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ers out there who may have no idea an incredible tool to answer the many ods, durability standards, labeling, in-  
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mation you needed.  
big questions.You need the detailed an- letins” (GIB).These documents are brief,  
informative and free. They are available  
online and can be instantly downloaded  
from the GANA website. Our volunteer  
experts, with the assistance of GANA  
technical director Urmilla Sowell, have  
created more than 50 GIBs. (See box).  
Assessment of the Weatherability and Durability of Decorative Glass  
Durability Testing of Painted Decorative Interior Mounted Glass  
Green Aspects of Mirror  
Design Considerations for use of Sealants and Adhesives with Coated Glass  
Proper Procedures for Receiving, Storage and Transportation of Flat Glass Mirrors  
These free resources are a great tool.  
Guidelines for the Appearance of Insulating Glass Unit Edges in Commercial GANA also offers a number of other  
manuals, test methods and courses via  
our publications department.Our man-  
uals and popular GIBs are re-visited on  
a regular cycle to make updates and  
modifications to reflect the latest stan-  
Applications at the Time of Installation  
Recommended Applications for Heat-Treated Glass  
Methods of Measuring Optical Distortion in Heat-Treated Glass  
Effects of Moisture, Solvents and Other Substances on Laminating Glazing Edges dards. You can always get online to find  
information that helps you run your  
day-to-day operations. But if you want  
information you can trust, be sure to  
visit to get real an-  
swers through our GIB library and pub-  
lications store. s  
Marking and Labeling of Architectural Laminated Glass  
Use of Laminated Glass in Glass Railing Systems  
Screening Out UV Radiation with Laminated Glass  
Security Glazing for Schools  
Bird-Friendly Glass Design Strategies  
Detention Facility Glazing  
Protecting Against Weld Splatter  
E r i n R o b e r t s is the  
director of marketing and  
communications for the  
Glass Association of North  
America in Topeka, Kan.  
Approximate Weight of Architectural Glass  
Glass Properties Pertaining to Photovoltaic Applications  
Suggested Procedures for Dealing with Broken Glass  
Safety Guidelines for Deglazing Structural Silicone  
The Top 10 Items Commonly Missing from Fenestration System Shop Drawings  
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