LoSceckuriittyULopck Distributors supplies  
electrical and mechanical door hard-  
ware solutions,including Allegion,Assa  
Abloy and Stanley Security products.  
The company has four fully stocked  
On the Fold  
minum Bi-Fold a single frame forming  
Accordion Doors a communicating opening. They  
system is ther- utilize cam lift hinges, flat saddle  
mally broken. It thresholds and adjustable door bot- warehouses nationwide.  
can accept differ- toms. Ceco Door and Curries doors and ƒƒ®  
ing finishes—for frames were tested with locking hard-  
example, an ele- ware from Assa Abloy Group brands.  
gant wood veneer ƒƒ®  
on the interior  
Taper Off  
Dorma’s DRS  
and a weather-re- hardware  
4-inch rail is  
now offered in a  
tapered profile.  
sistant finish on MDaeivneltoapiend CfoornmtruoltliO-  
the outside.  
The system features air and water unit owners,Schlage Con-  
protection,with an option for hurricane trolO Smart Locks provide  
impact and sound control with lami- access control for all resi-  
nated glass. The doors can also be dent entrances and com-  
stacked,creating an unobstructed view, mon areas within a single  
It meets ADA  
surface require-  
ments with its  
low tapered de-  
sign while providing the strength and  
stability of a full length rail, according  
to the company.  
The system features a square or ADA-  
compatible tapered profile consistent  
according to the company.  
The new line is of-  
fered in multiple de-  
SoAussna dAbDloyescCisecioonDoor and Curries signs and finishes to  
complement other hardware in the home with the entire Dorma DRS Rail line,as  
brands include a “communicating” door and enhance the styling of the property, well as adjustable hardware prep blocks  
opening with an STC 66 rating.Ceco Door according to the company. The Schlage that allow door alignment after the  
Sound-Tech Xpress+ and Curries Quiet ControlO Smart Deadbolt and Smart In- door is installed. It offers support for  
Noise+ are complete door and frame so- terconnected Lock are available in the tempered monolithic glass from ⁄  
lutions for applications requiring sound Greenwich and Addison styles, and fin- to ½-inch thick.  
resistance ranging from 56-66 STC. ish options include satin nickel, aged The system is available in a wide  
The systems consist of two flush sin- bronze,satin chrome and bright chrome. range of finishes.  
gle swinging hollow metal doors within ƒƒ® ƒƒ®  
InThaeWGMin20c0h0-16 with Winch from Ergo  
Robotic Solutions has a maximum lifting  
capacity of 2,000 pounds and a maxi-  
mum lift height of 16 feet. It can fit in a  
freight elevator and through a standard  
man door, according to the company. The  
machine has an unladen weight of  
,100 pounds without its 1,400-pound  
When equipped with a winch, it can  
also lift sections of curtainwall into posi-  
tion from the floor below. An optional EZ-  
Pick feature, which can pick and place  
loads in one movement, is also available.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2016  
Mirror, Mirror  
KeDeespignQeudifeortsoft operational  
noise, the Von Duprin QEL Exit  
Devices from Access Hardware  
Supply are ideal for hospital  
rooms, libraries, museums and  
According to Access, when the  
QEL is used in place of standard  
electronic latch retraction, the  
noise level is reduced to that of a  
quiet conversation.  
Pilkington MirroView and Pilking-  
ton MirroView 50/50 offer a highly-re-  
Each gradient pattern is customiz- which allows for controllable levels of  
flective mirror coating on a clear able in both scale and color, according opacity and translucency.  
substrate, giving television displays, to the company.  
video screens and digital signage a ƒƒ®  
modern,transitional look,according to  
According to the company, the glass  
is durable, and other benefits include  
ease of maintenance, privacy and  
sound transmission reduction, as well  
as a variety of design aesthetics.  
Galaxy also partnered with 4walls  
and can now encapsulate custom art-  
work in its architectural decorative  
the company.  
Another Galaxy  
The product is ideal for commercial  
and residential applications in both  
high and low ambient lighting. The  
glass allows for the picture to show  
through unobstructed when the video  
is on, and while the video is not in use,  
the screen will be completely hidden  
from sight.  
GeDtr. GaoGldrsiCparrymate non-slip panel  
grips help installers unload and trans-  
port glass lites easily.The grips are used  
in pairs and are capable of holding up  
“Pacific Northwest” and “Bubbles” to 440 pounds together.  
SmDeosiognthedTfroar ntrsanitsiiotionns from one  
phase to the next,the new GlasPro Gra-  
dient patterns incorporate privacy,pat- are two new designs in Galaxy Glass’  
tern and clarity.  
Galaxy + Level Design Collection,  
continued on page 68  
Don’t Slip  
Chrystalexe developed a new  
technology that uses the anti-slip  
properties of Madras Flooring. The  
process combines art and colored  
glass with durable tiles, allowing for  
crystalline non-slip surfaces that are  
cut to measure and ready to lay like  
normal flooring tiles.  
All colors are water-based, con-  
tain no solvents and are certified  
non-toxic, according to the company.  
April 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
GeTetctniongglasTsencewnMo-ScVDalcoating ma-  
The point of con-  
tact can vary by the  
users’ height, and  
the grips allow users  
to walk forward and  
face the direction in  
which they’re going.  
The clamping system adjusts to the  
width of the glass.  
Rubberized non-slip clamps can  
span from 0- to 6.3-inches wide. The  
grips can be used for lifting and carry-  
chine produces low-E coated glass, in-  
cluding in jumbo sizes. According to  
Tecnoglass, it is the first company  
in America to produce coated glass up  
to 129 inches by 236 inches.  
Also, the company’s TecnoAir heat-  
treated glass uses a technology that replaces rollers with air flotation pressure to re-  
duce glass distortion and iridescence. TecnoBend, meanwhile, is a new bending  
process for low-E coated glass.  
The company engineered concealed  
ing lites of glass, insulating glass units wiring components for various types of  
and glass curtainwalls, as well as com- moving doors for commercial, health-  
plete full-framed windows and doors. care and residential applications.These  
include Herculite,pivot,hinged,sliding,  
pocket, shower, automated and tele-  
scopic break-a-way doors for hospitals.  
According to the company,this allows  
for a clean,end-to-end switchable glass  
KeInenpoviattivSeiGmlapssledesigned a variety  
of wiring systems to simplify installa- installation for glaziers.  
tion of its eGlass product line. ƒƒ® s  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2016