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Announcing the  
Winners of the 2016  
Wrist Protectors  
by Tri-Star Glove  
Readers’ Choice Awards  
To protect the vital radial artery, Tri-Star  
Glove has introduced the TSG-995 Series of  
dual-layer wrist protectors. The outer layer is  
made with Norfab CutPro #366 woven fabric,  
which is constructed with 100-percent Twaron  
and stainless steel yarn. The inner layer is  
woven fabric made with 100-percent Twaron,  
which provides cut and puncture protection.  
The wrist protectors are available in four  
lengths, and a hook and loop closure for  
width adjustment makes for a safe, proper fit  
on every employee,according to the company.  
he 2016 presidential election may be over, but USGlass  
readers had a few more votes to cast before bringing the  
year to a close.  
Readers were asked to make their choice—to vote for  
their favorite products in a variety of categories. Listed  
products were featured in the USGlass Showcase depart-  
ment, New Products Guide or other news section, vari-  
ous show previews and/or advertisements in the magazine.  
Product submissions are welcome throughout the year. Please  
email releases to Ellen Rogers at  
Category: Primary Glass Products  
Winner: Solarban 90 by PPG  
Category: Fabricated  
and Specialty Glass  
Winner: Jumbo Glass  
by Tecnoglass  
now Vitro Architectural Glass)  
Solarban 90 glass from PPG Industries,  
now Vitro Architectural Glass, is a solar  
control, low-E glass that combines solar  
control performance with a true neu-  
tral-reflective clear-glass aesthetic. It is  
engineered with refinements to the com-  
pany’s triple-silver coating technology to  
offer architects a product that outperforms  
its Solarban 70XL glass while still balanc-  
ing visible light transmittance and helping  
manage glare.  
New architectural designs call  
for larger formats, and Tecnoglass  
is the first company in America to  
produce coated glass up to 129 by  
236 inches. The company has a fully  
operational MSVD coating ma-  
chine that can produce jumbo-sized  
low-E coated glass with the highest  
degree of quality using PPG technol-  
ogy, according to the company.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2016  
Category: Transportation  
Category: Tools and Supplies  
Winner: Cat S60 smartphone with integrated  
thermal camera by Caterpillar  
The Cat S60 smart phone  
from Caterpillar has an in-  
tegrated thermal camera  
that allows users to detect  
heat loss around doors  
and windows, as well as lo-  
cate moisture and missing  
Winner: Atlas Truck Body from offers  
a version of its Atlas truck  
body for single rear wheel  
pick-ups with a cab-  
to-axle between  
6 inches and 60  
inches.It features  
a galvanized steel  
frame,exterior racks  
with five-inch usable ledges and  
interior racks for added capacity. Available in nine-foot  
and ten-foot lengths,the Atlas has a gross vehicle weight  
rating of less than 10,000 pounds and can be installed by  
MyGlassTruck or shipped for self-installation.  
The camera can pick up  
heat and register surface  
temperatures from up to  
100 feet away. It is also wa-  
terproof to a depth of up to five meters for one hour.  
Category: Handling and Lifting  
Winner: Vacuum Lifters  
Miscellaneous Products  
Winner: Wrapping System  
by Glass-wrap  
with Intelli-Grip Technology  
from Wood’s Powr-Grip  
Designed to simplify lo-  
gistics and enhance safety,  
Glass-wrap is a standardized  
modular system with a plas-  
tic frame for packaging one to  
three combined flat glass lites.  
Glass can come in a variety  
of weights and dimensions.  
By exchanging the metal or  
wooden racks, boxes or crates  
for the stackable packaging,  
loading space use can be max-  
imized for more volume per  
The new MRTA8-DC3 from Wood’s Powr-  
Grip features Intelli-Grip technology to maximize  
lifter productivity and worker safety, according to  
the company. Sporting 1,400 pounds of load ca-  
pacity, the machine is able to handle large  
lites and heavy curtainwall compo-  
nents. In addition, the lifter features  
WPG’s Quadra-Tilt, four-bar tilt  
mechanism,which reduces the effort  
required to tilt heavy loads between  
flat and upright positions.  
A Dual Vacuum System employs two completely independent vacuum circuits,  
allowing the lifter to maintain the vacuum level for one circuit,even if an unexpected  
vacuum loss occurs in the other.  
Category: Shower Door Glass  
Winner (Tie): LuxClear Protect  
Winner (Tie): ShowerGuard  
Anti-Corrosion Glass by AGC Glass Co.  
