Ready to Grow Your Business?  
Maximize Opportunities by Staying Focused  
b y R i c h a r d V o r e i s  
s your company prepared to maxi-  
mize on the opportunities in a  
growing building construction  
economy? Do you need to raise your ex-  
pectations for this year and beyond? As  
I talk to glass and glazing subcontrac-  
tors, many say their company doesn’t  
have an annual priority plan. That’s a  
red flag in terms of not being prepared  
to maximize opportunities.  
Here are a few ideas to help you  
achieve success:  
Set specific and measurable goals for  
each year.Make sure you don’t estab-  
lish too many because you need  
focus.We insist our clients keep these  
to a minimum;  
Goal setting can help you improve sales and profits dramatically, as well as  
Make all employees accountable by control costs better.  
establishing objectives supporting  
the goals.Make sure they are specific,  
measurable and time-framed;  
To repeat for emphasis, I always rec- it’s a team effort.  
ommend to glass and glazing subcon- This priority planning process really  
Monitor the results periodically tractors that they don’t exceed one works. It has for dozens of glass and  
throughout the year; and type-written page and not more than glazing subcontractors throughout the  
Link your performance appraisals,as five goals—three or four would be even United States. If you are interested, we  
well as salary and incentive compen- better. have testimonials from small-,  
sation, to the company goals and em-  
ployee objectives.  
You’ll be amazed how sales and prof- countable for success. By everyone I  
We call it the one-page priority plan medium- and large-size companies to  
that holds everyone in the company ac- validate that statement.  
Our process is actually very simple,  
its dramatically improve.You will con- mean management and staff in the and we can show you how to do it.Please  
trol costs much better as well.  
office, shop and field—yes, it can be contact me if you’d like to learn more  
done. about it. We don’t require our clients to  
With that said, as much as anything, make a large, upfront investment. In-  
After engaging a group of employees this process is as important as the plan stead, you select only the assistance you  
in the discovery phase,our process cul- itself. Teamwork is what develops buy- need. That really works, too. s  
minates in a team meeting and work- in and commitment on the part of  
shop where management and staff both management and employees.  
collaborate to establish the company It really works.  
priorities.Everyone is held accountable  
R i c h a r d V o r e i s is the  
founder and CEO of Consulting  
Collaborative in Dallas. His  
for accomplishing these priorities by GETSTARTED  
their supporting objectives (specific,  
For your company, I’d recom-  
column appears bi-monthly.  
measurable and time-framed). These mend three to five annual goals  
are linked to performance appraisals, with employee objectives sup-  
salary administration and incentive porting each of them. Remember,  
Email him at rdvoreis@consulting- and read his  
blog on Thursdays at dollarsandsense.  
you as the owner do not set them;  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | May 2016