glasstec 2016 will feature  
some of the most cutting-  
edge developments and  
technology including glass,  
machinery and much more.  
Exhibitors Gear Up for glasstec 2016  
b y N i c k S t . D e n i s  
he stage is set for big crowds, big machinery and big opportunities this  
fall in Düsseldorf, Germany. Tens of thousands of visitors from all over the  
globe, including from the United States, will convene September 20-23 at  
the Messe Düsseldorf for glasstec 2016.  
There will be a lot to see.Event organizers announced in June that the show had  
already exceeded its exhibitor total from 2014, which included 1,217 companies  
occupying more than 650,000 square feet.  
The trade show will feature a comprehensive ancillary program of special  
events and information forums, including “glass technology live.” Those mak-  
ing the trip will also feast their eyes on the halls full of products from around  
the world.  
Equipment and processing machinery will again maintain a large presence,  
though companies across all sectors of the glass industry will demonstrate their  
offerings. Here’s some of what to look out for at this year’s event.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016  
Bent on Something –  
Hall 15, Stand E11  
The Way to Spray –  
Hall 16, Stand B60  
Cefla’s Prima is a reciprocating spray  
system for water, solvent, frit and UV  
water-based coatings. It can handle  
up to 7,500 square feet of material per  
eight-hour shift and sheets up to 1,300  
millimeters wide,according to the com-  
pany. Variable conveyor speeds range spray guns,and its flat conveyor system  
from one to three meters per minute. eliminates overspray on the underside  
The automated part detection system of each sheet. The line includes an in-  
instantly communicates sheet size and tegrated six-inch touch screen control.  
position, enhancing production speed yy➤  
and reducing coatings waste.  
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Benteler will feature its range of  
equipment, including drilling ma-  
chines. The machines are suitable for  
any hole pattern and typical milling  
tasks, according to the company. Ac-  
curacy is achieved by CNC-guided  
hole-pattern programming and an au-  
tomatic measurement and calibration  
system. For more flexibility, the ma-  
chine can be equipped with a water-jet  
cutting unit.  
The company will also display its  
washing machines, which feature wa-  
ter-saving technology, easy handling  
and drip-free drying, according to  
Benteler.These machines can be linked  
to a complete processing line to avoid  
handling during manufacturing and to  
minimize cycle times.  
Prima offers a choice of up to four  
Get By – Hall 14, Stand A38/E38  
Two insulating glass lines will be in action in the Bystronic glass stand, includ-  
ing the B’Vario TPS. Using the thermoplastic spacer TPS allows for single-line  
An optional finisher, which makes the patented bevel joint invisible, com-  
plements the insulating glass line. The finisher allows customers the option of  
smoothing the TPS bevel joint if desired. After processing, the thermoplastic  
spacer retains its form and density, according to the company. The finisher can  
also process shapes.  
August 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Show Business  
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Don’t Distort –  
control. It has two opposing electronic cushion bed  
spindles to ensure high precision and in the furnace  
Hall 14, Stand F22  
Glass from TaiFin furnaces produces fast drilling and milling, according to and a convec-  
an isotropy value rating of 96 percent the company. This enables fabricators tion current,  
and an undistorted optical effect,accord- to work vertically along the glass edge stimulated by  
ing to Custom Glass Machinery, which and in-line with the other processes.  
represents TaiFin in North America. The yy➤  
company recently obtained third party  
verification of iridescence results in flat Shape Up –  
and visibly iridescent-free glass, accord- Hall 13, Stand D63  
ing to the company.  
The Taifin’s CTF Furnaces’ modu-  
lar construction can produce glass in  
various sizes and types, from clear to  
coated low-E. According to the com-  
a computer  
aided flow calculation tool. According  
to the company, these technologies  
eliminate roller waves and apply a uni-  
form heating of the glass surface.  
Lisec will also present its fast lane  
concept for the production of insu-  
lating glass units with thermoplastic  
spacers. According to the company,  
it was designed with respect to cycle  
time, high quality and accuracy.  
pany,this modularity allows for unlim-  
ited product length, and the machine  
features a user-friendly control system.  
Glasstech will introduce its DBX-T Wide Ranging –  
Press Bending System for automotive Hall 16, Stand B01  
What For? – Hall 16,  
Stand A21/A41  
backlites.The system can process com-  
plex shapes to tight tolerances.Accord-  
ing to the company, DBX typically has  
0 percent better transmitted optics  
on complex shaped glass compared to  
other processes. In its highest capacity  
configuration, the system can process  
complex backlites at cycle rates as low  
as ten seconds.  
Forel will present its drilling and It’s About Time – Lisec  
Salem Flat Glass and Mirror will  
showcase Denver CNC machines, Ver-  
Lisec will showcase it’s the Aero- tigo Zafferani drills and vertical wash-  
milling machine, as well as other new Hall 17, Stand A20  
innovations. The DM vertical drilling  
and milling machine is a six-axis ma- Flat. This is a lightweight tempering ers,Fratelli Pezza’s Mistral sandblasting  
chine managed by computer numeric furnace designed with a ceramic air units and its flagship line, Bovone.  
