Moving Up  
in the World  
glasstec 2016 Shows Positive Trend for Global Industry  
by Ellen Rogers and Nick St. Denis  
veryone in the world who Group returning after a multi-year percent said they had concrete inten-  
deals with glass is here,” absence. Horn said Forel SpA, for ex- tions to invest at the show.  
“We haven’t seen the boom just yet,  
Horn on the last afternoon of the 2016 ever, and Hegla, Bystronic and Lisec but it’s picking up,”said Horn.“You can  
trade fair, which ran September 20-23 dominated their respective halls from a get an idea of what will happen in the  
in Düsseldorf, Germany. Based on the footprint perspective.“That shows ex- next two years.”She added that the U.S.  
volume of attendance from around the hibitors are investing in their presence market is playing an important role in  
said glasstec director Birgit ample, featured its largest stand size  
world, that’s a pretty good assessment here,” said Horn.  
of this year’s event. Exhibitors encom- The floor included 1,235 exhibitors the best developed at the moment.”  
passed 375,000 square feet of space from 52 nations and more than 40,000  
A number of exhibitors also reported  
more than in 2014, with the average attendees from more than 100 countries. a strong presence from U.S. and Cana-  
booth size up from last time. And attendees were there to buy.Ac- dian customers. Michael Spellman of  
the industry’s well-being. “It’s one of  
The number of exhibitors also in- cording to a survey conducted by orga- IGE Glass Technologies represented  
creased, with companies such as NSG nizers during the event, more than 40 16 manufacturers that exhibited at the  
show,and he was extremely pleased.He  
said this year’s was “absolutely the best  
glasstec ever in my opinion, and I have  
If you’re ready for your next European get-away, a trip to Milan, Italy for Vitrum been attending since 1982.  
“The only other time this many North  
place October 3-6, 2017 at Fiera Milano. Glass companies from around the world Americans [attended] in such numbers  
will take part offering products for a variety of segments, including architecture, was in 2010 at the tail end of the worst  
The Italian Job: Vitrum 2017  
017 could be in order. The glass industry’s other bi-annual trade fair will take  
machinery and more.  
recession ever—when no one had any  
Vitrum will feature new and innovative products, special events dedicated to money, but lots of time on their hands.”  
technical and scientific developments, cultural highlights, and trade opportunities. He said during that event, while many  
In 2015 the exhibition attracted more than 18,000 visitors to Milan—more than attended from North America there  
half from abroad.  
were few sales—if any at all.“This year  
This is a very good time for the glass industry, and numerous new opportunities had an equal number of customers and  
are opening up,” said Vitrum president Dino Zandonella Necca. “We are working all were buying,preparing and planning  
to make Vitrum the ideal forum for all the glass trade: experts and buyers, engi- to buy equipment.Wow!”  
neers, architects and designers, research centers and universities, and cultural  
Spellman pointed out that the glass  
associations. We are committed to building new synergies with all the players in fabrication business is capital-equip-  
this industry, in production as well as in science and technology. Our aim is to offer ment-intensive.“You either need to re-  
the best business opportunities to the companies that will be with us at the four- place something old or modernize with  
day Vitrum and to foster the special culture surrounding glass, which can offer us new technology. Companies such as  
a glimpse into the future of the industry through research and innovation, with a Forvet continue to innovate.They incor-  
special focus on the creative potential of this precious material.”  
porate all of their technology developed  
over the years to keep producing highly  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016  
automated machinery reducing labor,  
handling and waste and increasing pro-  
duction and profit. This is the future,  
and glasstec proved that the future is  
here now.I have to say that all of us who  
survived the last recession deserved this  
prize: glasstec 2016.”  
Rob Carlson, who works in mechan-  
ical engineering for Tristar Glass in  
Tulsa, Okla., was glad he made the trip Companies such as Hegla focused on various machinery technologies, and  
to glasstec. Carlson said the show “ap- offered attendees a close look at some new developments.  
peared less focused on wild, over-the-  
top innovation and more on homing in  
on what each supplier does best.Every-  
one was busy,busy,busy so that is great  
news for the industry.”  
He wasn’t the only one who felt that  
way. Carey Mobius, president and CEO  
of Garibaldi Glass in Burnaby, B.C.,  
thought this year’s event was perhaps  
the most exciting of all the many shows  
he’s attended in Dusseldorf.  
“I found that whether you were an  
attendee, vendor or looking to pur-  
chase anything, the activity and traffic  
was great,” he said. “From many con-  
versations, it appears North America  
certainly, and now also Europe, are  
getting busier. This is great for our in-  
dustry in the coming years.”  
