Brush Up on Protective Glazing  
A Versatile System for Protection and Efficiency  
b y U r m i l l a S o w e l l  
Protective glazing is a versatile system  
ing” are mentioned,images of  
with the unique ability to enhance  
impact-, bullet- and blast- re-  
sistant glazing come to mind. However,  
protective glazing has various definitions,  
depending on the context in which it is  
imize injury and property damage from  
both man-made and natural events.  
daylighting and allow the picturesque  
beauty of nature to shine through while  
providing a virtually transparent shield of  
protection against many unwanted assaults.  
Protective glazing can alleviate damage  
causedbybullets,blastwavesand/orphys- tions that can be downloaded from the applications.Forced-entry,security and  
ical attack. It can also mean glazing de- GANA web store at fire-rated glazing are also covered.  
signed to protect people and property This list includes the  
from windborne debris associated with most current publications:  
Last year, the PGC collaborated with  
Intertek-ATI in San Antonio to offer a  
tour showcasing hurricane- and tor-  
nado-impact and fire-rated glazing  
testing.This year during the GANA Fall  
hurricanes,tornadoes and high winds.  
• Security Glazing for Schools;  
These materials can also fulfill a range Bullet Resistant Glazing;  
of other application performance criteria, Blast Mitigating Glazing;  
depending on the product make-up.They Performance Criteria for Glazing Conference, the PGC will work with  
can block the spread of smoke and flames,  
reduce unwanted noise, improve energy Detention Facility Glazing;  
Subjected to Seismic Events;  
members to put together a one-page  
protective glazing educational sum-  
efficiency by insulating against heat Bird-Friendly Glass Design Strate- mary for legislators. A smaller group  
gain/loss in buildings and shield electro- gies; and will look into upcoming legislation that  
magnetic waves.In short,protective glaz- Screening Out UV Radiation with may impact the protective glazing in-  
ing is a versatile system with the unique  
ability to enhance daylighting and allow  
the picturesque beauty of nature to shine COLLABORATIVEEFFORTS  
through while providing a virtually trans-  
parent shield of protection against many with the GANA Laminating Division to bers of the protective glazing industry  
Laminated Glass.  
dustry and will coordinate a Capitol Hill  
visit in 2017. In the past,GANA and the  
former PGC International held a one-  
In addition, the PGC works closely day legislative retreat in which mem-  
unwanted assaults.  
create and update industry standards. scheduled Capitol Hill visits with mem-  
The joint group has published a Protec- ber company representatives to discuss  
tive Glazing Manual,which is also avail- legislation that impacted the industry.  
The Glass Association of North able in the GANA web store.This manual Next year, the PGC would like to add  
America’s (GANA) Protective Glazing discusses applications and design con- this to its list of deliverables.  
Council (PGC) focuses on all protective siderations for protective glazing, and is  
Join us for these and other discussions  
glazing products, technologies and a good resource for those who want to during the GANA Fall Conference in  
services. GANA PGC members come understand protective glazing products, Kansas City,Mo.,August 23-26,2016. s  
from various segments of the glass and testing criteria and design consid-  
film industries,including glass fabrica- erations for these systems.  
tors, suppliers of materials and acces-  
Currently,PGC is working on an  
U r m i l l a S o w e l l is the  
director of marketing and  
communications for the Glass  
Association of North America  
in Topeka, Kan.  
sories, window film manufacturers, AIA-accredited presentation titled  
curtainwall and window manufactur- Protective Glazing 101. This will  
ers, sealant suppliers, test laboratories focus on a higher level of protec-  
and consultants and more.  
The PGC has several free publica- ance to blast and seismic  
tive glazing, from impact resist-  
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