in the development of numerous prod- as vice president of architectural and  
José Núñez-Regueiro has joined Old- ucts from specification to production, technical services.  
castle BuildingEnvelope® (OBE) as vice resulting in 15 patents, and he partic-  
president of research and development. ipated in transformational technology  
Lauren Manufactur-  
Mary Carol Witry has been appointed development.  
ing named Chris Kerr  
plant manager of its  
New Philadelphia, Ohio,  
Kerr has 28 years of  
rubber extrusion and  
molding experience.  
the company’s chief strategy officer.  
Witry will focus on professional  
In this new role, Núñez-Regueiro strategy development and supporting  
will oversee research and product de- corporate growth initiatives. Her back-  
velopment efforts for OBE. He will es- ground includes leading a multitude of  
tablish quality and customer service diverse OBE operations.  
metrics which leverage the company’s  
She will help establish key strategic Kerr  
existing innovations. Further, he will priorities and lead a comprehensive  
lead the development of technology strategic planning process. Serving as  
Los Angeles-based  
a dedicated resource across the entire Glasswerks LA named  
and product innovations.  
He has more than 15 years of leader- operating platform, she will bring focus Luis O. Soto its chief ad-  
ship experience in strategic planning, to leverage OBE’s strengths, identify ministrative officer.  
business development and product in- growth opportunities and analyze exist-  
Robert Mastrapa, vice  
novation. Prior to joining OBE, he held ing and new global markets for architec- president of operations,  
senior leadership roles and developed tural glass, aluminum glazing systems, says Soto’s knowledge  
and executed product development, re- and glazing supplies and hardware.  
and leadership skills will Luis O.  
gional corporate strategy,and led market She has 30 years of experience in a be instrumental in the Soto  
initiatives with Guardian Industries variety of facets of the building enve- company’s growth and  
Corp. His research initiatives resulted lope industry. In 2004, she joined OBE future business strategies. n  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2016