Certification Program Forces Contractors  
to Take Hard Look at Procedures  
hether or not a contract  
glazing company is certi-  
fied could one day be a fac-  
tor in determining which company  
gets the job.  
[Not being certified] could be a way  
you lose a project,”said David Stutzman  
with Conceptus Inc., a specifier who  
has been using the year-old North  
American Contractor Certification Pro-  
gram for Architectural Glass and Metal  
going to be using it. I think it’s a viable,  
NACC). “I believe more specifiers are  
valuable program and a great way to  
show the owner you’re trying to deliver  
real quality.”  
Stutzman was part of a panel discus-  
sion that took place in February as part  
of the Glass Association of North Amer-  
ica’s (GANA) Building Envelope Con-  
tractors (BEC) conference. Other  
panelists included Jeff Dalaba with pro- Jeff Dalaba (left) with AMS, along with David Stutzman, Conceptus Inc., and  
gram administrator Administrative Jim Stathopoulos, Ajay Glass, took part in a panel discussion that addressed  
Management Systems (AMS), and Jim the recently developed North American Contractor Certification program during  
Stathopoulos with the contract glazing the recent GANA BEC Conference.  
firm Ajay Glass Co.  
The NACC was developed through the now with the program everything is went changes to the format, layout and  
sponsorship of the Finishing Contractors documented. “You’re taking what’s in- delivery. NACC grouped the program  
Association (FCA International) and the grained in people that you haven’t put into five categories: company business  
administration of AMS.Currently,seven on paper, and getting it on paper,” he practices, safety, quality, glazing  
glaziers are certified and another 21 have said.“Now you have [those] documents processes,and contract administration  
applications pending.  
During the panel discussion, Stutz- ganization for your customer. You can  
man addressed the question about rea- show the procedures you followed and it easier to understand and follow,”said  
sons for the program.“As a specifier,I’m say ‘here’s how we did it.’” Dalaba. “It’s easier for a company to  
trying to watch out for the owner in pro- “It gives the owners/end users some- prepare for the NACC program certifi-  
in place … it makes you a better or- processes.  
“Basically grouping that way makes  
ducing these specifications to meet their thing to look at and shows … they’ve cation by identifying departments most  
needs. It’s about meeting the owners’ had their processes vetted,” added closely involved in the process.”  
needs,” he said.“I see this certification Stathopoulos.  
The NACC governing board consists  
program as a way to help with that.” Just weeks prior to the BEC Confer- of equal representation from the  
Speaking of his company’s involve- ence, the NACC released a new proce- contractor community and the user  
ment, Stathopoulos added, “I think it dural guide that focuses on format and community—including architects,  
has forced us to look at our procedures readability. The requirements of the consultants,building owners,manufac-  
from top to bottom,” explaining it’s not new program remain consistent with turers and suppliers.At the board’s last  
that something was done wrong, but last year, though the new guide under- annual meeting, it identified parts of  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2016  
the procedural guide that could be im- board were found to be very effective thing is we didn’t have to make a lot of  
proved for the end-user. in the first year,” said Dalaba.“We felt changes to the program requirements.  
One thing that’s very positive is the like we did hit the target with the pro- All we had to do was clarify the pro-  
initial requirements established by our gram in its inception. So the great gram requirements.”  
Glazing Contractors Find Room for Growth in Modeling  
pecialty trade contractors are getting more in-  
volved in building information modeling (BIM),  
Respondents Said …  
according to a new report. Dodge Data & Ana-  
As a Result of Using BIM, Survey  
lytics recently released “SmartMarket Brief: BIM Ad-  
vancements No. 1,” which illustrates survey results  
from more than 200 large firms in the industry, in-  
cluding architects, engineers and contractors.  
Steve Jones, senior director of industry insights  
research at Dodge, discussed the study’s findings  
during a late February webinar.  
saw at least a 5-percent reduction in final construction cost  
and a 5-percent increase in acceleration of completion.  
Contractors in particular saw lower final con-  
struction cost to be the biggest benefit of BIM prac-  
tices, while engineers reported reduction in  
material waste as the most positive.  
Low levels of collaboration, however, continue to  
be a hurdle. “If you’re going to focus on something  
to improve, that’s a real important place to focus,”  
Jones said.  
saw at least a 25-percent improvement in labor productivity.  
Part of the survey compared the frequency of  
particular practices versus their perceived value.  
One striking trend was that early involvement from  
the specialty trades is still low. Respondents, how- 33  
ever, still put an especially high value on their of respondents reported a reduction in on-site labor due to more  
offsite fabrication.  
Overall, Jones says the industry is at a point  
where it can compare actual quantitative meas-  
urements of newer projects based around BIM ver-  
sus previous projects using traditional methods.  
Building Envelope Contractors Represent  
an Important Opportunity for Growth …  
You’re getting more than half the respondents  
who say they can actually tie acceleration of com-  
pletion or reduction of construction cost to employ-  
ing a model-based project,” said Jones. “This is  
powerful stuff. It’s going to get the rest of the own-  
ers and contractors who are on the sidelines to say,  
Only about 33% of respondents say they model frequently and  
nearly 75% of that group assigns a top value to their participation.  
I want to do that.’” s  
April 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing