Apogee Glass Segment Revenues See  
Expected” 8-Percent Drop in FY17  
or its 2017 fiscal year,Apogee En-  
Apogee Business Segments Information  
terprises Inc. reported a 3-per-  
cent revenue increase in the first  
3 Weeks  
13 Weeks  
quarter compared to the year before.  
Within its glass segment, however,  
which includes Viracon, revenues were  
down 8 percent to $93.4 million. This,  
according to the company,was expected  
based on project backlog.Architectural  
services (Harmon Inc.),increased reve-  
nues by 13 percent to $62.8 million.  
The architectural framing systems  
segment includes Wausau Window and  
Wall Systems, Tubelite, Alumicor and  
Linetec. Revenues for it were $81.1 mil-  
lion, an increase of 13 percent.  
Ended 5/28/16 Ended 5/30/16 Change  
Architectural Glass  
Architectural Services  
Architectural Framing Systems  
Operating income (loss)  
Architectural Glass  
Architectural Services  
Architectural Framing Systems  
All three architectural segments saw ding activity,” says Joe Puishys, CEO. rates all show positive momentum.  
significant operating income growth, “… Apogee expects mid-single-digit With our internal market visibility  
according to the company’s report.  
U.S. commercial construction market and external metrics moving in the  
“For fiscal 2017,we expect continued growth in fiscal 2017, as market ac- right direction, we see sustained U.S.  
top- and bottom-line growth, based on tivity, the Architecture Billings Index, non-residential market growth at least  
our backlog, commitments and bid- office employment and office vacancy through fiscal 2020.”  
rcNhiteSctuGral sIesgmseunt erecsordFediscal Year 2016 Financial Report  
NSG Architectural Segment Results  
revenues for NSG Group were  
approximately $2.5 billion in  
millions of dollars, converted from yen)  
sales, includes the manufacture and  
sale of flat glass and various interior  
and exterior glazing products within  
commercial and residential markets.  
FY2016, 4/1/15  
to 3/31/16  
FY2015, 4/1/14  
to 3/31/16  
fiscal year 2016, according to a re-  
lease from the company. The archi-  
tectural business, which represents  
External revenue  
2 percent of the company’s annual  
Inter-segmental revenue  
Total revenue  
Operating Profit  
It also includes glass for the solar en- revenues increased, reflecting the tectural glass markets continued to reg-  
ergy sector. improved underlying conditions. Prof- ister year-on-year growth. The company’s  
In Europe, representing 35 percent itability was negatively affected by a revenues and profits improved from the  
of the company’s architectural sales, cold repair, offsetting the positive im- previous year. Volumes increased with  
demand increased through the year, pact of lower input costs.  
leading to an improved pricing envi- In North America, which represents strong. Domestic price levels were also  
ronment. Cumulative local currency 15 percent of architectural sales, archi- above the previous year. n  
domestic demand being particularly  
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