The Power of Collaboration  
GANA is Taking Steps to Help Better the Industry  
b y B i l l Y a n e k  
e must, indeed, all hang vision. Plus the Glazing Industry Code will see the unique value that our or-  
together, or most assur- Committee (GICC)—GANA’s GICC— ganizations deliver.  
Wedly we shall all hang advocates for your industry in inter-  
separately.” -Benjamin Franklin, in the national codes and standards settings. ManuFacturing day 2016  
Continental Congress just before signing  
In addition to working with our  
glass and glazing industry partners,  
Beginning in late 2015, another dy- GANA is continuing its membership  
the Declaration of Independence, 1776. Ben Franklin Had it rigHt  
Turmoil. The forces buffeting  
our industry are many. Daily news namic took place that will help shape and participation in the National As-  
brings us global turmoil in mili- our industry—in an immensely posi- sociation of Manufacturers (NAM)  
Council of Manufacturing Associations  
CMA). NAM’s CMA provides us with  
a cross-industry manufacturing per-  
spective and voice that complements  
our industry-specific mission. This  
year, GANA will participate in NAM’s  
Manufacturing Day on October 7. We  
will coordinate member events that re-  
inforce how important manufacturing  
is to our economy. Manufacturing Day  
is an annual, national event, executed  
at the local level. It supports thousands  
The forces protecting our industry are few,  
which is why it’s more important than ever to  
align with organizations that represent the glass  
and glazing industry across multiple fronts.  
tary operations, political upheaval, tive way. For the first time in years, the of manufacturers across the nation as  
economic distress and electoral leaders of the American Architectural they host students, teachers, parents,  
madness. The forces protecting Manufacturers Association (AAMA), jobseekers and other local community  
our industry are few, which is why Insulating Glass Manufacturing Alli- members at open houses designed  
it’s more important than ever to ance (IGMA), National Glass Associa- to showcase modern manufacturing  
align with organizations that repre- tion (NGA) and GANA began regular technology and careers. For more in-  
sent the glass and glazing industry meetings to discuss how the entire formation, visit  
across multiple fronts.  
GANA is a port to ride out any storm. align forces and confront the many is- Zen” as we endure this political sea-  
Our Flat Glass Manufacturing Division sues impacting our industry. son: “To model our political system  
represents a majority of North Amer- Separately, AAMA, IGMA, NGA and upon speculations of lasting tran-  
glass and glazing industry can better  
Now, I leave you with a “moment of  
ican flat glass manufacturers. Our GANA represent slices of a multi-bil- quility, is to calculate on the weaker  
fabricator divisions cover decorative, lion-dollar industry. By working to- springs of the human character.” - Al-  
insulating, laminating and tempering gether in a collaborative nature, we are exander Hamilton, Federalist No. 34,  
technical activities. If industry stan- better suited to stand against any ma- January 4, 1788. n  
dards and best practices are being terial or organization averse to  
discussed, the fabricator divisions are our industry and in any venue of  
driving the process. If you are a build- importance to glass and glazing.  
ing envelope contractor (BEC),the BEC One visible example of industry  
Division is your industry advocacy association collaboration will  
home. Glass and glazing energy, sus- take place at GlassBuild Amer-  
tainability and green building issues ica 2016 at the Industry Leading  
are addressed within the Energy Di- Associations Pavilion. There, you  
B i l l Y a n e k is the  
executive vice president of  
the Glass Association of North  
America in Topeka, Kan.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016