Distribution Production  
Cardinal to Open New Facility;  
Expanding Another  
ardinal IG Co.is one company in other than this re-  
the midst of a growth spurt.The gion.We’ve wanted a  
company recently announced factory out here,and  
plans for one new location and the ex- demand became so  
pansion of another. strong that it finally  
A 200,000-square-foot manufactur- warranted we open Buckeye, Ariz., will soon be home to Cardinal IG’s  
ing facility in Buckeye, Ariz., where it one.” 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, which will  
Watson says the serve the Southwest region.  
will fabricate insulating glass for the  
southwest region, will be the compa- facility plans to hire  
ny’s tenth stand-alone insulating glass approximately 100 employees by the other departments will be hired.  
division location and the parent com- time it is fully operational in the first Those employees will then be sent to  
pany’s 37th manufacturing facility.  
quarter of 2017 and another 50 by other Cardinal IG facilities for training  
There’s been a strong demand in 2019. He says a majority of those hires during the new plant’s construction.  
the Southwest market for high-quality will be local.  
insulating glass for quite some time,”  
says plant manager Clayton Watson. choosing its senior staff, and from  
Two weeks after cementing plans to  
The facility is in the process of open its southwest facility, Cardinal  
We’ve had the U.S. pretty well covered there, employees for production and  
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cility in Oceanside, Calif., is 100 percent of operations dedicated in the market,” adds Lee Maughan,  
now home to LaCantina Doors’ to designing and manufacturing the general manager and vice president.  
manufacturing operations. The new  
facility is approximately twice the size  
of its previous location, and includes  
space for manufacturing, warehous-  
ing, research and development, sales,  
marketing and customer service sup-  
port. It also provides room for future  
growth and new product lines. In addi-  
tion, the new facility will feature an ex-  
panded showroom, which is currently  
being designed.  
The production area incorporates  
lean manufacturing principals and  
was designed with optimal efficient  
space planning, resulting in shorter  
lead times, better quality, more con-  
sistency and a safer, healthier work  
environment,” says John Conway, di- LaCantina’s new location is approximately twice the size of its previous  
rector of operations.  
facility, and includes space for manufacturing, warehousing, research  
“As our fifth facility, this is our most and development, sales, marketing and customer service support.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016  
IG also announced it will expand its AGC Expands to Include  
Kinestral director of product man-  
agement Craig Henricksen says he can’t  
The AGC Group is finding ways to share any specifics on the future man-  
Indiana location. The company will in- Dynamic, Solar Glazing  
vest $2.3 million into these operations,  
according to information from the In- increase its market presence by form- ufacturing facility, more details will be  
diana Economic Development Corp. ing partnerships with different glazing announced later this year. He says Kin-  
It is constructing a more than San Francisco-based Kinestral Tech- since 2010 in “stealth mode,” and has  
8,000-square-foot expansion at its nologies on dynamic glass products. since paired with AGC in starting up  
companies.These include working with estral has been developing its product  
Fremont, Ind., facility, where it will in- The company also has a partnership and operating its pilot production line  
stall new rack processing to help facili- with Solaria Corp. to bring building in Hayward, Calif.  
tate new robotic automation.  
The addition will also include more Asian market.  
space for its technical support depart-  
integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) to the  
According to Henricksen, Kinestral’s  
dynamic glass technology allows for  
With Kinestral, AGC will collaborate quicker speed and improved optical  
ment. The project began earlier this to complete product development,build performance over products already on  
year, and Cardinal plans to be fully a large manufacturing facility and mar- the market, and that “uniformity” for a  
operational this month. The expansion ket the introduction of its dynamic glass variety of applications is a key focus.  
will add up to 38 jobs by 2019, accord- products.They plan to start volume pro-  
ing to the IEDC. duction by the second half of 2017.  
Kinestral’s dynamic glass will be  
produced for commercial and residen-  
tial buildings, as well as transportation  
Jean-François Heris, general man-  
ager of the building glass division of  
AGC, says “the trend to nearly zero  
energy building is reducing the use of  
glazings in favor of thick opaque walls,  
or concealing them behind solar shad-  
ing systems.”  
In its partnership with Solaria Corp.,  
AGC will collaborate on a BIPV prod-  
uct for Asian markets.  
“Over the last year, AGC conducted  
rigorous tests, completed a certifica-  
tion process and strategically ramped  
up its supply chain in preparation for  
the launch of its new Sudare pow-  
ered-by-Solaria solution,” a release  
from Solaria reads.  
Consolidated Glass Corp.  
Adds New Equipment  
new tempering oven is now operational at Consolidated Glass Corp.’s  
Newcastle, Pa., facility.  
According to the company, the new Glaston RC200 oven—its second  
tempering line—has allowed it to increase overall tempering capacity to more  
than 250,000 square feet per month. The company also invested in an ex-  
pansion to its packing warehouse, which increased that department by more  
than 10,000 square feet.  
Sudare powered-by-Solaria, which  
combines Solaria’s BIPV technology  
with AGC’s SunJoule glass, is commer-  
cially available across Japan and South  
East Asia for use in building facades  
and other structural elements.  
“Similar partnerships have been es-  
tablished to serve the North America  
market. The first one to be announced  
in the near future will encompass an  
even broader offering, making for eas-  
ier adoption through the building and  
construction value chain,” said Udi  
Paret, general manager of building  
solutions at Solaria. n  
Consolidated Glass Corp. recently installed its second tempering line,  
helping increase its overall tempering capacity to more than 250,000  
square feet per month.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016