Sb y oL yml e eR .tHimi l l es Good—Sometimes Not  
r. Hill… the e-mail began … I day job anytime soon because you just your article onto our sales group, espe-  
understand that you are a very are not cut out for this column writing cially the younger group … if you don’t  
nice guy and the intent of this thing. It is just a matter of time before follow up again … and again … and  
correspondence is certainly not to hurt you are exposed and replaced.  
again, you will not earn the business.  
your feelings.  
The writer was kind enough to Anyone (almost) can sell an account  
I do believe I am a nice guy. I work at provide his full name (we’ll call him one time based on low price. It’s how you  
being a nice guy. I respect people, I try Joe) and I answered him with what I build on the initial transaction and turn  
to be patient and my goal is always to thought was an appropriate response it into a relationship that is important.  
be fair in all of my dealings. Yet I had by thanking him for being a regular I learned a long time ago and still be-  
a feeling this particular e-mail was reader and promising that I would lieve it is true today, over the long haul,  
headed somewhere that I probably do my best to be a better writer if he people buy from people they like, not  
didn’t want to go, and that feeling was would promise to keep on reading my from people with the cheapest price. We  
quickly confirmed.  
columns. That was not quite 12 years have a mantra here that our vendors are  
However … the e-mail continued … ago. I still have that e-mail and I still every bit as important as our customers.  
I need to get something off my chest and hear from Joe a couple of times a year. Without our key partners/vendors, we  
I will try to do it as painlessly as possible. He’s usually critical of my efforts, but I have no customers to support. Sincerely,  
Just about every month I get a few am okay with it. He has softened over Gary McGrory (McGrory Glass).  
e-mails and a phone call or two regard- the years and on rare occasion I even  
Now to be sure, I appreciated Gary’s  
ing something I have written (or not get a compliment from him.At least he e-mail a bit more than the first one ref-  
written). Sometimes a reader wants to is still a reader and,believe it or not,the erenced here, but both serve a purpose  
correct what I have said or has a sug- best part of the whole column writing and I am thankful for both. I have had  
gestion about a topic I should be cov- thing for me is the interaction it creates the pleasure of doing business with the  
ering.Most are pleasant, but every now for me with people from within the in- McGrory team in the past and they are  
and then I get one that stings a little. dustry. I enjoy it—even the negative true professionals and a credit to our  
This is actually okay with me. I truly comments. So with these thoughts in industry. But so is the guy I have cho-  
believe that you can’t please everyone mind, I am going to share an e-mail sen to call Joe. I have done business  
all the time and it’s a waste of your with you that I received just a couple with him as well and he, too, is a solid  
time to try. This doesn’t mean that you of days ago.  
professional. I think as long as we are  
should necessarily go out looking to be Lyle, first and foremost, I thoroughly honest and have no malicious intent,  
an irritant to people, but sometimes, if enjoy your articles each month in disagreement and respectful criticism  
you take a position on certain matters, USGlass. Your sense of humor is much can be a good thing. And everyone’s  
it’s just going to happen.  
like my father’s was, so it brings a smile opinion should be respected, whether  
You see, Mr. Hill … the writer went to my face and good memories. So thank we agree with it or not. So thank you  
on … I have been reading your stuff in you and keep on writing please. The sec- Joe and Gary and above all, please  
USGlass every month for the past cou- ond order of business is in regards to the know that I appreciate you taking the  
ple of years now and I gotta tell you, I stats posted this month courtesy of Scott time to read “my stuff” and even more  
just don’t get it. Why they let you have a Mitchell and the “National Sales Execu- so for taking the time to comment  
full page column every month is beyond tives Association.”They are FAKE unfor- about it. I love you both! n  
me. Your articles typically are pointless, tunately. I have seen them before  
amateurishly written, and sometimes many times and although there is  
contain false information. There have much to be said for what we refer  
even been occasions when I have read to as PPO (Persistence Pays Off),  
an article twice or more looking for ‘the these facts are made up … well at  
point’ you are trying to make and often, least according to multiple sources  
I just can’t find one. You also seem to I have come across in the past  
take some perverse delight in offending when searching for such an orga-  
certain people and I can’t imagine that I nization. This, of course, does not  
am the only reader that feels this way so deter us from imparting the true  
I am going to suggest you not quit your lesson of what you presented in  
L y l e R . H i l l is the managing  
director of Keytech North America,  
a company providing research and  
technical services for the glass and  
metal industry. Hill has more than  
40 years experience in the glass  
and metal industry and can be reached at lhill@ You can read his blog every other  
Monday at  
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