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Bieber Consulting  
Group, LLC  
Help Wanted  
Used Equipment  
Is a group of retired Glass Industry  
Executives with the ability to solve your  
problems,grow your business and add to  
your revenue stream. With over 40 years  
of expertise managing sales and profits,  
Project Mgr./Estimator  
ACE Glass is seeking to fill immediate  
openings for Project Managers in both  
the Central Arkansas (Little Rock) of-  
fice and our Northwest Arkansas  
Used & New Glass, IG &  
Window Equipment  
0" Vertical SS Washer, Loads of fea-  
tures, Super Special - $22,900. Leas-  
ing available.  
Huge selection of used and new  
sealed unit manufacturing systems.  
See our website for full details.  
Dave @ 855/669-9108  
we know cost reduction, sales  
Lowell) office. After 30 years in busi-  
marketing, finance, glass fabrication,  
safety, purchasing, labor relations and  
more.To explore how we can be of benefit  
to you,call Paul Bieber at 603/242-3521 or  
email paulbaseball@msn.com  
ness, we are the industry leader in the  
state and consistently listed as one of  
the Top 50 Contract Glaziers in the na-  
tion. We believe we make a difference  
in our market by glazing some of the  
largest projects in Arkansas including  
hospitals, higher education buildings,  
and commercial projects.We prefer ap- FABRICATION MACHINERY  
plicants that have a thorough knowl- 10-spindle edging/miter • 9-spindle  
Consulting Collaborative  
edge of commercial glass, architectural beveling EVA laminating • IG equipment Does running the day-to-day business  
aluminum curtain wall, storefront and •Automaticdrilling•48”horizontalwasher. leave you without any time to build your  
aluminum entrance systems as well as Over 500 machines currently in operation. company long-term? Management  
ACM panel installation on large-scale Top selection of new and used equipment. Consulting Services * Goal Priority  
commercial projects. Experience with  
glass handrail and structural glass is  
definitely a plus. Applicants should  
www.ervinsales.com • 916/933-8367  
Planning and Implementation *  
Business Plans and Strategic Plans *  
Customized Programs Designed  
have a minimum of 5 years experience Flat edgers • 4-spindle, 8-spindle and Specifically for Glass and Metal  
working on large scale multi-faceted 9-spindle edgers/miter • 8-spindle Subcontractors  
commercial glazing projects ($1 mil- beveler • Shape edgers • Horizontal throughout the U.S. We continually see  
lion - $8 million contract value) as ei- Drill w/Tables • CNC water jets with “Best Practices”in your industry that are  
ther Project Manager or Estimator. USA intensifiers • Horizontal washers • shared with our clients. Contact  
Computer skills are essential to this Laminatingmachinesnon-autoclavefor Richard Voreis at 214/361-2130 or  
position. We use Microsoft Office soft- EVA, PVB, Sentry PLC controlled • rdvoreis@consulting-collaborative.com  
ware, AutoCAD, Partner Pak, Glaziers Horizontal Low-E tempering furnaces  
Studio, PlanSwift and other tools in Prices EXW Miami, Includes free  
Businesses For Sale  
our offices.Additional training is avail- installation/training/spare parts. In-  
house technical support. Over 600  
machines sold and running. Great  
inventory of parts in Miami. Free  
tech support for life of machine.  
Pittsburgh Glass  
Company for Sale  
- 5,000 sq. ft. bldg.  
able and encouraged.Applicants  
should expect to work as Project Man-  
agers and/or Estimators in a support-  
- 2,500 sq. ft. bldg.  
ive, team-based environment.  
positive and enthusiastic approach to  
your work, your customers and your  
coworkers is vital in our fast-paced  
working environment. Excellent pay  
and benefits for the most qualified  
3 - Rack trucks, tools, equipment, office  
supplies, and clients. Call 412/322-3120.  
Metal Fabricator  
candidates. Please respond with re- Industry Services  
Do you want to buy a highly  
profitable and long-established  
metal fabricator and distributor  
servicing the New York City  
metropolitan area? The focus of this  
company is on top quality domestic  
products and customers. There  
is significant opportunity for  
For more details, please contact  
Paul Bieber, Bieber Consulting  
Group, at paulbaseball@msn.com,  
or 603/242-3521.  
sume and salary requirements to  
Shop Drawings  
C,& D) has been producing shop drawings  
To get a price quote for your  
We have thousands of completed projects  
listing, please send your wording  
behind us ranging from Curtainwall,  
to Janeen Mulligan at  
Storefront, All Glass Entrances, and  
Composite Panel applications. Visit our  
call us at 800/658-8780.Let A,C & D show  
the professionalism of your firm to your  
jmulligan@glass.com or call  
40/602-3255. Prices start  
at $129 per column inch.  
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