According to Jim Gulnick, vice pres- The glass technology live portion of the show offers a look at various  
ident, director of operations with Mc- architectural products, many of which are in concept stages.  
Grory Glass in Paulsboro, N.J., glasstec  
provides an opportunity to see a num-  
ber of exclusive international suppliers  
as well as take the pulse of products,  
technology and people.  
“We, of course, looked at equipment  
and new solutions as well as picked  
the brains of people much smarter  
than us to learn what new things may  
be on the horizon,”said Gulnick.“Glass  
processing, handling, shipping and  
quality-related items piqued our inter-  
est. Scanning systems, anomaly detec-  
tion and autonomous quality control  
solutions were on our radar.”  
McGrory wasn’t just looking. The  
company was also there to buy and  
settled on a serial glass double bender  
for specialty products geared toward  
Lisec’s stand dominated Hall 17, where the company introduced a number of  
continued on page 42 new fabrication machines.  
November 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Guardian exhibited in an  
elaborate stand that featured  
large, curved glass panels.  
Moving Up  
in the World  
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the aerospace market segment.  
The system will allow us to pro-  
duce a compound bent-tempered  
piece of 3-mm glass every 12 sec-  
onds,” said Gulnick.  
Machine Scene  
Stands throughout the nine halls  
were packed with visitors eager to see  
demonstrations of new equipment and  
machinery.At the same time,companies  
were excited to show off their latest de-  
velopments—many for the first time.  
Italian machinery producer Bavelloni  
SpA made its first appearance since sep-  
arating from the Glaston Group.  
We have since expanded our re-  
search and development efforts,” said  
marketing, communications and sales  
support manager Sara Tacchino. “In  
less than one year, we already have a  
new machine, and we have many other  
Guardian Highlights  
Inspirations in Glass  
It was hard to miss the elaborate glass and concrete booth that was home to things going on.”  
Guardian Industries during glasstec. The two-story stand showcased a variety of its  
That new machine was the NRG 420  
offerings and technologies, including a near-20-foot-high curved glass façade. The Power Jet.The highlight of the process-  
company also has a defined plan for success that focuses on three specific areas. ing machine is its new automatic door  
According to Kevin Baird, president and CEO of Guardian Glass, this begins with a concept, which can move both up and  
customer-focused approach. He said they are dedicated to continual improvement of down without manual operation.  
customer service and engagement. Next, is operational excellence. Baird explained  
Other companies exhibited together  
the company is optimizing its assets to be more efficient in many areas including as a newly formed team. Spanish digi-  
environmental, health and safety excellence. The third area is innovation, which en- tal glass printing machinery company  
compasses Guardian’s science and technology center in Carleton, Mich.  
Baird said all three of these efforts tie into the importance of staying in front a part of Italian-based Fenzi Group.  
of the customers’ needs. Along with its Vitro-Jet machines, Tec-  
Sheldon Davis, vice president of science and technology for Guardian Glass, glass offered its newest innovation—a  
Tecglass, for example, recently became  
added that innovation is in everything that Guardian does.  
single-pass printer for fast production.  
Machinery is at the center of glasstec,  
“We work every day to better understand our customers. ‘Inspirations in Glass’ is  
our theme for glasstec 2016,” he said, and pointed to several new products that align and companies such as Cooltemper—  
with this goal. For example, the Guardian System TEA (True Edge Application) tech- based in Taiwan—took advantage of  
nology was developed by Guardian Glass in Europe, in close cooperation with Ferro. the show’s international atmosphere.  
It is designed to improve quality and reduce the time required for edge enameling Sales director Davin Robson said Eu-  
of Guardian heat-treatable sputtered coated glass. The material-dissolving enamel rope remains a relatively“quiet”market,  
is applied directly to the sputter coating, dissolving it during the heat treatment pro- but places like Saudi Arabia and other  
cess. The Ferro enamel simultaneously fuses with the glass, creating an exceptionally parts of the Middle East are prospective  
strong bond and a perfectly uniform surface with excellent optical qualities, according areas he thinks will have plenty of inter-  
to Guardian. After cooling, the coating material is fully embedded in the enamel.  
est. The company highlighted its FireJet  
Guardian also recognized winners of its Student Design Challenge 2016. Stu- machine, which he said was developed  
dent designers were invited to create and develop interior application ideas using with a focus on three key things custom-  
Clarity™ anti-reflective glass. The first prize was awarded to Angelo Blythe and ers are demanding—speed,quality and  
Anastasia Tasoula Kontzes for their design concept “Guardian Clarity Sightseeing energy efficiency.  