LuxClear Protect anti-corrosion glass, a  
permanent coated glass product by AGC Glass  
Co. North America, prevents corrosion due to  
contaminants related to water, heat and high  
Low-Iron Float Glass  
by Guardian Industries  
ShowerGuard is designed for all  
types of shower enclosures and  
was created to resist glass corro-  
sion. According to Guardian, the  
glass reduces the greenish cast of  
standard float glass for enhanced  
clarity, allowing the design and  
color of showers and bathrooms to shine through. With its  
neutral edge color, ShowerGuard low-iron is ideal for clear, fra-  
meless enclosures, in 10-mm and 12-mm thicknesses.  
continued on page 70  
The glass is available in thicknesses up to  
2 millimeters and may be annealed or tem-  
pered, depending on the application. As with  
standard clear float glass, there is no limit to  
its shelf life, special cleaning or maintenance  
December 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
TcohntienueVd ofrotmepsageA69re In  
Category: Doors,  
Category: Shower Door  
Windows or  
Glass & Hardware  
Access Hardware  
Winner: TG Handles  
by Dorma + Kaba  
Available in numerous  
designs and sizes,Dorma  
TG handles from Dorma  
Winner: Transpara  
by C.R. Laurence  
The Transpara frameless shower  
door system by C.R. Laurence elim-  
inates the need for door hinges and  
vertical framing in order to secure  
large glass panels, according to the  
company.It incorporates low-profile  
door rails and matching u-channels  
on adjacent fixed panels. This maintains a continuous  
sightline across the entire enclosure, with visible hard-  
ware being only ¾ inches high.  
Kaba provide custom-  
ized solutions to meet  
individual application  
requirements.Some TG handles are made to order,to sched-  
ule and to specification—eliminating the need to adapt  
on site.  
Category: Fire-Rated Glass  
Winner: Fireframes SG Curtainwall Series  
by Technical Glass Products  
Technical Glass  
Category: Mobile App/Web Tool  
Winner: INDX Knowledge Hub  
by PPG  
Two online self-service tools en-  
able customers to order product data  
Products’ Fireframes  
SG Curtainwall Series  
allows design profes-  
sionals to create large,  
fire-rated glazed walls  
with the monolithic  
appearance of a struc-  
tural silicone glazed  
system. The patented,  
fire-rated toggle reten-  
tion system provides  
up to 120 minutes of fire resistance for interior and exterior  
sheets and color-matched metal pan-  
els using selection criteria. Criteria include product brand  
name,color name,PPG product code,metal substrate,cus-  
tomer name, delivery location and others.  
After entering a request into the INDX Knowledge Hub,  
customers receive a “request ID” and tracking number  
enabling them to monitor the request throughout the ful-  
fillment process while providing an estimated final deliv-  
ery date. Relevant contact information such as shipping  
addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are built  
into the INDX Knowledge Hub for every customer with a  
registered name and password.  
Category: Resources/Marketing Tools  
Winner (Tie): Updated and Redesigned Color Guide  
from Citadel Architectural Products  
Citadel Architectural  
Products’updated and rede-  
signed color guide includes  
a smooth version of metallic  
silver in a polyester finish.  
According to the company,  
the finish is an economical  
alternative to use when try-  
ing to match or complement  
window extrusions for glaz-  
ing infill panels.  
Winner (Tie): Updated Online Catalog  
by Petersen Aluminum  
Petersen’s updated on-  
line catalog showcases five  
new PAC-CLAD products,  
enhanced features for ex-  
isting products and 30 new  
photographs of architecture  
designed using PAC-CLAD  
roof and wall products. The  
catalog includes two new  
sections that highlight the company’s perforated metal ca-  
pabilities, plus its collection of coping and fascia systems.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2016  
Category: Curtainwall  
Category: Decorative Glass  
and Glazing Systems  
Winner: GGI, Digitally Printed Glass by GGI  
With its Alice® digital ceramic glass printer, General  
Glass International (GGI) offers a wide selection of dig-  
itally printed, decorative glass products. The printing  
technology enables any design to be reproduced in glass.  
The company’s Alice 2.0 machine can create the sharpest  
images possible, even with complex artwork, photorealis-  
tic images and fine text, according to the company.  
