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Revised GIB Addresses Cleaning Architectural Glass  
b y E r i n F l e t c h e r  
rchitectural glass products play  
Architectural glass products should face may result in coating removal and  
a major role in the comfort of be cleaned properly and protected a visible change in light transmittance.  
the living and working envi- throughout the construction process Exterior cleaning should begin at the  
ronment of today’s homes and com- using a program of regularly scheduled top of the building and continue to the  
mercial office spaces by providing maintenance designed to ensure visual lower levels to reduce the risk of leav-  
natural daylight, views of the sur- clarity and prevent glass surface dam- ing residue and solutions on glass that’s  
roundings, thermal comfort and design age. Below is a brief overview high- already been cleaned.  
aesthetics. Proper maintenance is key lighting some of the recommendations  
Before starting, it is strongly recom-  
to ensuring user satisfaction and get- in the Proper Procedures for Cleaning mended that a small area of one win-  
ting the most out of your investment. Architectural Glass Products GIB. How- dow is test-cleaned. Then examine the  
That’s why the Glass Association of ever, glass products can be perma- surface carefully for any damage to the  
North America (GANA) has partnered nently damaged if infrequently or glass and/or any exposed coating. The  
with the International Window Clean- improperly maintained. Therefore, it’s ability to detect certain surface damage,  
ers Association (IWCA) to update the recommended that you download the such as light scratches,may vary greatly  
Proper Procedures for Cleaning Archi- complete GIB for full details.  
with the lighting conditions.  
Take care to avoid metal contact with  
the glass surface; razor blades and  
metal scrapers should not be part of  
routine cleaning. The use of sufficient  
water will help prevent abrasive parti-  
cles from being trapped between the  
glass and the tools being used.However,  
the washers should be diligent in keep-  
ing all abrasive particles from scratch-  
ing the glass.  
Architectural glass products should be  
properly cleaned and protected throughout  
the construction process using a program of  
regularly scheduled maintenance designed  
to ensure visual clarity and prevent glass  
surface damage.  
tectural Glass Products Glass Informa- ROUTINEMAINTENANCE  
This GIB was created by the GANA  
tional Bulletin (GIB).  
For routine maintenance, interior  
The revised GIB describes proce- and exterior glass surfaces should be Tempering Division in partnership  
dures that generally apply to most ar- thoroughly cleaned.Frequencies should with the IWCA. To learn more about  
chitectural glass products.Certain glass be tailored to the individual character- routine cleaning, construction site  
types may require different procedures istics inherent to the site conditions, as maintenance and for a list of dos and  
and care. Glass can be clear or tinted, well as the severity of local environ- don’ts when it comes to proper proce-  
and have pyrolytic or sputtered low-E mental factors and atmospheric pollu- dures for architectural glass, be sure to  
or reflective coatings, some of which tants that vary regionally.  
may be on the exposed surface of the First, determine whether the glass is able for free at s  
glass.Glass products can be monolithic clear, tinted or reflective. Surface  
single lites), laminated or insulating damage is more noticeable on re-  
download the complete bulletin, avail-  
units. Glass can also be of various flective glass compared with the  
strengths,i.e.,annealed,heat-strength- other glass products.If the reflec-  
ened or fully tempered. There are also tive surface is exposed, either on  
other decorative and functional glass the exterior or interior surface,  
types including spandrel,silk-screened, special care must be taken, as  
patterned, acid etch and sand-blasted. damage to the reflective glass sur-  
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