con- and G3 IGUs come with a 20-year war-  
uniform locking mechanisms, allow- structed using G3 Warm Edge Spacers ranty. Glasswerks can produce IGUs  
ing them to be combined to create from Glasswerks are ideal for high-per- with G3 Seal spacers in sizes up to 108  
multi-pattern designs.  
formance applications such as hos- by 196 inches,and its IGUs are produced  
The panels can be installed either hor- pitals and medical facilities. When in accordance with ASTM E2190 stan-  
izontally or vertically to lengths of 20 feet. compared to IGUs with traditional dards as well as International Green  
They can be specified for either commer- metal spacers, warm-edge technology Construction Code requirements.  
cial or residential applications and are IGUs offer lower thermal conductivity, yy➤  
shower doors  
structural glazing  
See it Through  
Showing Some Structure  
The Transpara frameless shower door  
With Solar Innovations’ structural  
system by C.R. Laurence eliminates the glazing system, the glazed panels are  
need for door hinges and vertical fram- bonded to a building’s structural frame.  
ing in order to secure large glass panels,  
according to the company. It incorpo-  
rates low-profile door rails and matching  
u-channels on adjacent fixed panels. This  
maintains a continuous sightline across  
the entire enclosure, with visible hard-  
ware being only ¾ inches high.  
Transpara features an innovative clos-  
ing mechanism with a four-component  
fitting that uses the weight of the glass  
door itself to close it from within a 45-de-  
gree angle. The closing mechanism also  
includes a water management system in  
the bottom pivot, and a means to adjust  
the door’s angle.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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for enhanced thermal performance  
and fewer installation steps, according  
to the company.  
Tech Flex  
It is capable of 6-, 7 ½- and 10-inch  
A family of products by Elco Construction incorporates Flex Technology to delay systems.  
embrittlement failures. Using special alloy materials that receive proprietary heat yy➤  
treatments and tempering processes, the Flex Technology line surpasses stan-  
dard fastening formats, according to the company.  
The technology allows designers and system manufacturers to manage their Flush Away  
risk and enhance the performance of critical connections, especially when dis-  
similar metals are involved.  
Kawneer’s Flushline entrances are  
designed with a flush appearance and  
face sheets that are captured with in-  
tegral projections on the stiles and  
Panels can be structurally glazed on Ideal applications include educational applied rail caps. Aluminum face  
all four sides, eliminating the need for facilities, hotels, transportation, medi- sheets are available in both plain and  
horizontal and vertical framing mem- cal centers and more.  
bers. Instead, the panels are bonded yy➤  
together using a high-performance sil-  
icone sealant,rather than being capped curtainwall  
together utilizing a pressure plate.  
Behind the Curtain  
A Sound Wall  
embossed textures, with anodized or  
painted finishes. Fiberglass-reinforced  
polyester sheets are also available, are  
designed to be colorfast and resist fad-  
ing due to ultraviolet rays,as well as the  
scratching and denting that can occur  
with metal skins.  
for low- to mid-  
rise buildings, EFCO  
Corp.’s 5600 PG curtainwall  
Global Architectural Systems’ acous- system features pre-glaze capability and  
Five-inch lock stiles offer the added  
tical structural glass wall system has a factory fabrication/assembly options, benefit of a broader selection of stan-  
7-percent Sound Transmission Class as well as single- or multi-span and an- dard hardware options, allowing  
and 57-percent Outdoor-Indoor Trans- ti-bulking clips. Flushline entrances to match other en-  
mission Class rating. The product can The curtainwall has various system trances in the building. The entrances  
be used on the interior and exterior of depths and span options,providing the can also accommodate geometric alu-  
buildings in lieu of a solid wall to create ability to adapt to multiple areas for in- minum-framed vision lites.  
an open view with acoustical properties. dividual building needs. The optional yy➤  
Options include an internal shade Duracast pressure plate,made of Pella’s  
system, tinted glass and low-E glass. patented fiberglass pultrusion, allows  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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architectural finishes  
register surface temperatures from  
up to 100 feet away. It is also water-  
proof to a depth of up to five meters  
for one hour.  
Knock off the Rust  
The Fluropon Effects Rustica color family  
by Valspar features a nature-inspired pal-  
ette as part of its line of 70 percent PVDF  
architectural coatings. Rustica contains  
special effects pigments that create rich,  
saturated colors with an antique aesthetic,  
including some with a subtle color shift.  
The palette includes amber, dark  
bronze, green flash, horizon, liquid cop-  
per, midnight, night sky, oasis, orange, or-  
ange crème, rose gold, rose quartz, star  
and sun break.  
decorative glass  
Another Galaxy  
The Endless Interlayers collection  
of architectural decorative glass  
products from Galaxy Glass and  
Stone are available in ten-, 12-, 16-,  
19- and 25-millimeter custom thick-  
nesses. Various custom panel sizes  
are available, including large-scale  
Rustica is ideal for aluminum extrusions,  
mullions, soffits and fascia, as well as aluminum-framed windows, entrances, sky- lites. Dimensions are specific to each  
lights, curtainwall and metal wall panel systems.  
Available for coil and extrusion applications, these coatings meet stringent  
standards of AAMA 620, 621 and 2605-13. The coatings provide color and gloss  
retention, withstand weathering, and resist dirt, stains, chalking and fading.  
Check it Out  
against the laminate interlayer. The  
meter will store the most recent 28  
The Glass-Chek Elite instrument by measurements taken by the user.  
EDTM can identify laminated glass in a yy➤  
window and measure  
the thickness of the Fenestration Phone  
laminate interlayer.  
