The Ten Things They Won’t Tell You  
b y L y l e R . H i l l  
he column you are about to read ments from survey participants … and boss is a drama king. Everything is  
has been almost two years in the just a little editing of course. Maybe pumped up bigger than it needs to be  
making. Much research, analysis someone has done a similar study, but I and it honestly gets old after a while.Just  
and investigation has gone into it be- don’t really care because mine was inde- tell it the way it is. Cut the exaggeration.  
cause I feel that you, the faithful read- pendently and painstakingly put to- That would be better for everyone.”  
ers … all 17 of you … of this monthly gether and I think it’s pretty accurate.  
contribution to fine literature, deserve Most of the participants were from the veloped a real drinking problem. I  
that kind of effort. glass industry. Some of you readers know she’s under a lot of stress, but  
Oh sure,I know some of you will have might even see your own quote being when you lose control of yourself, you  
trouble believing that I would put that used. Here we go … lose control of the situation.When con-  
much time and effort into one of my 1.Being the boss does not make you fronted, she denies she has a problem.  
8. Straighten up. “My boss has de-  
columns. You probably think I can infallible.“My boss’s judgement is worse She’s supposed to be our leader and  
crank one of these things out in about than most of his subordinates,but he has right now she just isn’t there for us.”  
9. Don’t play the blame game. “My  
5 minutes. Well, wrong you be. Much the big title and gets the bigger paycheck  
thought,preparation,perspiration,fact- so he thinks he must be smarter than the boss can never admit that he’s wrong.  
checking and even an occasional prayer rest of us.He knows so little.” Someone else is always blamed for his  
goes into my writing. 2.I am your employee,not your ser- bad decisions or the failings of his lead-  
As for this particular piece of work,I ac- vant.“I can’t stand that I have to pick up ership. And equally as bad, he takes  
tually started collecting the data after my boss’s dry cleaning,take his car to get credit for the good work of others with  
reading yet another one of those Ten it washed, and run personal errands for his bosses.”  
Things Certain People Won’t Tell You Al- him.Who does he think he is?”  
10. Just ask. “Nobody knows every-  
though They Probably Should articles that 3.Leave your personal problems at thing and a lot of times we, the subor-  
have become so popular. You know the home. “I play the role of analyst for my dinates, could really be of help, but we  
ones …The Ten ThingsYour Oral Hygien- boss about three days a week. He’ll tell never get asked for our input. I guess  
istWon’t TellYou aboutYour Mouth,or The me his life’s woes by the hour and still the boss thinks that would be a sign of  
Ten ThingsYour Waitress Would TellYou If expect me to get all of my own work his own weakness or maybe he just  
She Could. My favorite was probably The done. I really don’t care that his mar- likes playing the dictator role.”  
Ten Things Your Colon Would Tell You If It riage is in trouble and his kids are  
Could Talk. Actually that one made me a messed up. I’ve got my own problems.” letting me share this hard hitting, in-  
little queasy—you know what I mean. 4. I know when you are lying. “My depth information with you.And if you  
So now you know and thank you for  
So after reading about a half dozen of boss is an incredibly bad liar,but I think think I might be guilty of No. 7 above, I  
those things,I decided to put my own list she actually believes that we believe her. certainly understand, but I blame my  
together and I decided to title it … The We know more about what’s going on mother.And yes to those who might be  
Ten Things Employees Would Like To Tell than she does.”  
wondering … I almost always dress in  
Their Bosses If They Didn’t Need Their  
5.Clean up your act.“My boss really the dark. s  
Jobs Any Longer. Yes, I know it’s a long needs to start showering every  
title but it just seemed to be needed to day. Some days it gets a little  
explain the premise. So after dozens of gamey around the office.”  
L y l e R . H i l l is the managing  
director of Keytech North America,  
a company providing research and  
technical services for the glass and  
metal industry. Hill has more than  
conversations, interviews and many  
6.Don’t dress in the dark.“My  
promises of confidentiality, here are my boss wears these incredibly taste-  
findings. I actually had many more less outfits.He is a living model of  
things that people would like to tell their What Not to Wear and while every-  
bosses,but some of them were not print- one pretty much laughs at him,no  
able in a family-friendly magazine. The one would dare tell him. He does-  
ones in this list are the ones most com- n’t take criticism well.”  
0 years experience in the glass  
and metal industry and can be reached at You can read his blog every  
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monly mentioned with selected state-  
7.Stop the drama already.“My  
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