Volume 51, Issue 1 - January 2016



Be Selective

AGC Glass Company’s Energy Select 23 is a triple-silver coating on a clear substrate that delivers a neutral blue aesthetic, with the combined performance of a 0.23 solar heat gain coefficient and 50-percent visible light transmittance.

The product is available in annealed and post-temperable. According to AGC, Energy Select 23 is designed to keep heat out while letting natural light in and to achieve greater indoor comfort and energy savings for the hotter climate regions.


Don’t Ban It

Uniting neutral color with muted reflectivity, Solarban 90 glass by PPG has the high light transmittance of clear glass with solar control performance. Engineered with refinements to the company’s triple-silver coating technology, the glass has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 and visible light transmittance of 51 percent with clear glass in a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit.

Solarban 90 glass, available from the members of the PPG Certified Fabricator Network, can be paired with clear glass, Starphire low-iron glass and PPG’s full range of tinted glasses.



On a Roll

The Rolling Tarp Body by Unruh Fab provides the glass protection of a tarp body with the access of an open body, according to the company.

Unlike traditional tarp systems, the rolling tarp also rolls the roof out of the way, allowing cranes and suction cups to access all parts of the body and racks. Different configurations are available, including ones with partial flat decks and crane mounts.



In the Balance

Strybuc Industries’ window sash balance display for customers’ counter areas includes an assortment of 31 different series of channel, tube and constant force window balance samples. With the display, customers receive a digital flyer to promote the availability of window balances. The display spins 360 degrees.


tools and supplies

Orange is the New Shim

Grove Products Inc. has announced the availability of a new 3⁄16-inch by 1-1⁄2-inch by 2-inch horseshoe shim available in orange. Shaped to fit around a bolt or anchor, the horseshoe shims are frequently used during installation of storefronts, such as in applications where the shim is placed vertically, according to the company. The product was designed to provide the masonry and window markets with a 3⁄16-inch shim that would help save labor as only one shim needs to be selected for this depth.

These shims are designed to be easy to use for levelling and aligning dead loads, according to the company. The U-shapes are sized to fit around a ½-inch bolt or anchor point and packaged 1,000 to a case.

Alternative colors are available at an additional cost.

All of Grove Products’ shims are manufactured in its Massachusetts factory.



Heavy Lifting

Ergo Robotic Solutions says it builds its GM2000-16 EXT with winch in the USA with all materials sourced from North America. The machine can lift a load of 2,000 pounds to 16 feet and install it using multiple articulations including EZpick, an ERS innovation for picking and placing a load. The model includes a winch for using the machine to do crane-type operations such as module installation.


door hardware

Don’t Panic

PRL’s Panic line is the only safety hardware of its kind that can accommodate glass doors up to 120 feet tall, according to the company.

The devices are manufactured at the company’s Los Angeles facilities, and the standard models have a three-day lead time, according to PRL. The company also announced it has completed 2.3 million cycles of uninterrupted operation with its tubular panic device.

In addition, the company manufactures and supplies tubular deadbolt handles for locking at the head, floor or both.


shower door hardware

In a Bit

Geared toward efficiency and precision during shower-enclosure installations, C.R. Laurence’s Super Tip drill bits are ideal for drilling through tough surfaces.

Using a new specialized tip design, the bits can drill through granite and porcelain tile, as well as marble and ceramic, according to the company.

They are designed for use with percussion and rotary drill machines and are available in 1⁄8-inch, 3⁄16-inch, ¼-inch and 3⁄8-inch sizes.


fire-rated glass

Fire-Rated Form and Finish

Aluflam offers fire-rated aluminum glazing systems that were featured in the George S. Eccles Student Life Center at the University of Utah. The form and finish of the company’s extruded mullions allow for design continuity between rated and non-rated materials.

According to the company, the complex steel and concrete envelope system called for a diverse mix of fire-rated products to be integrated into the interior building compartmentalization without compromising the integrity of the architect’s and student’s visions. Aluflam says it met the specification by manufacturing fire-rated aluminum materials that could be efficiently maneuvered inside the building with its many interior openings both large and small. According to the company, all of the elements, glass, framing extrusion and framing fabrication were manufactured in the USA.


You’re Fired

The GPX curtainwall system by Safti First provides high transparency and protection against fire, smoke and radiant heat, according to the company. Designed for multi-story spans of glass, the system meets ASTM E-119 up to two hours and can be used in both interior and exterior applications.

GPX is offered in multiple finishes including high-performance fluoropolymer finishes by PPG, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral, any species of wood veneer and ornamental metal.


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