Team Effort  
Working Together to Increase Sales and Profits  
b y R i c h a r d V o r e i s  
s construction continues to im- There is an ideal way to establish  
that it cannot be misunderstood;  
prove, bidding activity in- Measurable. These objectives are these objectives. When you involve  
creases and incoming contracts  
quantified and can be evaluated to both management and employees in  
determine if progress is being made. the process, the goals are more likely to  
What gets measured gets accom- become those of the whole team in-  
start to pick up, a company needs to  
make sure it is in control of its business.  
Increasing sales without increasing  
profits is not what you want.  
From mid- to end-of-year,  
and sometimes at the start  
plished; and  
stead of ones unilaterally established  
by top management. In other  
words, your employees will  
view this approach as having  
When you involve both  
of each, we are especially management and employees in the a say in whats important at  
busy assisting glass and  
the company.  
glazing subcontractors with process, the goals are more likely to shPowernsocnomalpeaxnpyeorwiennecres ahnads  
priority planning to ensure  
become those of the whole team  
instead of ones unilaterally  
they are in control of their  
business. We call it “priority  
planning,” because that’s ex-  
actly what happens at the  
end of the process when con-  
top management do not sac-  
rifice anything in this  
process since the results  
they had in mind will ulti-  
mately be established by the  
established by top management.  
trols are in place. It gets management Focused. Establishing too many an- team approach. In our role as consult-  
and staff focused on what’s really im-  
portant to the success of the company.  
Priority planning is determining  
where the company wants to go and  
then determining how to get there  
while taking into consideration the STAY FOCUSED  
company’s strengths, weaknesses, op-  
portunities and threats. That’s called a goals not exceed one typewritten page. ment from all employees and is often  
SWOT analysis. I’ve addressed this I call it the one-page priority plan that the most significant company-wide  
process in a previous article, so I won’t holds everyone in the company ac- change that can be implemented. This  
go into detail here.  
countable for success. Does your com- process really works. s  
However, I will continue to empha- pany have this?  
size the importance of annual goal-set-  
Being specific, measurable and fo-  
ting that inherently establishes control. cused is only part of the process.  
It’s a proven fact that companies with The owner or president of a  
annual goals outperform those without. company can unilaterally estab-  
Here are some tips that will help en- lish the annual goals; they could  
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sure success.  
also be established by the man-  
agement team or alternatively by  
Specificandconcise.Generalitiesdon’t a consultant. If this happens,  
Annual company goals must be:  
get the message across to your employ- then the plan belongs to some-  
ees. Make sure your goals are easily un- one else rather than the em-  
derstood, because nothing is so simple ployee organization.  
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