mechanism makes the inner piston in- mittance and a frame condensation re-  
terchangeable on different shapes of cus- sistance factor of 75, according to the  
tomized hinges. Slash, meanwhile, is the company. The aluminum framing can  
first system for pivoting shower doors accommodate glass or panels up to one  
with incorporated hydraulic mechanism, inch thick,and verticals can be steel-re-  
according to Colcom.The opening by the inforced for resistance against strong  
pivot-turning door allows for a wide, windloads.  
Hinge Benefits  
free-moving space.  
RoAgllaloitenSBhoywer and Bath Enclosures,  
Block it Off  
Expanding its a division of Hartung Glass Industries,  
Therml=Block has introduc3ed what it says is the in-  
line, dustry’s first8-inch exposed-roller by-  
Tubelite Inc.’s passing sliding door.  
TU24650 Series  
Combining automatic-mechanical  
hinges with traditional hydraulic door  
closers already present on the market-  
place, Colcom’s Biloba and Triloba can be  
used on interior and exterior doors. Be-  
cause of the technical and aesthetic fea-  
tures of Biloba Unica, as well as its  
storefront system  
pocket poured-  
thermal break. It  
internal hydraulic mechanism,the prod- is engineered for use on ground-floor  
uct is just 56 mm in height.Biloba Unica storefront or protected low-rise appli-  
may also be used on pivot-turning doors cations, as well as tall openings up to 14  
in outdoor or indoor applications.  
In addition, Bilobina can be used as a  
feet high.  
The system has been tested per  
hydraulic hinge for shower enclosures.Its AAMA 1503-09’s standards, achieving  
independent hydraulic and removable a U-factor of 0.31 for thermal trans-  
Offered in shower and tub heights,  
the by-passing slider model anchors  
the company’s ne3w Transcend collec-  
tion, a series of8-inch and ½-inch  
single-slider and exposed-roller barn  
door products available in common  
AvMeyGnlgasesTYruocku.crosmelsfAvenger glass transport trailer features open front and  
rear platforms with built-in ladders, as well as optional stakes for securing  
crates. Floor-to-ceiling T6 aluminum interior and exterior glass racks fitted  
with full-length rubber padding are housed in a curtain-sided compartment  
with a hot-dipped, galvanized steel frame and translucent ceiling with LED  
dome lights for added illumination.  
Twenty-eight-ounce PVC polyester curtains with block welds in high wear  
areas retract to the front or rear on UHMW rollers, and stainless hardware  
can be imprinted with custom graphics. Swing doors or an optional roll-up  
door provide access to the interior racks.  
TriSeal is a non-metal-  
based spacer technology.  
It gives manufacturers  
an energy-efficient  
and sustainable so-  
lution for insulat-  
ing glass units ,  
according to  
the company.  
The triple-seal warm-edge spacer  
line offers a continuous vapor barrier  
backing across the profiled back of the  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | May 2016  
spacer. The products are engineered to HeThaevyMLRiTfAt8in-DgC2  
accept both a butyl primary seal and a  
silicone secondary seal.  
lifter by Wood’s Powr-Grip  
The line’s premium and premium  
plus versions,with appropriate second-  
ary seals, are certified at the highest  
Passive House efficiency classes (PhA  
and PhA+) for use in arctic climates  
and climates with lower requirements.  
(WPG) is based on the design of  
its last product of the same  
name but has a much higher  
load capacity—an increase from  
1,100 pounds to 1,400 pounds.  
The lifter features WPG’s  
Quadra-Tilt four-bar tilt mechanism, reducing the effort required to tilt heavy  
loads between flat and upright positions, according to the company.  
In addition, a dual vacuum system employs two completely independent vac-  
Wrap it UDepsigned to simplify logis- uum circuits, allowing the lifter to maintain the vacuum level for one circuit,  
even if an unexpected vacuum loss occurs in the other.  
tics and enhance safety,Glass-  
wrap is a standardized  
modular system with a plastic racks, boxes or crates for the stackable and impact-resistant.It absorbs little or  
frame for packaging one to packaging, loading space can be maxi- no moisture and is not affected greatly  
three combined flat glass lites. mized for more volume per transport.  
by temperature,chemicals or oil.Glass-  
Glass can come in a variety of  
weights and dimensions.  
Reusable glass-wrap packaging is wrap also can be supplied in a fire-re-  
made from expanded polypropylene, sistant version.  
By exchanging the metal or wooden which the company says is lightweight ƒƒ® s  
May 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing