machinery & equipment  
A Dose of Detergent  
curing the glass and spacer along one  
edge for sealant application. The IG  
package is then rotated and re-clamped  
to complete the seal on each side. The  
HMCST requires a compressed air sup-  
ply capable of delivering 1 cubic-feet-  
per-minute at 50 p.s.i.  
A new detergent dosing system by  
Billco Manufacturing was designed  
for complete process control, allowing  
users to obtain a consistent cleaning  
process throughout a production shift.  
By default, the new system administers tom specifications. The company rec- yy➤  
and maintains a predefined detergent ommends use with Brecoflex pulleys  
ratio within the wash tank by mea- for optimal performance.  
suring the incoming water fill volume. yy➤  
Additional modules can be enabled,al-  
Color Wonder  
Glasslam’s Lidu glass painting ma-  
chine is designed and manufactured  
to apply paint to glass surfaces for use  
in decorative and specialty glass ap-  
plications. According to Glasslam, the  
machine utilizes up to eight automatic  
spray guns and produces backpainted  
glass with high speed and precision.  
Maximum glass size can reach 86 by  
130 inches. The system uses the Glass-  
lam Colour Cote, a resin paint product  
which enables matching to a variety of  
CRL Glass Machinery’s hot melt yy➤  
lowing the user to dose more detergent Sealing the Deal  
into the wash tank based on an interval  
of time, the number of modules enter-  
ing the glass washer, or feedback of a  
process variable.  
Each module can be enabled and  
add detergent independently of the  
others; multiple modules can be en-  
abled as necessary. This eliminates the  
dilution effect by water carryover and  
solution drag-out from the wash zone  
that occurs when a single dose is added  
at the beginning of a shift, according to clamp sealing table (HMCLT) is a low-  
the company.  
cost pneumatically operated system for Lift Smart  
sealing an insulating glass (IG) unit and  
IG stacks up to four inches thick. The  
model consists of an 84-by-84-inch ball  
It’s About Time  
Brecoflex’s timing belts and caster table and a pair of actuated pad-  
belt-backing materials are designed ded clamp rails. The operator positions  
for glass production. According to the an IG package (glass and spacer) on top  
company, the products feature smooth of the ball caster table with one edge be-  
movement,non-abrasive surfaces,high neath the clamping rails.The foot pedal  
heat resistance and high durability. is depressed to activate the clamping  
The belts are machinable with vacuum mechanism. Both the upper and lower  
holes, grooves and slots made to cus- clamping rails move into position, se-  
Fast Lane  
The 780 Outdoor is the flagship of  
Great Lakes Lifting’s SmartLift line.  
Designed to handle more than 1,800  
pounds with its extra-long reach and  
height, the 780 Outdoor is ideal for lift-  
ing large glass lites. The machine has  
a 2,000-watt engine, off-road capabil-  
ities, front-wheel drive and an elec-  
tronic braking system. It is waterproof  
in accordance with corrosion class  
IP65, and all of its hydraulic functions  
The Erdman High Speed Parallel Process High Speed IG Line is designed to  
produce an insulating glass (IG) unit in less than 18 seconds with only three  
to four operators, according to the company. The line has two glass lites that  
run parallel to each other, leading to an increase of speed. It is less than  
100 feet long and requires only one grid application station.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016  
can be operated via remote control.  
Standard features include an alumi- Sizing Up HOLD  
fire-rated glass  
num diamond plate ramp,battery oper-  
ation up to 20 hours on a single charge,  
standard 12-inch suction pads, Smar-  
tLift’s foam-filled puncture-proof tires  
and a radio remote control system pro-  
viding self-driven machine operation.  
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain  
North America’s Keralite ex-  
tended-sized fire-rated glass  
ceramic products increase  
the maximum height permis-  
sible for fire-rated windows.  
Keralite Standard, Keralite  
Select and Keralite Privacy  
fire-rated glass lites are  
available up to 47¼ inches  
Making the Cut  
by 95 /16 inches, providing  
augmented daylighting options for glaziers and architects.  
The product is specified for tall sidelites, large transoms and oversized wall  
openings. It’s UL-listed and meets LEED-credit requirements for the Environ-  
mental Product Declaration and Environment Health Product Declaration.  
HHH Tempering Resources Inc.’s  
equipment partners, North Glass and  
its subsidiary, are offering three new  
products with customizable options.  
These cutting system configurations  
include a glass cutting machine and  
manual breakout table, a glass cutting  
table with assistant loading device and  
a glass cutting table with automatic  
loading,manual breaking and assistant  
unloading device.  
process can cut straight, curved, an-  
gled and chamfered contours for glass  
thicknesses between 100 to 10 mm.  
Out of the Blue  
A Cut Above the Rest  
The four-edge glass grinder removes  
SmartCleave Fl by Rofin-Sinar is an  
coating and cleans edges while crafting all-laser cutting process ideal for glass,  
chamfers. The machine interface iden- sapphire, ceramics and other brittle  
tifies glass size, thickness and glass materials. It uses a Kerfless separa-  
tion process and has a cutting speed  
PPG Industries introduces Solarban  
of more than 300 mm per second. The 90 glass, a solar-control, low-E glass  
with color-neutrality. The product is  
available on the company’s Starphire  
Ultra-Clear, Optiblue and Optigray  
In a standard 1-inch insulating glass  
unit, Solarban 90 Optigray delivers a  
warm gray appearance with visual light  
transmission (VLT) of 36 percent and  
a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of  
0.20. Solarban 90 Optiblue glass has a  
steel-blue gray aesthetic with VLT of 32  
percent and a SHGC of 0.19. Solarban  
90 Starphire Ultra-Clear glass offers  
clarity with VLT of 54 percent and a  
SHGC of 0.23.  
Unruh Fab now offers easy  
access steps as an option in  
the rear of its bodies, making  
loading and unloading in the  
center section more accessi-  
ble. These steps are available  
in open bodies as well as tarp  
bodies, and can be combined  
with tool or strap boxes and  
other custom features to im-  
prove glass loading, delivery  
and unloading.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2016  
A new smart-  
phone and tab-  
let application  
from Waterfall  
Bath Enclosures allows customers to  
submit quotes, as well as view product  
information, technical details, glass  
and f nishes. This gives glass shops the  
ability to provide on-demand infor-  
mation to prospective customers on  
Rack ’em Up’s curtain-side  
body functions as a rack truck and  
f atbed to reduce the number of trucks  
required to make deliveries, accord-  
ing to the company. It is divided into a  
front section with fully padded interior  
and exterior aluminum racks for loose  
glass, and an open f atbed rear section  
where pre-loaded racks or crates can  
be strapped into place.All cargo is pro-  
tected by a lockable 28-ounce retract-  
able PVC coated polyester curtain and  
full-width double swing doors.  
fire-rated glass  
A Joint Effort  
Aluf am’s VW-EI60 Structure is a  
f re-rated, butt-joint glazing system in  
an aluminum frame.  
According to the company, its arched  
window frame capabilities and butt-  
joint glazing are ideal for historical ren-  
ovation.Aluf am says its products blend  
seamlessly with non-rated systems.  
yy➤www.aluf n  
August 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing