Made from 75-  
durometer-dense sil-  
Fab’s icone, the teardrop  
Don’t Tarp On It  
Isuzu tarp body seal is backed with  
provides the ma- acrylic adhesive.  
neuverability and  
It guards against air  
benefits of a cab- and smoke infiltration  
over chassis while and is intended for applications with UL-listed steel frames  
offering the glass and/or classified steel-covered composite. Other applications  
protection of a tarp include hollow-metal doors rated up to three hours,wood and  
system, according plastic covered composite doors rated up to 1½ hours and wood  
to the company. A core doors rated 20 minutes.Available colors are black,bronze,  
4- or 16-foot body is available in steel or aluminum. The translucent and white.  
tarps use Unruh Fab’s easy-latch tarp system.The body offers ƒƒ®  
seven-inch usable ledgeboards up to 105 feet tall.  
The body is completely customizable, as customers can glass  
choose extruded and/or E-track slats, add toolboxes Feel Secure  
and implement ramps.The interior racks are also available in  
multiple configurations.  
ChildGard is  
laminated safety  
glass constructed  
using an arrange-  
ment of propri-  
etary transparent  
materials. The  
StSieclfk-adWheistivhe tIetardrop weatherstripping by Lauren Manu-  
facturing is a UL fire-rated seal for doors and windows, de-  
signed for simple installation and maximum protection.  
glass is designed  
to withstand ex-  
tensive physical  
attack in a forced  
entry scenario,ac-  
Wool Done  
Designed as an energy  
cording to the company. It has been fully tested to ASTM  
F1233-08 security glazing standards and complies with  
standard safety glazing codes for all interior and exterior  
opaque glazing areas of the  
exterior envelope, SAF Fabri-  
cation’s factory-fabricated  
With a nominal thickness of 516-inches, ChildGard is ideal  
for both new and retrofit windows in school and childcare  
facilities. In addition, it can be manufactured as an insulat-  
ing glass unit incorporating various tints and low-E  
spandrel pan incorporates  
mineral wool. Mineral wool  
insulation can withstand  
temperatures above 2,000  
degrees Fahrenheit, is mois-  
ture resistant, provides acoustical noise damping and  
qualifies for LEED green building credits.  
The spandrel pans are constructed using galvanized  
steel and can be custom fabricated to fit openings of vari-  
ous shapes and depths. Mineral wool is secured in the  
pans by resistance welded pins and attached to the  
cladding frame work using standard mechanical fasteners.  
Factory fabrication eliminates the need of special  
mounting clips and wasteful on-site processing of insu-  
lation material during construction, according to the com-  
pany. The custom spandrel pans can be scheduled to  
arrive on site ready for installation.  
AVS6oisftSoSftoTleucthisofnlagship estimating and manufacturing  
solution for all fabricators from single units to high-rise  
Key attributes include 3D graphics configuration that can  
handle any geometric shape and automatic dynamic engi-  
neering that selects correct material on the fly.According to  
the company,the software provides accurate costing,cutting  
and CNC links, as well as material optimization, shop draw-  
ings and real time re-costing.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | March 2016  
Reflections of history.  
Handmade craftsmanship.  
A Royal Flush  
Interior flush glaze  
framing system INT45 is  
an extension to Tubelite’s  
500 Series storefront  
framing for commercial  
interiors. Adapters allow  
the frames to be installed  
before or after the drywall.  
They cover the end of the  
stud wall and are designed  
to meet fast-track construction schedules.  
Gaskets accommodate ¼-inch to ½-inch glass thicknesses  
and are available in black or gray. Recycled aluminum con-  
tent may be specified for the storefront framing members.  
Aluminum extrusions are stocked in dark bronze and clear  
anodize, and are available in five other anodize colors, 20  
standard paint choices or a custom paint color.Matching fin-  
ishes are offered for standard swing doors and frames to  
complete the system.  
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