Winner: Structural  
Glazing System by  
Solar Innovations  
With Solar Innova-  
tions’ structural glaz-  
ing system, the glazed  
panels are bonded to a building’s structural frame.Panels  
can be structurally glazed on all four sides, eliminating  
the need for horizontal and vertical framing members.In-  
stead,the panels are bonded together using a high-perfor-  
mance silicone sealant,rather than being capped together  
utilizing a pressure plate.  
Category: Railings  
Winner: DRS Rail  
System by Dorma  
The DRS 4-inch  
rail from Dorma  
is available in a ta-  
pered profile. It  
meets ADA surface  
requirements with  
its low tapered de-  
Category: Doors  
Winner: Ceco Door and Curries by  
Assa Abloy  
Assa Abloy’s Ceco  
Door and Curries  
brands include  
sign while providing  
the strength and sta-  
com mu n ic at i ng”  
door opening with an  
STC 66 rating. Ceco  
bility of a full-length  
rail, according to the  
Door Sound-Tech Xpress+ and Curries  
Quiet Noise+ are complete door and frame  
solutions for applications requiring sound  
resistance ranging from 56-66 STC.  
The systems consist of two flush single swinging hol-  
low metal doors within a single frame forming a com-  
municating opening. They utilize cam lift hinges, flat  
saddle thresholds and adjustable door bottoms.  
The system fea-  
tures a square or  
ADA-compatible tapered profile consistent with the en-  
tire Dorma DRS Rail line, as well as adjustable hardware  
prep blocks that allow door alignment after installation.  
It offers support for tempered monolithic glass from  
/ -inch to ½-inches thick.  
Category: Coolants and Lubricants  
Winner: Coolants and Coolant Concentrations by Salem  
Flat Glass and Mirror  
Category: Washing Machines  
Winner: Detergent Dosing System  
by Billco Manufacturing  
Salem Flat Glass and  
A new detergent dosing system by Billco Manufactur-  
ing was designed for complete process control, allowing  
users to obtain a consistent cleaning process throughout  
a production shift. By default, the new system adminis-  
ters and maintains a predefined detergent ratio within the  
wash tank by measuring the incoming water fill volume.  
Additional modules can be enabled, allowing the user to  
dose more detergent into the wash tank based on an in-  
terval of time, the number of modules entering the glass  
washer, or feedback of a process variable.  
Mirror’s new generation  
coolants and coolant  
concentrations extend  
diamond tool life, opti-  
mize diamond tool per-  
formance, reduce surface  
damage and protect machinery,according to the company.  
The STM coolants are formulated for centrifuge and  
soft settling system requirements (STM-980) and for sys-  
tems requiring flocculation or coagulation (STM-990).  
continued on page 72  
December 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
TcohntienueVd ofrotmepsageA71re In  
Category: Fabrication Machines  
IG, Laminating, Tempering)  
Winner (Tie): Tempering Equipment by Glasstech  
Glasstech offers  
a number of lines  
for both flat and  
bent glass temper-  
ing. Equipment  
lines can produce  
everything from  
coated glass to  
Winner (Tie): Oversized IG Production Equipment  
by Lisec  
To keep up with demand for flat glass as larger struc-  
tural units and design elements increase, Lisec offers  
equipment for over-sized insulating glass unit (IGU) pro-  
duction. The new line can produce IGUs up to 15 meters  
large, bent lites to  
tight radius tempered panels for creative interior designs.  
In addition,Glasstech also offers equipment for automo-  
tive glass.  
Category: Glass Painting Machines  
Winner: Lidu Glass Painting Machine  
by Glasslam  
Category: Other Machinery  
and Equipment  
Winner: FuseCube  
The Lidu glass painting machine from  
Glasslam is designed and manufactured  
to apply paint to glass surfaces for use in  
decorative and specialty glass applica-  
tions. According to the company, the ma-  
chine utilizes up to eight automatic spray  
guns and produces backpainted glass  
with high speed and precision. Maximum  
glass size can reach 86 by 130 inches. The  
system uses the Glasslam Colour Cote, a  
resin paint product which enables match-  
ing to a variety of colors.  
by Diamon-Fusion  
Diamon-Fusion Interna-  
tional (DFI) offers its pat-  
ent-pending FuseCube. The  
automated vapor deposition  
machine applies protective  
coatings to glass surfaces and  
other silica-based surfaces.  
