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NSG Group Architectural Segment  
Cumulative Results, Second Quarter, Fiscal 2017  
(Converted from millions yen)*  
Q2 2017  
Q2 2016  
$1.2 B  
$1.1 B  
Operating Profit  
n releasing its second quarter 2017 f scal results, NSG  
Group reported strong performance for its architectural  
glass segment in North America, which represents 15  
percent of the Group’s architectural sales. Local currency  
revenues were higher than the previous year as improved  
prices and a growth in value-added volumes offset a mod-  
est decline in domestic commodity volumes. Prof tability  
also continued to improve due to the increased prices and  
value-added volumes.  
Architectural revenues as a whole, however, fell from  
the previous year due to the translational impact of a  
strengthened yen. At constant exchange rates, revenues  
increased from the previous year with improved prices in  
Europe and North America.  
NSG’s architectural segment recorded revenues of $1.1  
billion in the latest quarter, down from $1.2 billion a year  
ago. Prof ts in that category were up from $82 million to  
120 million.  
briefly ...  
Glaston expects 2016 net sales to be approximately  
117-$122 million* and the comparable operating  
profit to be approximately $2.2-$4.4 million, according  
to its interim report. Compared to 2015, net sales were  
approximately $137 million and operating profit was ap-  
proximately $6.8 million.  
Windows • Doors • Structures • Skylights  
From July to September 2016, orders received were  
approximately $28.4 million, with net sales approxi-  
mately $22.8 million.  
The operating result was a loss of approxi-  
mately $0.33 million, or -1.3 percent of net sales. The  
comparable operating result was a loss of approximately  
570 915 1500 | PINE GROVE, PA 17963  
0.33 million, or -1.3 percent of net sales. n  
*All figures have been converted to U.S. dollars.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2016