Bovone products include the BRS-in-  
tegrated robotic system, featuring two  
robots and two ELB-102 edgers. This  
technology increases production by  
providing automatic loading and un-  
loading of vertical glass edgers while  
reducing labor costs and risks, accord-  
ing to the company.Robots can be used  
alone, applied to existing edgers or as  
customized islands, depending on pro-  
duction needs.  
Safe and Sound – Hall 10, Stand E42  
Kuraray’s Trosifol busi-  
ness, producers of PVB  
and ionoplast interlayers,  
will exhibit structural and  
functional interlayers for  
safety and security appli-  
cations, sound insulation  
and UV control. For exterior  
and interior design projects,  
the company will showcase  
colored interlayers, digitally  
printable films, and other  
products. According to Tros-  
ifol, its ultra-clear films have  
a low yellowness index.  
Cut Some Sulak –  
Hall 9, Stand A45  
Matodi USA, a North American rep-  
resentative of international machinery  
companies, will display Sulak’s ma-  
chines for grinding and polishing of  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016  
sheet glass edges.  
Other products include two-sided  
drilling equipment, laminated glass  
saws and more. The company offers a  
two-year warranty, servicing and spare  
parts supply.  
Smart Solution –  
Hall 14, Stand F48  
/3 Square  
FeneTech will present its newest  
release of FeneVision MAX ERP. The  
fully integrated software ERP solu-  
tion is based on one central Microsoft  
SQL Server database and offers broad  
integration. The software provides  
tools to control every single process  
of a complete enterprise, from quota-  
tion/order handling, fully automatic  
pricing and costing, integrated CAD/  
CAM for shapes and dynamic bill of  
materials creation. Other capabilities  
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August 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Show Business  
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What to Expect from glasstec 2016?  
Find Out from Director Brigit Horn  
construction, windows and facades as is accompanied by a high-caliber tech-  
well as solar applications. It also in- nical symposium which, embedded in  
cludes all information related to [spe- its exhibition area, offers a multitude  
cific] topics, the exhibitors in that field, of lectures on highly current topics.  
relevant ancillary program or trend  
The conference program will include  
topics. This can also be found online three target-group specific events. To-  
in the glasstec trend compass.  
gether with the Architects Chamber  
of North Rhine Westphalia, we will  
present the international architecture  
congress on September 22 in the CCD  
Q. What type of growth are  
you expecting?  
A. The number of registered exhib- East, where renowned architects and  
itors and, therefore, occupied exhibi- international architectural offices will  
lot of work goes into the bi-an- tion space exceeds the previous event present their latest glass-architecture  
nual glasstec trade fair; and levels and we still see registrations projects and future planning. The con-  
Birgit Horn, the show’s di- coming in. At glasstec 2014, 1,217 ference “engineered transparency” is  
rector can attest to that. So far this companies from glass machinery pro- organized by the Technical Universities  
year, glasstec has already exceeded duction, manufacturing and skilled of Dortmund and Darmstadt, discuss-  
the size of 2014 in terms of both crafts occupied 652,300 square feet ing the constructive usage of glass. It  
exhibitors and exhibition space, and net exhibition space. The positive will take place on September 20 and  
organizers expect a high turn-out of business development in the glass 21. This will focus glass, façade and  
attendees as well.  
Horn says there will be a number of of registrations. In addition, the big- searchers from all over the world.  
new programs and opportunities that gest players from the industry have This year will also have a special  
industry has led to this positive level energy and will feature top ranking re-  
the show will offer this year. She gave already confirmed their participation. session on the topic of “embedded  
USGlass magazine a sneak peek at The technology part of our trade fair functions.” The new conference  
some of what to expect.  
sees an increase, as well as the glass “Function meets Glass” will discuss  
products. All major flat glass producers the special processes and technolo-  
will again be present at glasstec 2016. gies for producing and finishing func-  
tional glass for smart, display, touch  
Q. What are some new features  
attendees can expect this year?  
A. In nine exhibition halls, glasstec  
016 will present a comprehensive Q. What can you tell us about the  
and solar applications already avail-  
range of all innovations, trends and educational sessions?  
able on the market. It will illustrate  
solutions for the entire industry. This  
A. glasstec offers a comprehensive innovations that will open up new  
will be combined with a first class pro- program of special shows, events, fields of business in the future. This  
fessional ancillary program, featuring congresses and information forums conference will take place September  
practical and scientific insights. It will for visitors from all sectors of this 19 and 20.  
present again the full value-added industry. With the motto “Future –  
chain of industry, from glass produc- Glass – Performance,” the special Q. What message do you hope  
tion and processing to glass products show “glass technology live” (GTL) will participants take away?  
