PPG Industries Works on Repairs at  
its Glass Facility in Fresno, California  
PG Industries has launched a $20 million repair proj- ment vessel for the molten glass and the superstructure en-  
ect on its Fresno, Calif., flat glass facility. The com- closure above the glass.  
pany says it’s re-bricking its oxygen-fired glass  
In September 2015,PPG suspended operations at the plant  
and declared a “force majeure” on the production of archi-  
The purpose of the scheduled outage is to restore the fur- tectural, residential and specialty glass products for cus-  
furnace there after 15 years of continuous operation.  
nace’s original glass quality and environmental perform- tomers in the western U.S. and Canada because of  
ance,” says Chuck Hanley, director of production for PPG. “unanticipated mechanical production issues” at the loca-  
We’ll also be using the time to perform plant-wide mainte- tion. PPG lifted the force majeure at the end of September  
nance, including updating mechanical and electrical systems after it restored normal operations at the Fresno facility.  
for continued long-term reliability.” Problems at that plant appeared in PPG’s most recent  
As of press time,Hanley says the furnace is expected to be financial statement. According to the company, glass seg-  
operating again in March 2016. ment income in that quarter, while up $5 million over the  
According to Hanley, re-bricking projects are undertaken prior year, was “partially offset by weak manufacturing  
in glass furnaces every ten to 15 years to replace worn-out cost performance related to the Fresno, Calif., flat glass  
refractory brick throughout the unit, including the contain- facility.”  
IGCC Certification Helps  
Tempco Provide Quality Assurance  
lushing, N.Y., fabricator Tempco Glass Fabrication has receiving quality IGUs that conform to the industry’s most  
earned certification from the Insulating Glass Certifica- rigorous standards.”  
tion Council (IGCC) for its insulating glass units (IGUs).  
The process to become IGCC certified is lengthy and in-  
We are very pleased to achieve this outstanding certifi- volves third-party product testing, in-person professional  
cation,” says Tiffany Wan, sales manager for Tempco. “With production audits and documentation requirements. Rep-  
IGCC certification, our customers can be assured they are resentatives from IGCC first visit the production facility of  
the company seeking certification to witness fabrication of  
sample IGUs, which then are delivered to an IGCC-approved  
independent laboratory for testing. Sample IGUs are tested  
to ASTM specifications to assess seal durability through rig-  
orous simulated extreme temperature, humidity, UV light  
and rain conditions. The integrity of IGU inter-glass noble  
gas content is also evaluated, both initially and after weath-  
ering to assess any degradation. Production facilities achiev-  
ing IGCC certification are audited in-person every six  
months, and annual testing of new sample IGUs is required.  
“The certification process also covers our quality assur-  
ance program, which was evaluated during the initial IGCC  
representative visit to our facility,” says Wan. “All our doc-  
After a lengthy process of testing and audits, Tempco umentation, fabrication and product sampling procedures,  
Fabrication earned IGCC certification for its insulating and equipment calibration were reviewed and verified that  
glass product.  
they meet national quality assurance standards.” s  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | March 2016