The Marcus Mariota Sports  
Performance Center at the  
University of Oregon is not lacking  
in decorative glass. The newly  
renovated 30,000-square-foot facility  
features massive applications of  
full-color direct printed, etched and  
backpainted glass throughout its  
walls, entrances and rooms.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016  
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Planning and Execution  
Helps Athletic Facility  
Cross the Goal Line  
B y N i c k S t . D e n i s  
ome would say decorated former college quarter-  
back Marcus Mariota’s performance during his  
stint at the University of Oregon was a work of art—much like  
the school’s brand new athletic training facility dedicated in  
his name.  
Designed by Walker Templeton, senior project designer at  
SRG Partnership Inc.,the 30,000-square-foot renovation of the  
Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center in Eugene, Ore.,  
features large expanses of decorative and art glass throughout  
each of its various sections.  
The interior job includes a grand total of 15,550 square feet  
of glass,including walls,doors and handrails.Nike co-founder  
Phil Knight and his wife, Penny, funded the project.  
You can’t go anywhere without glass in this place,” says  
Edwin Burt, who managed the project for Eugene-based  
Culver Glass.“There’s glass everywhere.”  
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November 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
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The Corridor  
The Future of Sports Science and Wellness  
Visitors are welcomed by two  
front-facing art glass walls. The tro-  
phies Mariota won during his time at  
Oregon are encased in glass in the mid-  
dle of the corridor (see page 49).  
Both sides of the 135-foot-long cor-  
ridor are composed of direct-printed,  
The Marcus Mariota Performance Center at the University of Oregon is a stu-  
dent-athlete wellness facility that combines the latest developments in sports  
science, sports medicine and technology. It features various rooms and equip-  
ment for training and recovery, implementing cameras, real-time data pro-  
grams and other cutting-edge systems. All of this is surrounded by thousands  
of square feet of decorative glass in walls, doors and other glazing applications.  
two-side laminated glass images that Lite privacy glass—which also includes  
“It was just a very detailed job, and  
span the walls from beginning to end photo-realistic etching. Nearly 700 feet Nike wanted precision, uniformity and  
and go 20 feet high. Sandy, Ore.-based of glass railings were also installed, in they wanted it clean,” adds Burt. “They  
Moon Shadow Glass fabricated the lites addition to many applications of mirror have very high standards when it comes  
in-house, as the full-color images were throughout the building.  
direct-printed on the glass and lami-  
nated to protect them against fading.  
to their projects. Then taking into ac-  
PPG Graylite and Starphire glasses count the cost of the glazing and the pro-  
were used on the project, and glass was cess of making the art panels—you can’t  
The company also etched photo-realis- supplied by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® blow your dimensions.You don’t have the  
tic images on surface one on some of the and Hartung.  
panels with text etched on surface two.  
Iverson says the fact that the proj-  
lead time to go back and redo it.”  
The project team stressed the ac-  
The main images on the walls are of ect was a retrofit and that it required curacy of layout and communication  
Mariota himself, and the background extremely precise field measurements with the fabricator to ensure precision.  
artwork incorporates the ‘demons’ he made it a major task.  
Once it was time for installation,  
dealt with during his successful career,  
“It’s a building that already ex- Culver had an average of eight glaziers  
as well as symbols of his Polynesian isted, and they pretty much gutted big onsite per day working long hours,  
heritage,” says Kris Iverson of Moon chunks of it,” he says. “So just getting with ten to 14 a day near the end of the  
Shadow.“The 68 panels of glass in the all the field measurements right, in project. The install took just under six  
corridor vary in sizes, with the larger a time crunch, and making sure the months, with most of the work coming  
lites measuring approximately 120 right piece of glass fit in the right area in the last four months.  
inches by 39 inches.”  
was a challenge.When they took a wall  
down, there was a beam we had to The Final Product  
More Glass  
work around… things like that. It was  
While the project had its moments  
At the end of the corridor is one of very tricky making sure all the glass fit of high stress due to the tough toler-  
the various custom-engineered doors properly, making sure our holes and ances, Burt says his team is very proud  
leading to other areas of the facility. other items aligned exactly right.”  
The project also incorporates glass fins,  
Burt can attest to the preparation  
of what it accomplished.  
“As an installer, you don’t really see  
black and white backpainted glass with and installation challenges, having what it is you’re doing in the begin-  
ICD Coatings’ Opacicoat, as well as ad- been on site for 100 percent of the ning,” he says.“I have all the drawings  
ditional applications of photo-realistic work done. “There’s no job like this and, from all the layout work, I had a  
etching. Some of the surface-etched one,” he says, noting the scale of art- good idea of what it was going to look  
lettering in the glass is paint-filled.  
work, layout planning, timeline and like. But they have no idea truly what  
One major example is a glass wall and customization.  
they’re building… Then once they see  
sliding three-part door, with each part  
“Throughout the project we were all the finished product with all the  
featuring a different section of Mariota’s laying everything out on grid lines,put- artwork—how all the layout, parts and  
face. His nose, cheeks and forehead are ting down channels, making reference pieces work out and everything—it is  
etched in the first panel,with the second marks on the floor to where slots were very rewarding.” s  
panel including a little more of his face, going to be and measuring things  
and the third panel completing it.  
“When the half-inch-thick doors are  
that really didn’t exist yet,”he says.  
Uniformity was key for the proj-  
lined up, the overlapped lites provide a ect. For example, two of the glass  
-D effect of his face,” says Iverson.  
wall spans used spider fittings for  
The room inside the doors houses a majority of the application, while  
the players’ equipment.  
other parts were on stand-offs at-  
Down the hall, another entrance to tached to the wall. They had to look  
the same room is made up of Switch- identical.  
N i c k S t . D e n i s is an  
assistant editor for USGlass  
magazine. He can be reached  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016