A Look Back  
A Few of 2016’s Highlights from GANA  
b y E r i n F l e t c h e r  
hey say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the standard-setting bodies; a glimpse at our attendance at  
spirit of that sentiment, we wanted to provide you events hosted by fellow industry organizations; and an  
with a chance to see the“big picture”of GANA activity overview of GANA-hosted events that provide expertise and  
in 2016. Our infographics below provide a quick snapshot collaboration among industry professionals. In addition,  
highlighting our most prominent activities. The graph- learn about our most popular technical resources and our  
ics offer a look at our efforts to represent glass in critical uptick in membership growth for 2016.  
GANA is the leading association serv-  
ing flat glass manufacturers, fabrica-  
tors and glazing contractors. We are  
a progressive, innovative association  
where pride and enthusiasm for a ca-  
reer in architectural glass and glazing  
is fostered through educational events,  
technical resource development and  
relationship-building opportunities. We  
currently have more than 250 mem-  
bers located throughout North America  
and are seeing a trend toward growth.  
Proper Procedures for  
Cleaning Architectural  
Glass Products  
Design Considerations  
for Laminated Glazing  
Construction Site  
Differences Between  
Protection & Maintenance Safety Glazing  
of Architectural Glass  
GANA is well-known for our expansive library of technical re- glazing and more. We also offer multiple manuals and test  
sources. Our catalog of publications consists of more than methods. One of our most popular resources is the GANA  
50 Glass Informational Bulletins (GIBs) that offer a depth of Glazing Manual. This manual is often referred to as the  
best-practice and explorative summaries on topics ranging “glazing industry bible” and as you can see in our snapshot  
from bird-friendly glass, handling and cleaning, protective graphic, has been purchased 200 times this year alone.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016  
Code Advocacy and Representation  
Building connections, serving  
in key leadership roles and  
educating stakeholders are  
important activities to advanc-  
ing the use of glass and glaz-  
ing in today’s construction.  
Our technical director, Urmilla  
Sowell, works in combination  
with GANA’s retained consul-  
tants to maintain an active  
role in standard and code-set-  
ting bodies and leading orga-  
nizations around the world.  
Typically GANA hosts three events a year. The BEC (Building  
Envelope Contractors) Conference is geared toward contract  
glaziers and focuses on new products, design trends and chal-  
lenges that face the industry. Our events, such as the Annual  
Conference and the Fall Conference, allow industry experts to  
dive deeply into critical issues in areas such as glass temper-  
ing, laminating, insulating, decorative, protective glazing and  
energy efficiency or building sustainability. All GANA events  
offer opportunities to connect further with peers and work  
collaboratively to advance the glass industry. n  
E r i n F l e t c h e r is the director of  
marketing and communications for the Glass  
Association of North America in Topeka, Kan.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016