Distribution Production  
Glaston Projects Up to 5 Percent Growth  
in Glass Machine Market Through 2018  
inland-based Glaston Corp. has ing,” the release reads.“Innovative glass at the end of the period.  
established new strategic prior- technologies and [digitalization] will  
ities and financial targets for the bring significant new business opportu- recently published, the company noted  
016 to 2018 period. The company ex- nities to Glaston.An increased installed that“divestment of [its] pre-processing  
pects a growing demand for architec- machine base creates the foundation for machine operations in the middle of  
tural glass will support its aim to growth in services.” the year was the defining event of Glas-  
further strengthen its position and The company expects the glass ma- ton’s entire year.Focusing on heat treat-  
competitiveness in the [flat glass tem- chine market to grow at around 3 to 5 ment technology and service business  
pering] market as well as in new ma- percent per year up to 2018. streamlined the company and will also  
In its 2015 annual review, which was  
chine sales and services,” according to  
a company announcement.  
Its financial objectives for that period support positive development of prof-  
include annual growth of net sales ex- itability in the future.”  
Net sales in 2015 totaled $137 mil-  
To support its core business,Glaston ceeding market growth, operating  
will seek growth opportunities not only profit margin above 8 percent—ex- lion*, representing growth of 12 per-  
in flat tempering technology but also in cluding non-recurring items—at the cent compared with the previous year.  
other safety glass groups, such as bend- end of the period, and a return on cap- The company’s comparable operating  
ing, tempering-bending and laminat- ital employed of more than 20 percent profit, excluding non-recurring items,  
was $6.8 million.  
All figures were converted from EUR  
to USD at press time.  
Rhyno Glass Grows  
into a Bigger HQ  
Pro-Line Automation  
Opens New U.S. Facility  
Pro-Line Automation has acquired a  
0,000 square foot building located in the  
Cleveland-Akron (Ohio) area.According  
to the company, the move was made “in  
response to record-breaking U.S.sales.”  
“This expansion is an integral part of  
our long-term growth plan that in-  
cludes providing 100 percent U.S.-  
based parts and service support to our  
customers in the states,”says Todd Tol-  
son, director of sales.  
The size of the new building will  
allow for an expanded spare parts in-  
ventory, as well the opportunity to  
stock complete machines. Advanced  
training on complex machinery, and  
customer acceptance of machinery to  
be delivered in the U.S.will also be done  
in the new facility.  
headquarters for  
Tampa, Fla.-based  
Rhyno Glass’s administra-  
tion offices and fabrication  
facilities is now opera-  
tional. The new facility is  
the company’s third loca-  
tion in five years.  
Rhyno Glass president  
and CEO Wyatt Castellvi  
says the move has created  
Rhyno Glass’s new facility in Tampa, Fla., two new administrative po-  
houses administration and fabrication and is sitions and gives the com-  
the company’s third location in five years.  
pany the ability to expand  
four more office positions.  
We couldn’t have experienced the kind of growth and success we’ve had  
without the amazing team we have in place,” Castellvi says. “Our loyal, dedi-  
cated team has more than 300 years of knowledge and experience combined.”  
Castellvi adds, “Last year (2015) was just shy of $5 million,” he says, as  
compared to the $63,000 in gross sales in 2010.  
Future plans for the building include  
manufacturing specific product lines to  
better serve the U.S.customer base, ac-  
cording to the company. s  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | May 2016