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Glass Connections Slated for September  
egistration is open for  
Glass Connections is an educa-  
The event opens with a welcome  
the Canadian Glass Asso- tional and networking event for con- reception on September 13, followed  
ciation’s Glass Connec- tract glaziers, architects, engineers, by a series of industry-related presen-  
tions conference, taking place designers, spec writers, commer- tations on September 14.  
September 13-14 at the Westin cial construction contractors and ❚❚➤ www.canadianglass  
Ottawa Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario.  
building owners.  
GPD Announces Its  
First Cuban Event  
Greenbuild Gets BIG in LA  
Greenbuild 2016, taking place October 5-7, 2016 at the Los Angeles Conven-  
Glass Performance Days (GPD) tion Center, will bring more than just green building products. Famed architect  
is organizing its first event in Cuba, Bjarke Ingels, founding partner of the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and USGBC  
taking place December 6-7 in con- COO Mahesh Ramanujam will serve as closing plenary speakers.  
junction with Cuba Glass 2016.  
Ingels founded BIG in 2005 and has gained a reputation worldwide for his  
Organizers say the goal is to bring award-winning design projects and buildings that are as programmatically and  
together glass experts from North technically innovative as they are cost and resource conscious.  
and South America.  
❚➤ http://www.gpd.fi/en/  
Ingels will share how we need to change our world view in order to create a  
world more responsive to our contemporary lives.  
yy➤ www.greenbuildexpo.com n  
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