According to the company,the  
system is cost-effective and  
Category: Cutting, Drilling, Edging Equipment  
Winner (Tie): Vertec Vertical CNC Machine  
by CMS North America  
Winner (Tie): ProLam by Hegla  
Among the innovations and de-  
Vertec is a new vertical CNC machine  
from CMS North America, based in Cale-  
velopments from HEGLA is the new  
ProLam, a flexible combined solu-  
tion for cutting float glass and lami-  
nated safety glass. The line includes  
a modified cutting bridge and op-  
timized processes. The infeed table  
now has low-maintenance electro-  
magnetic linear drives that impress  
with high acceleration and accuracy  
of the cutting bridge when cutting  
float glass and during edge deletion.  
donia, Mich. The machine is a milling  
and drilling powerhouse with automatic  
tool change, 9+9 position tool racks, dual  
opposing electro-spindles,automatic drill  
length measurement and dressing.  
It also features a newly re-designed  
sliding door for easy access and a super-  
rigid one-piece base. The electrical cabi-  
net has been integrated into the frame to give it a smaller footprint.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2016  
Category: Architectural  
Winner (Tie): Aluminum Extrusions  
by Sapa Extrusion North America  
Sapa offers extruded aluminum  
products for commercial building and  
construction projects. These include cur-  
tainwall components, storefront systems,  
windows and door framing.  
Metal and Panels  
Winner (Tie): Decorative, Wood Grain Finishes by Linetec  
Achieving the look of wood without the maintenance, Linetec has  
teamed with Decoral System USA to offer new, decorative wood grain  
finishes for architectural aluminum products that are available in a vari-  
ety of different options, colors and species.  
The product’s appearance lends the finishes to interior surfaces for  
window frames, door panels, column covers, shutters, furnishings and  
hardware. The coatings’ performance also makes them suitable for exte-  
rior applications, such as garage doors, fencing and soffits, but without  
the use of real wood.  
These finishes meet AAMA 2604-13 for color uniformity, specular  
gloss, dry film hardness and adhesion, as well as resistance to impact,  
chemicals, detergents, scratches, corrosion, salt spray and fading due to  
ultraviolet light.  
The company has facilities for painting  
(including a high-speed vertical powder  
coating line), anodizing and special  
coatings, as well as complete fabricat-  
ing services from precision cutting to  
semi-finished and fully finished parts  
and assemblies that meet AAMA speci-  
fications and CSI codes, according to the  
Category: Components  
Category: Protective Glazing Products  
Winner: ChildGard™ by Consolidated Glass Holdings  
ChildGard laminated safety glass is  
Winner: Weatherstripping  
by Lauren Manufacturing  
Self-adhesive teardrop  
weatherstripping by Lau-  
ren Manufacturing is a UL  
constructed using an arrangement of  
proprietary transparent materials. The  
glazing is designed to withstand ex-  
tensive physical attack in a forced-en-  
try scenario, ultimately resisting entry  
until law enforcement or additional  
help arrive. ChildGard has been fully  
tested to ASTM F1233-08 security glazing standards  
and complies with standard safety glazing codes for all  
interior and exterior applications.  
fire-rated seal for doors and  
windows,designed for simple installation and maximum  
protection. Made from 75-durometer-dense silicone, the  
teardrop seal is backed with acrylic adhesive.  
It guards against air and smoke infiltration and is in-  
tended for applications with UL-listed steel frames and/  
or classified steel-covered composite. Other applications  
include hollow-metal doors rated up to three hours,  
wood and plastic-covered composite doors rated up to  
With a nominal thickness of /16 inches, the glazing is  
ideal for new and retrofit windows in school and child-  
care facilities.  
½ hours, and wood core doors rated 20 minutes.  
Category: Software  
Category: Dynamic Glass  
Winner: Electrochromic Glass  
by SageGlass  
Winner: Smart-Glass by Smart-Builder  
With Smart-Glass by  
Smart-Builder, a monthly ser-  
vice subscription, customers  
have the ability to draw, price  
and order monolithic glass,  
custom laminates and insu-  
lating glass units.  
According to the company,  
the program has fast and  
SageGlass gives users the  
ability to control sunlight with-  
out shades or blinds. The glass,  
which changes light transmit-  
tance electrically, can be used  
in windows, skylights and cur-  
tainwalls. It allows occupants to  
maintain their connection to the  
outdoors while also reducing en-  
ergy consumption.  
easy order entry, drag-and-drop cut-outs, is faster than  
using computer-aided drafting or paper, and can export  
straight to production.  
continued on page 74  
December 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Category: Storefronts and Entrances  
TcohntienueVd ofrotmepsageA73re In  
Winner: Flushline Entrances by Kawneer  
Kawneer’s Flushline entrances are designed with a  
flush appearance and face sheets that are captured with  
integral projections on the stiles and applied rail caps.  