Boat.” The second prize was presented to Simon Seidl for his “Glass Partition”  
proposal. And the third prize went to Emanuel Etzersdorfer and Felix Stadie with presence, and its representatives saw  
their project “tme. Glass clock.” interest in its cutting equipment.  
German company Hegla also had a  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016  
A structural glazed slide  
created by Cricursa and  
Eckersley O’Callaghan drew a  
lot of attention during glasstec.  
There are a lot of investments going  
into cutting equipment right now in  
the U.S.,” said Elmar Zeidler. He said  
yield is a major focus with U.S. com-  
panies in cutting, as they seek to mini-  
mize as much waste as possible.  
Zeidler added that the U.S.continues  
to be a growing market for machinery  
overall for a variety of reasons.  
What we see, and from what we  
hear, the minimum wage increase to  
15 an hour on the west coast and New  
York could be leading these companies  
to a lot of automation,” he said.  
Another trend he’s noticed is that  
laminated glass is being used much  
more in the U.S. than in the past. He  
also expects the North American mar-  
ket will continue to grow its applica-  
tion of jumbo-sized glass.  
Besana-Lovati focused on equip-  
ment and machinery that offers lots of  
capabilities for fabricators.  
glasstec Has it All—Even Slides,  
Boats and Futuristic Showers  
There’s more to glasstec than just halls and halls of machinery. The glass  
technology live area provides a look at unique and innovative developments,  
most of which are in non-commercialized stages. These can provide insight into  
what the future may hold. Several displays had everyone talking.  
We’re showing new additions to  
make [the machines] easier for oper-  
ators to use and have faster production  
time,” said Joe Gates, technical service.  
One example is the SQ10 horizontal  
double edger, which was created to be  
fast and efficient. “There’s less set up  
time for the operators. Everyone wants  
to be more efficient,” said Gates.  
Other companies featured new op-  
tions for drilling, milling, edging and  
polishing. CMS featured its Profile, de-  
signed to carry out any type of mea-  
sured edging and polishing as well as  
milling, drilling or countersinking with  
tight tolerance.The company combined  
that with the Vertec vertical-oriented  
drilling machine. Product manager  
Cevin Moberly said there are a num-  
ber of benefits in vertical equipment  
compared to horizontal.“It allows fab-  
ricators to be more productive and [re-  
duces] cost.Vertical equipment requires  
less space, is safer for handling because  
vacuum cups set up automation and  
that allows you to streamline the pro-  
cess. You also have faster throughput  
and less cleaning and maintenance.”  
Glass fabricator Cricursa and structural engineer Eckersley O’Callaghan  
(EOC) took the concept of structural glass a step further with their 9-me-  
ter-long glass slide. The team engineered the slide as a way to highlight  
structural innovations that maximize transparency—utilizing long, tight-cur-  
vature glass and minimal adhesive bonds without mechanical fixings.  
Lisa Rammig, an associate with EOC, explained that they had been working on  
an architectural project with glass tubes that were fabricated by Cricursa. The  
company asked if they could create something fun with the tubes to present at  
glasstec. This led to the idea of the slide.  
The slide has no metal connections. Instead, the treads are bonded with Dow  
Corning’s TSSA connections.  
Another glass technology live company, sedak, is no stranger to innovation.  
The company has featured such applications as a glass staircase, bridge and  
over-sized panels. While this year’s display was on a smaller scale compared  
to those shown previously, it was still unique. Vice president Maic Pannwitz ex-  
plained the company was showing a 1.3m x 3.7m, 20-mm thick, triple laminate  
that was installed in a yacht’s hull. In addition, the glass was cold bent during  
lamination with a rise of 120 mm and a diagonal bending line.  
The company created 40 different elliptical pieces for the yacht, including one  
10-layer laminate that weighs 1,250 kg and passed the required leak test 50 m  
under water (load pressure: 50t/m²).  
Derix Glass Studios presented a completely automated glass shower. Con-  
structed of tempered-laminated glass, as soon as a user touches the exterior  
handle and opens the door, the shower knows automatically that someone  
is inside. A touchscreen allows users to choose and set their shower profile  
including temperature, music, even the colors on the interior. Everything is  
controlled with a touch panel.  
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November 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Moving Up  
in the World  
continued from page 43  
New tempering equipment was also demonstrate the built-in process intel- ind Jhaveri said the company showed  
a highlight at the show. Mappi intro- ligence,the top quality of the end prod- current and prospective customers its ca-  
duced its ATS 4.0 Eco Convection ma- uct and the ease of operation.”  
pabilities in catering its product to them.  
