There’s an App for That:  
Acoustical Glazing Fits the Bill  
coustical glazing is almost al-  
ways a voluntary addition to  
projects, since sound attenua-  
tion isn’t significantly enforced by code  
officials, aside from those in some spe-  
cific local jurisdictions.  
The luxury of being able to preserve  
views while minimizing unwanted noise  
has increasingly become a more attractive  
prospect for developers and the architec-  
tural community,however.  
Companies such as Eastman and Ku-  
raray have developed soft PVB interlay-  
ers in recent years, which give another  
solution to builders and owners seek-  
ing quieter spaces.  
Overall, we’re seeing more and more  
inquiries for a variety of applications—  
project teams] looking for information  
about acoustics as part of their overall An urban area like this is what one expert calls “the perfect storm of noise  
package,” says Julia Schimmelpenningh, sources.” Acoustical glazing can work well in such a location.  
manager.“Hotels, schools and downtown  
Chris Frye, executive project coordina-  
Schimmelpenningh says another factor  
office projects are adding [sound control] tor for fabricator JE Berkowitz (JEB), that drives demand for acoustical glazing,  
of STC ratings in the mid-30s as part of which laminated the glass, says his com- particularly in the hospitality sector,is the  
their specification.”  
pany has completed other projects using concept of“copy-and-paste specification.”  
She says part of the increase is due to acoustic interlayers, including housing at “What often happens with hotels is that  
awareness of acoustic-related language in NewYork University.However,he says the they put a specification together,and that  
ASHRAE 189,as well as studies about oc- Pierhouse was the largest and most com- spec gets spread throughout that chain,”  
cupant productivity in schools.  
plex of these.  
“I believe we had to achieve four or five  
says Schimmelpenningh.  
Product applications aren’t limited to  
particularly in buildings in high-activity different levels,depending on the location the exterior,either.  
urban areas.  
Kuraray recently completed a case  
in the buildings,”he says. John Matthews, inside sales and esti-  
Kuraray worked with acoustical con- mating at JEB, says he’s seen an uptick in  
study on a large multi-family project at sultant Lance Bischoff of AKRF on the acousticalglazingforinteriorapplications,  
the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pierhouse in project.Block says it was a learning expe- particularlyinNewYorkCity.Healthcareis  
New York City, which Kuraray manager rience for all involved, as the architect, another ideal market for interior work.  
of market development-Americas Va- Marvel Architects,and Bischoff were able  
lerie Block says had “the perfect storm to gain a better grasp on how acoustical community has a general understanding  
of noise sources.” glazing can fit in such a project.Block says that with laminated glass,“they’re getting  
Overall, Block says the architectural  
The building is in an area subject to the work underscored the importance of a bunch of different benefits wrapped into  
noise from traffic,industrial activity,sub- raisingawarenessaboutacousticalglazing one glazing solution.”While safety may be  
way trains, bridges and helicopters.Also, to decision-makers. Glazing contractor the primary attribute, the acoustical fac-  
oneareaof theparkisdesignatedforlarge- Alubon,in this case,helped steer the proj- tor is increasingly being considered.  
scale activities such as concerts.  
ect team toward using the interlayer.  
—Nick St.Denis s  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | June 2016