Aluminum face sheets are available in both plain and  
embossed textures, with anodized or painted finishes.  
Fiberglass-reinforced polyester sheets are also available,  
and are designed to be colorfast and resist fading due  
to ultraviolet rays, as well as the scratching and denting  
that can occur with metal skins.  
Category: Glass Flooring  
Winner: SkyFloor  
Walkable Skylights by  
Glass Flooring Systems  
A new system of walkable skylights called SkyFloor from  
Glass Flooring Systems can be used in pedestal paver applica-  
tions.The system features thermally broken frames, fully inde-  
pendent structural framing and extruded aluminum structural  
rafters. Standard and custom sizes are available for the system,  
which can include various anti-slip tested surfaces and inte- Category: Acoustical Glazing  
grated LED lighting. The stepped design frame transfers the Winner: Acoustical Structural  
load of the structural floor glazing off the insulating glass unit. Glass Wall System by Global  
Architectural Systems  
Global Architectural Systems’  
Category: Translucent Glazing  
Winner: Translucent Panels by Major Industries  
acoustical structural glass wall  
system has a 67-percent Sound Transmission Class and  
Major Industries continues to expand its line of daylighting 57-percent Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class rating.  
options. The company focuses on the The product can be used on the interior and exterior of  
unique design and performance bene- buildings in lieu of a solid wall to create an open view with  
fits of mixed glazed systems, including acoustical properties.  
skylights, wall systems and adapter  
panels that allow for the integration of  
Options include an internal shade system, tinted glass  
and low-E glass.Ideal applications include educational fa-  
different glazing materials,such as glass cilities, hotels, transportation, medical centers and more.  
and translucent panels,into one system. yy➤  
continued on page 75  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2016  
TcohntienueVd ofrotmepsageA74re In  
Category: Adhesives and Sealants  
Winner: 121 Structural Glazing  
Sealant by Dow Corning  
Ideal for repair or replacement of structurally glazed  
glass and other substrates, the Dow Corning 121 Struc-  
tural Glazing Sealant is a neutral-cure, RTV silicone seal-  
ant. It is equally suitable for on-site structural glazing as  
well as in-shop structural glazing.  
Featuring a 1-to-1 mix ratio,the sealant is supplied in a two-  
part cartridge, complete with a static mixer. It eliminates the  
need for specialized pumps and mixing equipment while min-  
imizing quality assurance issues,according to the company.  
We understand savings and performance are  
critical to your business. That’s why we design  
our elements for maximum efficiency, longer  
life, best-in-class structural rigidity and fast  
heat-up and cool-down times.  
Category: Operable/Moveable Wall Systems  
Winner: Aluminum  
Thermally Controlled  
System by LaCantina Doors  
The Aluminum Thermally  
We carry a full line of  
ovens, furnaces, heating  
elements and melters.  
Controlled system from La-  
Cantina Doors is the result  
of an extensive design pro-  
cess focused on structural  
performance, energy efficiency and versatility.  
The system has a contemporary design and features a  
Phone (800) 544 TRENT Fax (215) 482-9389  
01 Leverington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  
and thermal breaks throughout increase energy efficiency  
and thermal performance, according to the company.  
-inch stile and rail profile for more glass and light. The  
- /  
-thick panels provide optimal structural reliability,  
Category: Window Products  
Winner: Series 8500/8600 Window Line  
by Crystal Window & Door Systems  
Crystal Window & Door Systems’ Series  
500/8600 aluminum projected window line  
is available in a variety of styles.The company  
says it is ideal for various replacement and  
new construction applications.  
The windows feature 1-inch insulating  
glass with the PPG Intercept Ultra spacer sys-  
tem as standard. For increased thermal and  
sound attenuation performance, 1¼-inch-thick insulating  
glass units are an option.  
Category: IG Spacers and Sealants  
Winner: TriSeal by Quanex  
Super Spacer TriSeal Premium Plus from Quanex  
Building Products is a non-metal, warm-edge spacer sys-  
tem with integrally incorporated desiccant for residential  
and light commercial insulating glass units. This Passive  
House-certified product offers architects the ability to add  
energy efficiency,durability and environmental comfort to  
their projects, according to the company.  
ƒ® s  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2016