“We’re here to create customized  
solutions,” he said, noting fire-rated  
Glasstec covers every angle and aspect glazing and sound insulation as appli-  
chine.This is designed to offer reduced  
size heating elements and is equipped Finding Some Space  
with temperature control, a high-ef-  
ficiency transmission system, lower of the glass and glazing industry. This cation examples.  
chamber extraction and automatic includes components and other supplies. Kommerling, a member of Royal  
Warm-edge systems, for example, were a Sealants and Adhesives, is another  
software management.  
And in a first-of-its-kind presenta- hot topic, given the stringent energy re- spacer producer. The company has a  
tion, Glaston featured a live tempering quirements in Europe and the tightening thermoplastic spacer that’s an alter-  
demonstration that included its Insight standards in other parts of the world.  
native to the traditional rigid spacer  
feature. The demo took place from its Edgetech, a European subsidiary of profile. The thermoplastic spacer is  
Tampere, Finland, facility and was Quanex Building Products, featured its extruded directly onto the glass and  
broadcast live during the show.Glaston warm-edge spacer products. Manag- sealed with a secondary sealant.  
Insight is a platform that gathers global ing director Joachim Stoss said this is  
processing data and transforms it into especially important in Europe where Software Selection  
production excellence,according to the double- and triple-glazing are popular.  
Glass businesses are always looking for  
company. The result is improved auto- This has been a trend for some time in ways to improve operational efficiency,  
mation based on actual measured data Europe, and is now gaining some trac- and many exhibitors had solutions.  
from machinery.  
tion in the United States.  
As CEO Arto Metsanen explained, Technoform Glass Insulation also ex- based Fenetech,was excited to see a focus  
With the live demos, Glaston wants to hibited, and market team manager Mil- on the internet of things and the connec-  
Ron Crowl,president and CEO of Ohio-  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016  
tivity that is possible on the shop floor.He  
added that he’s upbeat about software in  
the industry overall.  
Fenetech discussed its FeneVision  
ERP manufacturing software with at-  
tendees. The software covers both the  
production and business aspects of a  
fabricator’s operations.  
Exhibitor A+W, based in Germany,  
responded to demand for mobile ser-  
vices with its sales and delivery appli-  
cations. It has also taken the mobile  
approach to the factory with Dash-  
board, its shop-floor monitoring “to  
go” app. The app displays key produc-  
tion figures in real time, with informa-  
tion on individual production areas  
such as cutting, insulating glass lines  
and processing.  
In Stock Now! ousands of additional  
products are available such as:  
Tresholds and Extenders  
Door Boꢀoms  
ꢁrim Mouldings  
Floorcovering Products  
For a Free NEW Weatherstripping Catalog (Item #500-338)  
New Zealand-based Smart Builder  
introduced its Smart-Glass cloud-  
based program, which was released  
two months prior. Software users can  
design and price glass quickly with a  
simple interactive drawing.  
Call Nikki @ #800-352-0800Ext. -129  
or by email  
Additionally, glass suppliers can as-  
sign login accounts to their customers  
so the customers can design, price and  
order glass directly. David Brennan,  
managing director of Smart Builder,  
said this benefits both sides, as it re-  
moves some of the responsibility on the  
supplier of ensuring an accurate order  
is entered, and it allows the customer to  
get real-time pricing so they can design  
and adjust the glass accordingly.  
Global Perspective  
Glasstec is an event that provides  
the pulse of the industry from com-  
panies around the world. As Michael  
Gainey of Germany-based Ensinger  
explained, “We saw people from all  
over the world [by the second morning  
of the show],”said Gainey,“… from the  
Far East, Korea, Japan, the Middle East  
and Mexico, as well as the Nordic and  
Mediterranean regions.”  
Both exhibitors and attendees saw  
a massive variety of glass products  
throughout the nine halls. Not only was  
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November 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Moving Up  
in the World  
continued from page 45  
W I N D O W  
it an opportunity to do business,but also a chance for those  
in the industry to get an idea of all the present and prospec-  
tive innovations that are happening across the world.  
Gainey, who works with Ensinger’s North American sub-  
sidiary, said one of the most interesting things he saw was  
multi-curved tempered glass. He said this is an example of  
innovation coming from the industry that’s driven by the de-  
sign community’s ever-evolving desires.  
“Architects are stretching the boundaries with what  
they want to do with glass,” he said. “And I think the in-  
dustry has responded well with aesthetics and with en-  
ergy eff ciency, as we have seen at this show.”  
The next glasstec will take place October 23-26,2018. n  
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