House Passes Legislation to  
Expand, Improve Education  
he construction industry’s pipe-  
line of young workers, including  
contract glaziers, is increasingly  
in need of educational resources, and  
recently passed legislation could help.  
The U.S. House of Representatives has  
passed Perkins Act legislation, which  
addresses the construction work-  
force shortage. The act promotes the  
development and funding of voca-  
tional/career and technical education  
The fact that an overwhelming  
and bipartisan majority of the House  
approved this new career and tech-  
nical education legislation is a clear  
sign that members of Congress un-  
derstand the need to provide more  
students with the skills they need to  
enter high-paying careers like con-  
struction,” says Associated General to offer programs that local employers have long championed.”  
Contractors of America CEO Stephen need. In addition, the measure opens  
The AGC is working aggressively  
E. Sandherr. “Significantly, this new the way for greater acceptance of in- to encourage the Senate to also pass  
legislation includes reforms we have dustry-recognized credentials within the measure and send it to President  
long advocated to allow school officials school programs, something we also Obama for his signature.  
Two More Contract Glaziers  
ensington Glass Arts Inc. (EKGaA)rninvoNlvedAwilCl heClp uCs toerertatinifithecmao-tiaolsonconrmed that many of our proce-  
of Ijamsville, Md., and Paul mentum that has been generated dures, both internally and in the field,  
Rabinowitz Glass Co. Inc. (PRG) by their ongoing engagement,” says already conform to the industry’s best  
of Philadelphia are the most recent David Stone, KGA president. “We are practices,” adds PRG president Mark  
contract glaziers to gain North Amer- also very supportive of the mission of Rabinowitz. “In the end, attaining this  
ican Contractor Certification (NACC). NACC, which will allow construction certification took time and hard work,  
The companies underwent NACC’s professionals to better assess and but showed that being an industry  
ANSI-accredited, third-party program, compare the qualifications of different leader is ongoing.”  
which has requirements for safety, glazing firms.”  
quality and finances. “This arduous audit/certification and has certified 14 companies—ten in  
While we have always had a com- process not only showed us how to the last 12 months—with several more  
mitment to this process, having NACC improve some of our processes, but undergoing the process. n  
The NACC program launched in 2015  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016