Also new to its design  
is a graphical display  
that shows an illus-  
tration of the window  
profile, helping the  
user understand the  
construction of the  
window. The graphi-  
cal display shows the  
Galaxy products are supplied  
window drawn ap-  
proximately to scale,  
assigns numbers to  
each piece of glass in  
fully fabricated to exact dimensions  
including all edgework, notches and  
or/cutouts and are ready to install  
when uncrated, according to the com-  
pany. Its coating products are envi-  
the window and assigns numbers to  
each surface of glass, aiding in identi-  
fying the low-E coated surface.  
Caterpillar’s Cat S60 is a smartphone ronmentally friendly with no VOCs or  
with an integrated thermal camera that heavy metals, and its laminated glass  
In one of the 12 operating modes, allows users to detect heat loss around offers sound reduction.  
the Glass-Chek Elite can identify which doors and windows, as well as locate yy➤  
piece of glass has the low-E coating moisture and missing insulation.  
when the low-E surface is placed  
The camera can pick up heat and  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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Photo Finish  
such as safety glazing, in sizes up to  
nine-by-30 feet.  
D-engraved glass can be comple-  
mented by an LED edge lighting sys-  
tem for illumination effects. Triview’s  
art department assists with art work  
and preparation.  
A Natural Look  
The Naturals Line by Goldray Glass  
Triview Glass Industries’ photo-re- is designed to bring the look of natu- onto glass similar to how an inkjet printer  
alistic 3-D and 2-D laser engraving is ral materials—such as rice paper or prints on to paper. Products manufac-  
ideal for a range of architectural ap- raw wood—into architecture. Created tured with digital ceramic printing are  
plications. These include public art, using a digital ceramic printing pro- abrasion-resistant and come in a wide  
signage, monuments, feature walls, cess, the line is available in monolithic range of colors and patterns.  
hospitality, corporate identity and or laminated panels.  
slip-resistant floor surfaces. It can  
be used on a variety of glass types, ogy that applies ceramic ink directly  
Digital ceramic printing is a technol-  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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Here’s a Tip  
Schüco’s AWS 114 motorized Tip-  
Tronic window has achieved UL cer-  
tif cation and can be integrated into  
a variety of façades. This window  
system eliminates the need for sur-  
face-mounted motors at the job site, as  
Call us today at  
and let us build you  
the best glass  
racking system,  
body or trailer.  
the motors are integrated internally  
within the window vent.  
The thermally insulating AWS 114  
and AWS 114.SI can hold vent weights  
up to 550 pounds in an awning conf g-  
uration and 440 pounds in a parallel  
opening conf guration, with insulat-  
ing glass thicknesses as high as 2 /16  
inches. Vent heights can be up to 11  
feet, 9 inches.  
In Stock Now! ousands of additional  
products are available such as:  
Block it Off  
Tubelite Inc.’s TU24650 Series  
storefront system has a dual pocket  
poured-and-debridged thermal break.  
It is engineered for use on ground-  
f oor storefront or protected lowrise  
applications, as well as tall openings  
up to 14 feet high.  
Tresholds and Extenders  
Door Boꢀoms  
ꢁrim Mouldings  
Floorcovering Products  
For a Free NEW Weatherstripping Catalog (Item #500-338)  
The system has been tested per  
AAMA 1503-09’s standards, achieving  
a U-factor of 0.31 for thermal trans-  
mittance and a frame condensation  
Call Nikki @ #800-352-0800Ext. -129  
or by email  
e One Stop Source For  
All Window & Door Hardware”  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2016  
resistance factor of 75, according to  
the company. The aluminum framing  
can accommodate glass or panels up  
to one inch thick, and verticals can be  
steel-reinforced for resistance against  
strong windloads.  
Pivot Away  
Closing speed for the NHN PDC100  
pivot closer adjusts easily via two inde-  
pendent valves, according to distributor  
We are the first manufacturer to provide a complete structural system for your  
walkable skylight and glass flooring projects. Our system is self-supporting  
and is available in standard units, as well as custom sizes. We offer a variety  
of standard anti-slip walk on surfaces in addition to custom cast or organic  
textures. Glass Flooring Systems Inc. provides an extremely cost effective  
solution for a feature which is often value engineered out of a project.  
Thermally broken frames 6063-T6 aluminum construction Fully independent  
structural framing Extruded aluminum structural rafters Snap-on setting  
blocks Standard & Custom Sizes Pre-engineered system Various anti-slip  
tested surfaces Integrated LED lighting (optional) Stepped design frame  
Multiple Patents Pending  
Kenwa. It is available with or without a  
hold-open option at 90 degrees.  
Stair Treads Landings Structural Floor Slabs  
The system is suitable for a glass  
door up to 220 pounds and various  
thicknesses. It features simple, final  
adjustments and can go ⅛ inch back-  
ward or forward and ⅛ inches left or  
right, with a four-degree alignment.  
Standard finishes are satin and pol-  
ished stainless steel. Other finishes  
Glass Flooring Systems Inc 10 Leslie Ct. Whippany, NJ 07981  
Phone: (862) 701-5320  
Right on Track  
Pemko’s flat track sliding door hardware system is a fit for  
offices, hotels and multi-family dwellings, where space is a  
premium. It features five robust hanger and wheel designs  
to enhance the décor, as well as nylon wheel inserts to move  
larger doors as heavy as 240 pounds. The system comes in five  
finishes: stainless steel, industrial steel, wrought black, black  
suede and 10BE.  
The flat track door hardware system is packaged in kits containing  
two hangers, two stops, one bottom guide, track and mounting hard-  
ware. Customers can select from six- or eight-inch track lengths, and  
custom lengths are available.  
yy➤ n  
July 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing