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3 Ways to Make Google Pay Attention to You  
b y C h u c k B a n k o f f  
ace it. No one uses the phone  
book anymore unless they need  
to prop up a wobbly leg on a  
table. When someone is looking for  
glass products and services, they start  
their search the same place you do:  
Search engines try to emulate human  
behavior. They look for “signals” that  
your website is relevant to what your  
customers are looking for and that  
you’re providing a good user experi-  
ence. The more signals you send out  
that your customers will be satisfied  
with your website, the more likely your  
company will show up in the search re-  
weigh the keywords that appear in your  
header tags more than they do in the  
body copy.Use phrases such as“shower  
doors,”“glass table tops”and“wall mir-  
rors” in your headers.  
5. Outbound links. To make your  
content useful and relevant, link to  
other authority sites to provide more  
in-depth information that your readers  
can use. Linking out to these sites will  
not only increase the relevancy of your  
content and the time readers spend on  
your site, but recent studies also in-  
dicate that they send trust signals to  
Google and improve SEO ranking.  
6. Multimedia. Images, videos,  
sults and your customers will find you. When a search engine slideshows and audio can make your  
Search engines consider more than  
00 different ranking factors (that we  
page more interesting and useful.  
Again, this keeps visitors on your site,  
while passing good vibes to the search  
engines. Also, search engines know  
you’re creating that content for users,  
not for them … extra points!  
7. Broken links. Getting a 404 error  
page while you are looking for some-  
thing is not just anticlimactic; it’s also  
frustrating to both people and search  
comes to a broken  
link, it’s essentially  
a dead-end, and it  
stops crawling  
know about). Here are 13 to consider:  
.Relevant,useful and quality con-  
tent. Search engines rank you based on  
your likeliness to appeal to customers.  
As a result, good content that engages  
visitors and keeps them on your site  
longer signals them that you offer some-  
thing of interest. Staying on point with  
through your site.  
your topics and keywords tells search speed and all the consequences that engines. Search engines consider a  
engines what you’re all about, and what go with slow-loading websites. Ideally, large number of broken links as a sig-  
they should be ranking you for.  
you want to edit the image as close nal of an old, neglected site, and this  
2. Page load speed. Google and Bing to the final size that will actually ap- can impact your SEO ranking. When a  
have no more patience to wait around for pear on your site. You can make fine search engine comes to a broken link,  
your page to load than your customers adjustments with your website’s con- it’s essentially a dead-end, and it stops  
do.A slow-loading website is not a good tent-management system if necessary. crawling through your site.  
user experience. If visitors leave right  
4. Header tags. Header tags (the  
8. Readability. You’re not impress-  
away,that signals the search engines that bold headlines and sub-headlines) ing anyone by using industry jargon or  
you are not that useful and gives them that separate sections on your page a 25-cent word when a 5-cent word will  
no incentive to rank your web page. Try visually break up the page into “snack- do. If it’s too hard to read, readers will  
viewing your website from a computer able” sections. This makes it easier to skip it. That affects your quality score  
or browser that’s never been to your site scan through the page and provides a and, ultimately, your placement.  
to get a true sense of what everyone else pleasant user experience. Plus, it helps  
experiences. keep visitors on your site longer, so don’t read on the Internet, they scan—  
. Image optimization. Oversized you also reap the benefits associated  
image files directly affect page-load with that. Search engines also heavily  
9. Layout and formatting. People  
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Oconntinluiend eOptimization  
they see headlines, bullet points and happy juice from Google.  
engines. Consider interactive maps,  
images. If they like what they see, they  
may start reading the body copy. If ous that every website should have a  
10. Contact page. It may be obvi- trust icons and a privacy statement.  
12. Site architecture and naviga-  
they like what they read, they will be contact page, but websites that have tion. Avoid having more than three  
on the page longer and will be more suff cient contact information are con- clicks for a visitor to f nd what they are  
likely to consume your website’s in- sidered to be more trustworthy and looking for on your website. That will  
formation and squeeze out some more therefore may rank higher by search help them f nd it quickly without frus-  
trating them, reduce your bounce rate  
and increase your dwell time (average  
time on site). Not only will users thank  
you, but so will search engines by in-  
dexing more pages on your site. Once  
your pages get beyond that third click,  
search engines (and customers) start  
losing interest.  
2. Mobile friendly. Consumers  
now search more on mobile devices  
than on desktops. In April 2015, Goo-  
gle started pushing down non-mobile  
friendly websites when the search was  
conducted from a mobile device. There  
are plenty of tools to check your web-  
site for mobile friendliness, but the  
most convenient one is probably in  
your pocket right now. If your web-  
site appears to be the size of a postage  
stamp on your smartphone, you have  
some work to do.  
I-Drive 360 Parking Deck, Orlando, FL  
Owner: I-Drive Live 360  
Architect: Finfrock, Apopka, FL  
General contractor: Finfrock, Apopka, FL  
Installing contractor: Mullets Aluminum Products, Sarasota, FL  
Profiles: 7.2 Corrugated perforated  
Color: Musket Gray  
3. Social sharing. At a minimum,  
sharing good quality content can result  
in more incoming traff c and incoming  
links, both of which inf uence search  
engine placement. Consider installing  
social sharing buttons on your web-  
site to make it easy for your customers  
to share your content. Also consider  
sharing “teasers” on Facebook, Twit-  
ter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus that link  
back to your content.  
There you have it.Google never shows  
up empty-handed; someone is going to  
show up for every search. If it isn’t you,  
it’s your competitor. n  
of perforation hole sizes and patterns to meet  
virtually any architectural design need.”  
Petersen can provide a nearly endless combination  
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