Volume 51, Issue 2 - February 2016


Time to Reflect

U4, AGC’s fourth-surface coating technology, was developed to bolster a window’s energy performance without changing the manufacturing process.

By adding a low-E coating to surfaces No. 2 and No. 4 of a dual-glazed insulating glass unit, the window reflects energy both to the outside and inside. The coating on surface No. 2 will reflect solar energy to the outside when the sun is shining. The coating on surface No. 4 will reflect energy back into the room in cold conditions.

AGC’s Comfort Select 73 pyrolytic low-E may be utilized on the No. 2 and No. 4 surface, or on the No. 4 surface in combination with a sputter coat low-E on the No. 2 surface—reducing the center-of-glass U-factor by 0.04 or more. This allows window manufacturers to achieve triple-glazed performance in a double-glazed window, according to the company.


shower doors & hardware
Shower Power

Designed to address the growing popularity of large glass doors, C.R. Laurence’s Victoria and Plymouth Series door hinges can support doors up to 140 pounds and 39 inches wide using just two hinges instead of three. This produces a frameless aesthetic by reducing the amount of hardware needed, according to the company.

Both the Victoria and Plymouth Series utilize an integrated stiffening beam to minimize clamping plate flex. They also deliver increased self-centering force and heat-treated stainless steel springs. The Victoria hinge offers square edges, while Plymouth offers beveled edges.

Additional features include an integrated safety interlock, bumpers that swing in both directions, wall-mount and inline glass-to-glass configurations and an angle adjustment component. The systems are designed for 3⁄8-inch- and ½-inch-thick glass.


Latch On, Latch Off

A new compact lock from DHD International incorporates both latch and deadbolt features with multiple finishes and lever/trim designs.

The product is ideal for interior office spaces. It can be configured to meet ADA codes and includes reversible handing.

According to the company, the lever-type latch lock is unique because it incorporates the use of the round U.S. mortised cylinder instead of the European profile cylinder.


Color Me Updated

Citadel Architectural Products’ updated and redesigned color guide includes a smooth version of metallic silver in a polyester finish. According to the company, the finish is an economical alternative to use when trying to match or complement window extrusions for glazing infill panels. Four colors—platinum, pewter, champagne bronze and liquid copper —have been moved from the custom PVDF category to standard offerings.

Other updates include the addition of the wood grain finishes in seven new patterns. Each pattern is available in two base tones, and the grains provide a matte appearance to more closely resemble actual wood.

Citadel has also made additions to its Series H and Series J lines.


Plenty Capable

Designed for low- to mid-rise buildings, EFCO Corp.’s new curtainwall system, 5600 PG, provides pre-glaze capability and factory fabrication/assembly options.

Features include single- or multi-span and anti-bulking clips and an optional Duracast pressure plate, made of Pella’s patented fiberglass pultrusion.

The curtainwall is capable of 6-inch,
7 1⁄2-inch and 10-inch system sizes and impact applications. It also has sunshade, vent and entry door capabilities to meet various aesthetic and design needs.


decorative glass
Seeing the A-Light

Alight by Pulp Studio is a sculptural glass product with a bas-relief surface that can be customized for interior or exterior installations. Panels in the new line come in sizes as large as 36 by 16 inches and thicknesses up to 1½ inches.

Clear and low-iron glass options are available, as well as custom colors. Panels can be fabricated with holes, and other capabilities include bending and flat polishing.

Alight meets the standard ASTM specification for glass, as well as the Federal Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials. The glass framing system is supplied and engineered as a complete installation.


Slide on By

Hafele America Co.’s latest addition to its Slido family, the Slido Design 80-M sliding door, features concealed hardware and a soft-closing mechanism.

Design 80-M is a wall-mounted system with the running gear integrated and concealed in the door leaf. On level hard floors, no bottom track is required, and an optional guide track is available for carpeted floors. The Slido line has low-friction nylon wheels and roller-bearing axles.

The Design 80-M may be used with both wood and glass doors and can support up to 175 pounds. The system is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.


Get Rail

With a larger clear opening and less visible metal than its previous systems, Dorma’s new DRS 2 1⁄2 -inch rail system provides structural support while expanding interior views within the building, according to the company.

The DRS 2 1⁄2-inch rail comes in both square and tapered profiles and supports monolithic and tempered laminated glass from 3⁄8- to ¾-inches thick. It also comes in five standard architectural finishes, four special-order finishes and 200+ “RAL” finishes and custom finishes.

It has two security options: key cylinders and thumbturns within the rails themselves or Dorma locksets fitted to glass doors. Other features include onsite height adjustability and snap-on covers.


Float Away

Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors’ fixed floating sash window allows architects and building owners to satisfy the required sightlines of a projected window within a fixed window configuration, according to the company. The fixed floating sash design is a fixed window that resembles an operable-style window within a fixed unit.

It also uses a slide-in grid to replicate the historic sightlines needed for a project. This slide-in grid is appropriate for a wide variety of historical projects.



Unist expanded its line of MQL lubricants with a new oil that was formulated for use with aluminum. As with other fluids, Coolube 2210AL is derived from natural vegetable oils. It is environmentally friendly and doesn’t include any volatile organic compounds, according to the company.

The product provides specific benefits when machining aluminum. According to Unist, testing shows it provides lubricity and stability under a load, which helps improve tool life. According to Unist, the product is nearly odorless and does not cause skin, eye or throat irritation.


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