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Quality Control Testing Can Make a Big Difference  
b y C r a i g C a r s o n  
m a big believer in quality control  
testing--testing that responsible  
I’glazing contractors do when the  
project is just under way and we’ve in-  
stalled, caulked (or flashed) a window  
opening. This is a time we can review  
and confirm our installation instruc-  
tions have been followed and document  
our procedures. I’m blessed to have  
worked with many of our company’s  
glaziers for a number of years. They’re  
accomplished at their trade. Even so,  
doing a field water test is like buying  
insurance--not only for you, but for the  
adjoining trades that interface with your  
products. It gives us time to find and  
correct a problem while it’s still small  
and make any necessary changes before  
it becomes a big problem.  
Whos to Blame?  
Jobsite testing can help you find and correct a problem before it becomes a  
Some of you may think this is an major issue.  
extra expense that you can do without.  
I would beg to differ. The last thing any rained. Of course they thought leaky and do the testing up front. If there are  
of us needs is a leaky finished building. curtainwall was the glazier’s problem, issues with your product or others, ad-  
The glazier is always the one called back until the roofing problem was discov- dress them and fix them then. Don’t  
to see why the windows leak.Usually,it’s ered. Another time there was standing wait to see if everything works out. Be  
not the windows at all, but some sur- water on the window sill (obviously a aggressive and responsible and you’ll  
rounding product that wasn’t installed window problem, right?). They found, be rewarded with peace of mind and a  
properly. That’s something that could though, that the stucco applicator had quality installation that you and your  
have been flagged earlier in the process punctured the perimeter flexible flash- colleagues can be proud of. After all,  
if a quality control test was done early.  
I know one project where, after the window’s perimeter.  
building was turned over to the owner,  
there’s been seven occasions that the Protect Yourself  
general contractor called all of the  
ing, allowing water to enter around the you’d spend more money fixing a prob-  
lem (that may not even be yours),than it  
would cost to do the testing upfront.As I  
always say, the devil is in the details. n  
Every time you get a call about a leak,  
exterior finish contractors (glazing, you have to go to the site and re-  
stucco, roofing and metal panel) to view the conditions to see why  
help solve water penetration issues. water is penetrating the building.  
The first time it was a problem with This takes time away from your  
the roofer who didn’t bring the roofing other responsibilities, can be  
membrane totally up and over the par- frustrating to deal with and costs  
apet. This caused water to leak down you money.  
C r a i g C a r s o n is the  
regional preconstruction  
manager for Alliance Glazing  
Technologies Inc. in Littleton,  
the inside of the curtainwall when it  
Save yourself the time and grief  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016