Set Your Priorities  
How Do You Keep Quality High In Your Company?  
b y P a u l B i e b e r  
t’s easy. Don’t hire a quality control (QT) person to check into your shop and again before it goes out. If you do this  
all outgoing shipments. What this will do is allow ev- now, you will be saving yourself and your company a ton of  
eryone in your shop the freedom not to care if they do a grief for each problem you have prevented.  
good job. After all, the QC checker will catch it as the order Teach your employees that customers are all that  
goes out the door. That’s after you’ve spent a tidy bit of labor matters. n  
hours and material wastage to get to this point.  
Plan B  
P a u l B i e b e r has 38 years’ experience  
Here is what really works. Instill the quality goals for  
your company in every worker from the top to the bot-  
tom. Measure the glass after it has been cut and again  
when it is seamed or polished.Measure before you place  
it on your truck for delivery.  
in the glass industry, with C.R. Laurence and  
as executive vice president of Floral Glass in  
New York. He is now the principal of Bieber  
Consulting Group LLC and can be reached  
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Check it for scratches at every stop—when it comes  
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