and final installation. Visitors can ex- again put a special focus on spectac-  
A. If you attend, you will learn which  
pect to see the latest news from the ular exhibits, innovative products and glass products and supplies will be  
world’s technology suppliers and all forward-looking solutions, which we suitable for the market in the next two  
relevant products and new applica- can expect to hit the market in the years and which products you have  
tion. We also offer an industry guide next three to five years. The focus will to offer your customers. The exhibits,  
that groups information according to be above all on free form, ultra-thin conferences and seminars will pres-  
the visitors’ interest. This provides a and solid glass. The special show will ent future oriented topics and solu-  
precise overview of all exhibitors and offer inspiration for architects and tions, and I am sure that visitors will  
their offerings. [The guide covers] the planners seeking new application op- leave glasstec with the impression  
major topics such as mechanical en- tions, but it will also showcase the full that they have experienced the whole  
gineering, manufacturing, processing range of new applications of further world of glass and its bright future of-  
and finishing, crafts, architecture and developments in glass products. GTL fering nearly infinite possibilities.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016  
include capacity planning, production  
scheduling/control, dynamic or batch  
glass cutting optimization, shop f oor  
tracking control including reject han-  
dling, shop f oor monitoring, logistics  
and dispatch,mobile delivery based on  
iPad devices, and invoicing and data  
warehouse management with FeneVi-  
sion Business Intelligence.  
In Stock Now! ousands of additional  
products are available such as:  
All About the Details-  
Hall 9, Stand A42  
A variety of products will be on  
display at Bohle’s booth, all relating  
to glass fabrication, glazing and glass  
hardware. Highlights include its fully  
For a Free NEW Weatherstripping Catalog (Item #500-338)  
Call Nikki @ #800-352-0800Ext. -129  
or by email  
e One Stop Source For  
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All Window & Door Hardware”  
Flat & Bent Glass Tempering System Solutions  
For over 40 years, our systems have been recognized as the highest quality and longest lasting. Contact us to see why.  
PerrysburAgug,uOst 2h01io6 |aUnSdGlaNss,eMwetalY&oGrlkaz,inNg ew Y7o5rk, USA  
Shanghai, China – Mumbai, India  
Show Business  
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pre-assembled Frame- machinery  
Tec Select and Premium Lots of Options – Hall 16, Stand D22  
glass partition frame  
systems. Bohle says this  
dry-glazed system is  
Schiatti Angelo will in-  
troduce optional extras  
for its straight edgers. The  
ideal for commercial  
off ce spaces and mod-  
company, represented in  
the U.S. by DeGorter, fea-  
ern residential custom  
interiors. The Premium  
tures a range of custom-  
ization tools for height or  
version has also under-  
gone sound insulation  
length, special alert/warn-  
ing devices or devices that  
and smoke protection  
testing, making it suited  
allow for additional work  
such as washing, dubbing  
for privacy and safety applications.  
Also being released is Bohle’s cus-  
tomer magazine “Silberschnitt,” a bi-  
annual report on glass industry trends  
and innovations, as well as the Madrid  
shower door hinge, UV-tube lamps for  
bonding and the company’s newly de-  
signed grinding machines.  
or carving.  
Schiatti will also display a set of edging machines, drilling machines and  
special models, particularly its RS812 for corner processing.  
Give Some Space –  
Hall 17, Stand C59  
Quanex Building Products and Edge-  
tech Europe will feature their Super  
Spacer TriSeal Premium Plus, a non-  
metal, warm-edge spacer system with  
integrally incorporated desiccant for res-  
idential and light commercial insulating  
Closing Time –  
Hall 10, Stand A50  
A new hydraulic patch f tting, which  
will be showcased by C.R. Laurence, is  
designed to eliminate the need to cut accommodate doors up to 220 pounds glass units.It’s a Passive House-certif ed  
into the f oor to install a conventional and feature a self-closing mechanism product that offers architects the ability  
f oor closer.The system can be installed with closing speed adjuster. They also to add energy eff ciency, durability and  
by anchoring the base plate to the ex- feature a 90-degree hold-open function environmental comfort to their projects,  
isting surface and drilling a one-inch and slim design.  
core. CRL’s hydraulic patch f ttings can yy➤  
according to the company.  
Additional products include various  
size and color options for Duralite, the  
company’s single-seal solution; Super  
Spacer,a dual-seal solution; and TriSeal  
and T-Spacer for triple-seal systems.  
Look in the Mirror –  
Hall 11, Stand D42  
Pilkington will feature its Mir-  
roView 50/50 and MirroView,  
which are ideal for conceal-  
ing digital displays and video  
screens for commercial and  
Bring the Heat -  
Hall 17, Stand C11  
residential applications. The  
glass looks like a normal mir-  
ror when the display is off, but  
when the display is on, the  
image shows through the glass  
for an unobstructed view of the  
This modern and transitional  
Technoform Glass Insulation, mem-  
ber of the Technoform Group,manufac-  
tures thermal optimized hybrid plastic  
spacer for insulating glass.The company  
will display its thermally improved edge  
bond solutions and components.  
glass is durable and can be handled, transported and processed easily, ac-  
cording to the company. Pilkington MirroView 50/50 is designed for use in  
applications with high ambient light, whereas Pilkington MirroView is designed  
for low ambient light applications.  
yy➤ n  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016