Pleotint’s self-tinting Suntuitive Glass showerdoors  
Smart Part(ition)  
has received a bird-friendly label from A Lite Shower  
the American Bird Conservancy (ABC).  
The Roda  
According to ABC, Suntuitive has a low Cantour door  
material threat factor, enabling it to and panel fea-  
meet requirements for LEED Pilot tures five dif-  
Credit 55: bird collision deterrence, ferent-sized  
which recognizes creatively designed glass panels  
buildings that deter bird collisions.  
and two sizes  
Approximately one-third of bird of glass door  
species are in significant decline and panels, as well  
Innovative Glass Corp.’s privacy glass are on the verge of becoming endan- as a ⁄  
can be outfitted in an accordion wall gered, and according to ABC, windows swing door with offset pivot hinge and  
system by Skyfold. According to Inno- are the third leading cause of popula- a ½-inch inline panel 76 inches in  
vative, the combination of its glass and tion decline,trailing only loss of habitat height.  
these partitions adds a new level of ver- and competition with invasive species.  
satility to multipurpose areas,as the re- ƒƒ®  
tractable partitions can enable spaces  
to be used in different configurations. glassboards  
This system allows for any room to Flipping Out  
be divided by vertical-folding parti-  
The system comes in three fin-  
ishes—chrome, brushed nickel and oil-  
rubbed bronze. It is available in clear  
and AquaGlideXP clear glass options.  
tions. As a fully automatic moveable  
wall,Skyfold can be stored in the ceiling  
cavity to maximize floor space.  
GaC.iRn.iLnagurSenecensseelesctric strike with  
bolt position sensor can notify security  
and facility managers electronically if  
the doors on the premises are not prop-  
erly closed and locked.  
A Dynamic Alternative  
The “Flip” is a two-sided glass board  
by Clarus Glassboards. It has a write-  
able, dry-erase surface on one side and  
art,prints,patterns and/or colors on the  
According to the company, the prod-  
uct can be customized to match any  
established interior design.  
TaPketeersaenLsouopkdated online cata-  
The product has been cycle-tested for  
reliability and utilizes UL-listed compo-  
nents. It is suitable for ½-inch to ¾-inch  
tempered glass doors and features a fail-  
secure latch with fail-safe as an option.  
The electric strike with bolt  
position sensor is compatible with most  
building security and fire safety systems,  
according to the company.It permits the  
use of card readers,RFID badges and re-  
mote door monitoring and control.  
log showcases five new PAC-CLAD  
products, enhanced features for  
existing products and 30 new pho-  
tographs of architecture designed  
using PAC-CLAD roof and wall  
The catalog features two new  
sections that highlight Petersen’s  
perforated metal capabilities, plus its collection of coping and fascia systems.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | June 2016  
StAaceycoCool 5o6l79 is a glass grinding and InAscirdileex Itnhc.esFonalicnteofarcy-  
drilling coolant by Chemetall. Accord-  
ing to the company, it increases pro-  
cessing speeds while reducing the  
amount of dressings necessary. The  
product keeps the glass slug soft to  
minimize machine cleaning require-  
ments and maintenance. It also has  
buffering agents which help to main-  
tain a desired pH range and does not  
contain bacteria or fungicides.  
tory store features the  
company’s specialty Acri-  
glas colored glazing mate-  
rials. According to the  
company, it was opened to  
fulfill inspirations of designers, makers and manufacturers needing only a few  
square feet of ready-to-ship sheets.  
In addition to solid colors, the store offers frosted, glitter, glow in the dark,  
impressions, marble, metallic, minerals, mica and pearlescent products.  
The product is  
available in a bright Tough Tested  
Valspar’s Nova color family is part of  
the company’s Fluropon Effects line of 70  
percent polyvinylidene fluoride architec-  
tural coatings.It can be matched to nearly  
any color—including neutrals, bright  
yellow color, mak-  
ing it easy for oper-  
ators to inspect the  
coolant in the sys-  
tem visually.  
colors,pastels,whites and black—with a  
gold or silver sparkle finish.  
Available for coil and extrusion ap-  
plications, Nova coatings deliver the  
same performance as Valspar’s resin-  
Winco’s 1450 aluminum fixed win- based coatings, according to the com-  
dow has passed tests in the pany. These finishes meet AAMA 620,  
AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 621 and 2605-13 and can withstand  
test standard and qualifies for hurri- weathering while resisting dirt, stains,  
cane-prone areas when an impact-pro- chalking and fading.  
tective system is used during product ƒƒ®  
Crystal Clear  
Crystal Window  
Door Systems’  
Series 8500/8600  
aluminum pro-  
jected window line  
is available in a va-  
riety of styles with  
frame depth and  
insulating glass  
The overall size of the window is 60 by resources  
99 inches. It can accommodate glazing FeAendewinagpptfhroemARpolplte-echt,iateGlass Al-  
thickness options. The company says it thicknesses up to 1½ inches, as well as  
is ideal for various replacement and triple- and dual-glazing with optional in- liance company, called WinUw calcu-  
new construction applications. The se- tegral blinds and optional blast glazing. lates the U-value and performance of  
ries is available in four styles: out-swing  
The window has an Azon Azo- an insulating glass unit (IGU). It is  
casement (8500), fixed (8510), project- Braided thermally broken frame and available for free from Apple’s app store  
out awning (8520) and project-in hop- sash, as well as fully mitered overlap and Google Play for Android devices.  
per (8530).  
sash configuration with fully sealed  
The software calculates the thermal  
transmittance of an IGU. Parameters  
that can be combined and entered in  
the calculator include: four different  
types of windows based on the mate-  
rial used; six types of warm-edge spac-  
ers; two standard spacers; and double-  
or triple-glazing in various thicknesses.  
For each combination,the internal glass  
edge temperature is also provided.  
The application is available in six  
Standard with 2�-inch depth frames corners and dual weatherstripping.  
and sashes, the line earned AAMA ar- ƒƒ®  
chitectural ratings from AW-PG80 to  
AW-PG100.The continuous single mas- coatings  
ter frame allows the combination of up Super Nova  
to three windows of the same or vary-  
ing styles in one grouping.  
The new Crystal windows feature  
-inch insulating glass with the PPG  
Intercept Ultra spacer system as  
ƒƒ® s  
June 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing